Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern

The festive season is upon us and soon we’ll be decorating our trees (if you haven’t already). Adorn your tree with these quick, easy and oh-so-adorable crochet gnome ornament pattern.  This quick project is accessible for beginners as it uses basic crochet stitches. 

There are two different little crochet gnomes to make – depending on whether you want to make a puffball gnome with fur yarn or you want to use a fur pom pom.  This cure Christmas crochet gnome pattern has video tutorials to walk you through how to make these little gnomes.

trio of crochet gnome tree ornaments made with this free crochet pattern.

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Besides making a wonderful gift to give during the holiday season, this little guy is great for craft fairs!  It uses such a small amount of yarn that you can use up those scrap yarn odds and ends in your yarn stash.

How to Make Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornaments

For this free crochet pattern, I’ve included two different versions which will help you get similar results using two different materials for the base of the crochet gnome ornament.

  • Version 1 of the pattern includes making the gnome’s beard for your Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament with faux fur yarn that takes only a few minutes to make. If you’re pressed for time or aren’t comfortable with using faux fur yarns, I have made Version 2.

  • For Version 2, the fluffy beard of the Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament is made using a faux fur pom pom. Both versions are quick, easy and (more than) a little addictive. You have have a tree full of them before you know it.

Working With Faux Fur Yarn

If you haven’t used faux yarn to crochet amigurumi before, this Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament pattern is a great pattern to finally give it a try. The beard of Version 1 of this pattern is made with faux fur yarn and is only a few rounds so it isn’t a big committment and will give you some practice working with it.

Get a printable, ad-free PDF version of this Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament pattern in my Ravelry or Etsy shops.

Faux fur yarn is incredibly forgiving so if you don’t have the tidiest seaming when putting your Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament together, no one can tell. The fur hides it all and still looks great. Check out my tips and tricks for using faux fur yarns in the video below so you can hit the ground running.

If you’re looking to give faux fur yarns a try, I recommend using Fable Fur from WeCrochet. It’s my favourite faux fur yarn as it has a thick strap on the back of the yarn which helps you feel the stitches, even if you can’t see them.

Other Free Faux Fur Yarn Crochet Patterns Available:

If you haven’t seen my other faux fur yarn amigurumi patterns that I’ve published so far, check them out here:

supplies used in this free crochet gnome ornament pattern.


Feel free to sell the finished item created with this free crochet gnome pattern but please provide pattern credit back to me when posting online, and please provide a link to my blog:  Please do not resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern in any printed or digital form, or claim this pattern as your own patterns or design.  Please do not use my photos when selling your finished items.  This pattern is for personal use only. 

Two crochet gnome christmas tree ornaments being held in hands.

​Skill Level:

  • Beginner


  • US terminology

Supplies for Gnome Ornament Crocheted with Faux Fur (Referred to as Version 1):

crochet gnome ornament made with faux fur yarn

Supplies for Gnome Ornament with Pom Pom Base (Referred to as Version 2):

gnome tree ornament made with faux fur pompom


(Click links to view tutorials for that stitch)

Get a printable, ad-free PDF version of this Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament pattern in my Ravelry or Etsy shops.

Finished Size:

  • Approximately 4.5” tall


  • Faux Fur Gauge: 5 sts x 5 rows = 2 inches

  • Worsted Weight Gauge: 12 sts x 12 rows = 2 inches


  • Gauge is not vital to the project but it may affect the amount of yarn needed for the project.  Maintain a consistent tension throughout the project and keep your stitches tight enough so that stuffing does not show through.

  • A 5.5mm crochet hook is recommended for the fur yarn portion of the project but if you find you are unable to feel your stitches, you can adjust your hook until you can more easily feel your stitches to know where to place your stitches.  This may however affect your gauge and therefore, the amount of yarn needed. 

  • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds (unless stated otherwise).  Do not join at the end of the row, unless indicated.  A stitch marker is used to keep track of the beginning of the round.

  • All pieces made in the Fable Fur are worked and sewn onto the project with the wrong side facing out to show the better-looking side of the fur. 

Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament Free Pattern

crochet gnome tree ornaments made with a faux fur pom pom and a gnome made with faux fur yarn

Watch the video tutorial on how to make the crochet gnome ornament hats here:

Gnome Hat for Both Versions of the Crochet Gnome Ornament:

Round 1:
Using 3.5mm hook and Brava Worsted Weight in Red, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Round 2: SC around. (6)

Round 3:
(SCINC) x 6. (12)

Rounds 4 – 5: SC around. (12)

Round 6: (SC, SCINC) x 6. (18)

Rounds 7 – 8:
SC around. (18)

Round 9: SC, SCINC, (SC 2, SCINC) x 5, SC. (24)

Rounds 10 – 11: SC around. (24)

Round 12: (SC 3, SCINC) x 6. (30)

Round 13: SC around. (30)

Round 14:  SC 2, SCINC, (SC 4, SCINC) x 6, SC 2. (36)

Round 15: (SC 5, SCINC) x 6. (42)

Rounds 16 – 18: SC around. (42)

Join last ST to the first ST with a SL ST.

