The Best Faux Fur Yarn Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

I love to use the novelty yarn known as faux fur yarn.  It creates a wonderful effect in your crochet projects, giving it a luxurious feel.  Today I’ve rounded up the best faux fur yarn crochet patterns in this blog post so you can find them all in one place.  

Working with furry yarn comes with a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, you can get absolutely phenomenal results in your projects.  Like learning any new skill, it takes time and patience – which will pay off in dividends over and over again.

Make sure to check out my tips and tricks post for crocheting with faux fur yarn to help you get started.

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Bruce the Goose Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern uses Lion Brand Go For Faux yarn and Feels Like Butta (also a Lion Brand yarn) to create a delightfully snuggly crochet goose.  Check out the Bruce the Goose Free Pattern.

head of an amigurumi goose entering from off screen with text that says honk!

Quick & Easy Crochet Beard Pattern

Looking for a last-minute costume or just want to keep your face warm in the cold weather?  The Quick & Easy Crochet Beard Pattern works up in a flash using luxurious faux fur yarn and a 5.5 mm crochet hook.  Includes a video tutorial as well.  Check out the Quick & Easy Crochet Beard Pattern.

woman and child modelling fur yarn crochet beards made with a free crochet pattern by The Loopy Lamb

collage of modelled crochet projects with text that says the best faux fur yarn crochet patterns and tutorials

Trendy Kids Fur Yarn Vest

This fluffy yarn vest for kids is made with simple stitches and a 10 mm hook so it’ll be done in no time.  I recommend that you use stitch markers to keep track of the first and last stitches in each row to make this crochet vest even easier to crochet.  Check out the Trendy Kids Fur Vest Free Pattern.

smiling child in a snowy outdoor setting modelling a pink fur yarn crochet vest

Crochet Snowman Head Ornament

Make a glass-free tree ornament using single crochet stitches and some WeCrochet / Knit Picks Fable Fur yarn.  Make sure to check out my tips & tricks post if this is your first time making a magic circle using fur yarn.  Check out the Crochet Snowman Head Ornament Free Pattern.

hands holding an amigurumi snowman head made with this free crochet snowman ornament pattern

Cat Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

Have family and friends that are a little cat crazy? Whether you’re making my cat crochet Christmas tree ornament for a feline fanatic in your life or yourself, the recipient is bound to lose their catnip over this project. Check out the Cat Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament Free Pattern.

hand holding a furry crochet cat head ornament next to a crochet hook and pair of scissors

Parker Penguin Faux Fur Crochet Penguin

Learn how to make this adorable amigurumi penguin with this easy crochet penguin pattern. Using faux fur yarn, you can hardly tell that this is crocheted! It makes a wonderful gift and is cuddly and soft. Find the Parker Penguin Free Crochet Pattern here.

hands holding a fur yar penguin against a white bacgkround that has one wing raised in greeting

Flikka Flamingo

This cute amigurumi flamingo uses WeCrochet / Knit Picks Brava Worsted Weight Yarn and Fable Fur yarn and with the look of fur, it is just so cuddly.  Find the Flikka Flamingo free crochet pattern here.

amigurumi flamingo made with fluffy yarn on a white background

Not-So-Guilty-Pleasure Cowl

This luxe faux fur cowl is perfect for the winter months and is super warm and cozy.  People will be shocked that you make this luxury accessory yourself.  Check out the Not-So-Guilty-Pleasure Cowl free pattern here.

smiling woman modelling a faux fur yarn crochet cowl

Salty the Seal (and her seal pups)

Salty the Seal is a sweet and cuddly seal with big beautiful eyes that is curious and loves to go on adventures with her baby seals. Not a fan of fuzzy yarns? You can make this pattern using smooth, worsted-weight yarn to turn Salty into a seal pup – easy peasy (see the pattern for the suggested hook size when making this change).  

Find the Salty the Seal free pattern here (includes video tutorial).

amigurumi faux fur yarn seal next to 3 crochet baby seal pups  made with worsted weight yarn on a white background

Seth the Sloth

Seth the Sloth is an adorable amigurumi sloth that just loves to cuddle. This sweet guy may be slow but he’ll be quick to steal your heart.