If using the faux fur yarn base, FO leaving a long tail to sew the hat onto the base.

If using the pompom as your base (Version 2), FO and weave in ends.

Creating the Hanger for Your Gnome Ornaments (for both versions):

Cut a length of yarn that matches your hat colour to approximately 8 – 10” long.  Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle and pull the yarn through a stitch near the top of the hat.  Do NOT pull it all the way through.  Thread it through another stitch at the top of the hat and pull it inside the hat. 

Take the two ends of your yarn and tie a knot inside the hat, making sure that you leave enough yarn outside of the hat to hang it on the tree. Pull the loop up to finish the hanger. (Need help with this step? Check out my YouTube video below)

How to Assemble Your Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament (Version 2)

Beard (for Version 1 Only)

Round 1: Using 5.5mm hook and Fable Fur in Eisbar, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Round 2: (SCINC) x 6. (12)

Round 3: (SCINC, SC) x 6. (18)

Rounds 4 – 6: SC around. (18) – Add stuffing.  Continue to add more stuffing as you go.

Round 7: (SCDEC, SC) x 6. (12)

Round 8: (SCDEC) x 6. (6)

FO leaving a long tail to sew the bead onto the Beard.  Finish stuffing. Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle and feed the needle down through the center hole left from finishing off the beard and out through the side of the beard towards you.  I like to go down approximately 3 rows. 

needle coming out the side of a faux fur yarn pompom
bead sewn onto side of faux fur yarn pompom

Use the tail to sew the nose onto the side of the beard near the top of the beard (make sure the hat will cover the top part of the nose before securing it).  FO and weave in ends. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to sew on the nose, you can use some hot glue to glue it to the side of your beard.  Just make sure you’re confident of your placement before applying the glue.

Assembling Your Crochet Gnome Ornament:

Version 1:

Stuff your hat with stuffing and place over top of your gnome beard so one edge slightly overhangs the nose.  Sew around the bottom of the hat, securing it to the beard, adding stuffing as you go. 

When you get to the bead, pull the yarn through the stitch closest to the end of the bead in the hat and then through the hole in the bead to the other side and then through the stitch closest to the bead’s other side and pull taught(see image below). 

Continue sewing the hat to the beard.  FO and weave in ends. Alternatively, if you don’t want to sew the hat on, you could glue it on using the hot glue and glue gun.

image showing which stitches to use when attaching hat to crochet gnome

Version 2:

Use a scrap piece of yarn and thread it through your bead.  Tie the yarn to the elastic on your pompom so the bead hangs slightly against the top/side of the pompom. 

fur pompom showing it has an elastic attachment
pompom with bead nose attachment

Use an elastic to wrap around the pompom to hold the fur down to make adding glue easier and less messy.  Stuff your hat with stuffing and place over top of your pompom to test the placement of your bead. 

When satisfied add hot glue around the top of the pompom where the edge of your hat will meet/touch the pompom, making sure to add some to the top of the bead.  Place stuffed hat on top of the pompom and hold in place until glue cools/hat is secure.

Customizing Your Gnome Christmas Tree Ornaments:

That’s it! Hang these little guys on your Christmas tree for the Christmas season and you’re all set to go! Makers are also using this pattern to create gnome ornaments for other holidays by using different colors of yarn and using beads and other items to decorate their hats.

I’d love to see your crochet Christmas gnomes made with my easy crochet gnome pattern! Share your cute little adorable gnomes with me on social media by tagging me @theloopylamb or using #theloopylamb in your posts.

I have published a Halloween Gnome Ornament pattern for a gnome ornament with a witch hat for free here on the blog if you’re wanting to make one for other holidays.

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  1. would love to make these for my sister for Christmas. She loves Gnomes. Thank you!!!

  2. I saw this today and fell in love! I am not that experienced – especially with crochet in the round. I have been disappointed when I attempt rounds and usually give up. I am going to try again. These are so cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

    • You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it. If there’s anything I can do to help you if you get stuck, please let me know 🙂

  3. Adorable Gnomes. My sister shared this with me and I’m so glad she did. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. I positively love gnomes. These woujld be absolutely perfect to make ,up a few for

  5. I love this gnome! I am having a hard time finding the wooden jewelry beads. Could you tell me what store you found them in and how long ago that was?

    • Hi Ember,
      I found them in a large container at the dollar store in the crafting section. The container has like 200 of them in it for $4.00. I’ve also seen them locally at Michaels in the general/kids crafting section.

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  7. Any chance the gnome could have a knitted hat? Thanks

    • Hi Barbara,

      I’m not ready to release knitting patterns quite yet but when I am, I’ll make sure this project is on the list 🙂


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