Faux fur yarn gives this guy a professional look that’ll shock your friends when you tell them that Seth was handmade by you. Find the Seth the Sloth free crochet pattern here.

sample toy from the seth the sloth faux fur yarn crochet pattern on a white background, holding a yellow furls crochet hook

Otis the Owl

Otis the Owl is one of my favourites of all of the free faux fur yarn crochet patterns that I’ve designed.  It’s made using basic crochet stitches, it works up quickly and it is so much fun to make.  Check out the Otis the Owl free crochet pattern here.

realistic crochet owl made with faux fur yarn on a white background

Crochet Animal Ears Headband

These crochet animal ear headbands (both cat and bear ears) are quick, easy and incredibly adorable. These ears are a perfect gift for children that like to dress up and they make a fantastic last-minute Halloween costume.

A pair can be made in less than 30 minutes and when made with the suggested yarn, they are irresistibly soft and realistic looking.Check out the Crochet Animal Ears Headband free pattern here (includes video tutorial for the bear ears).

smiling woman and child modelling crochet animal ears headbands made from a free crochet pattern by The Loopy Lamb

Faux Fur Throw

Up the luxe factor of your home decor the easy way by making this beautiful faux fur throw from Heart Hook Home.  One of the best things about this blanket (and working with faux fur yarns) is that it’s close to impossible to distinguish between the right side and the wrong side.  All sides look fabulous!  Find the free crochet faux fur throw pattern here

faux fur yarn blanket draped on a brown leather couch

Crochet Koala Keychain

Need a quick fix? This whole project can be done in under an hour and you’ll have a super adorable koala keychain when you’re finished.  Check out the Crochet Koala Keychain free pattern here.

hand on a white background holding a faux fur yarn amigurumi koala head keychain

Kaya Koala

Kaya the Koala is an adorable koala that just begs to be cuddled! Using a single skein of Knit Picks Fable Fur, this project works up quickly and is irresistibly soft. She is the perfect cuddle size, approximately 10” from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Find the Kaya Koala free crochet pattern here.

hands holding a faux fur yarn amigurumi koala bear next to a purple blanket

Snow Bloom Faux Fur Coat

This faux fur yarn jacket pattern is probably the fastest crochet jacket you’ll ever make (it’s made entirely in half double crochet stitches and uses a 9mm crochet hook) and it’s available for free in sizes XS through 5XL. Check out the Snow Bloom Faux Fur Yarn Jacket free pattern here.

woman modelling a white faux fur yarn jacket

Pawsitively Cozy Crochet Pet Bed

Give your furry friend a luxe faux fur cushion / pet bed to sleep on with this great free crochet pattern!  The entire pattern is worked in a continuous spiral so make sure to use a stitch marker to keep track of your stitches. Find the Pawsitively Cozy Crochet Pet Bed free pattern here.

cat sitting on a crochet cat bed made with faux fur yarn

Eunice the Unicorn

Eunice the Unicorn is a fun and colourful unicorn toy that is designed to minimize sewing/seaming. Eunice rocks a faux fur mane and tail which is just too fun and gives kids a different tactile experience that they will love. Find the Eunice the Unicorn free pattern here.

hand holding a colorful amigurumi unicorn with a faux fur yarn mane on a white background

Audrey Faux Fur Rug

The Audrey Faux Fur Rug is a beautiful crochet rug pattern that creates a cool motif using a mix of two different yarns:  Lion Brand Go For Faux yarn and Color Made Easy yarn, a bulky weight yarn also from Lion Brand.  Check out the Audrey Faux Fur Rug free pattern here.

faux fur crochet rug on a dark brown background

Sir Clucksalot

Sir Clucksalot is a quick and easy crochet chicken pattern that is perfect for spring and easter gifting. Made with faux fur yarn and basic stitches, this furry little chick is too cute to resist. Find the Sir Clucksalot free pattern here.

hands holding a sample of the Sir Clucksalot faux fur crochet pattern by the Loopy Lamb

Rustic Fur Slippers

Faux Fur yarn crochet patterns are just for amigurumi!   Keep everyone’s feet warm this winter by making them their own pair of faux fur yarn slippers. These slippers are made from a simple rectangle and whip up in a flash.

Available in sizes from Toddler to Adult, you can make them for the whole family. Check out the Rustic Fur Easy Crochet Slippers free pattern here.

Pair of children's pink furry slippers madae with this easy crochet slippers free pattern

Bearrison Bear

Bearrison is made with faux fur yarn, simple stitches and shaping and yet people will be shocked when you tell them that Bearrison is crocheted. Perfect for gifting, Bearrison Bear is a pattern you’ll want to make again and again. Check out the Bearrison Bear free crochet pattern here.

hands holding a brown furry amigurumi bear on a white background

Faux Fur Earwarmer

Make one of these ear warmers your next project using faux fur yarn.  It’s warm, stylish and super easy to make.  Check out the free crossed fur headband ear warmer pattern here.

woman wearing aviator sunglasses modelling a faux fur crochet headband

Taran Tarantula

Taran Tarantula is a sweet and cuddly tarantula that is absolutely adorable. Even folks that are normally afraid of spiders love Taran Tarantula!  Find the free crochet pattern for Taran Tarantula here.

hand holding a furry amigurumi tarantula made from the faux fur crochet pattern Taran Tarantula by The Loopy Lamb

Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament

This adorable and easy Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament Free Pattern has two different versions to make. Version 1 uses faux fur yarn for the beard of the gnome and Version 2 uses faux fur pom poms.

Both versions are quick, easy and accessible for beginners. Includes a video tutorial.  Find the free crochet gnome Christmas tree ornament pattern here.

"Two crochet gnome christmas tree ornaments being held in hands.
Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornaments

Baby Owl Tree Ornament

Trim the tree with this adorable baby owl ornament! This fluffy baby owl is just too cute to resist. No glass inside means it’s safe for little ones who may be attracted to the tree. Find the free crochet Baby Owl Tree Ornament pattern here.

faux fur crochet owl ornament free pattern

Polar Bear Tree Ornament

This adorable Christmas tree ornament is another glass-free ornament that is quick and simple to make.  This ornament is a big hit with children and adults alike when hung on the tree.  Find the free crochet Polar Bear Tree Ornament here.

Crochet bear ornament held in cupped hands.

Snowy Pines Tree Ornament

Trim the tree with this beautiful and classic crochet tree ornament using faux fur yarn and pinecones. Made to look like snow-capped pinecones after a freshly fallen snow, this ornament gives your tree a rustic and charming look.

Instructions are provided in the pattern to adjust it to fit whatever sized pinecone you select for your ornament. Includes a video tutorial. Find the free Snowy Pines Tree Ornament Crochet Pattern here.

Pinecones topped with faux fur to look like snow, made with this free crochet christmas ornament pattern in a flat lay
Snowy Pines Tree Ornaments

My Cuddle Bear Lovey

Looking for a baby shower gift that’ll blow em’ away? Try the My Cuddle Bear Lovey! No one will believe that the bear head is crocheted! This is a quick and simple pattern that can be made for last-minute gift-giving as well.

It has two different blanket options as well.  Find the free crochet pattern to make the My Cuddle Bear Lovey here.

two amigurumi bear loveys on white backgrounds made from faux fur yarn crochet pattern My cuddle bear lovey

My Baby Cuddle Owl Lovey

This is another adorable baby shower gift option using faux fur yarns. This project uses faux fur yarn to make the owl and regular yarn (smooth, worsted weight yarn) to make the blanket.  Find the free My Baby Cuddle Owl Lovey pattern here.

amigurumi owl made with fur yarn attached to a blue and grey lovey blanket next to a mug and some furls crochet hooks

Faux Fur Mittens

Want a luxuriously cozy pair of crochet mittens for the winter months?  Make this cute pair of faux fur crochet mittens by All About Ami!  Includes a photo tutorial.  Find the free faux fur mittens pattern here.

woman modelling crochet mittens made with faux fur yarn

Gnorman the Gnome

Gnorman the Gnome is a fun and festive Christmas gnome that is a great addition to your holiday decor. With the use of a weighted base, Gnorman can double as a door stop.

Faux fur yarn is used to create his beard so you don’t have to mess with attaching pieces of yarn to brush out to create a beard. Find the free Gnorman the Gnome Pattern here.

amigurumi gnome with a faux fur beard on a white background with holiday accessories

Collection Of Faux Fur Yarn Crochet Patterns

Get all of my tips, tricks and a collection of my own designs using fur yarn for amigurumi toys in my book Crochet Furry Friends (available on Amazon and local book and yarn stores).  

cover of Crochet Furry Friends by Ashley Parker a book of faux fur crochet patterns

I hope that you enjoyed my round-up of faux fur yarn crochet patterns! Which pattern is your favourite?

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