Crochet Christmas Gnome Free Pattern

crochet christmas gnome wearing a knobbly red hat surrounded by Christmas decorations
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When it comes to making crochet Christmas gifts, you’ve got to start early. It requires a lot of planning in order to get everything done in time to get your crochet gifts under the tree. (If you need help planning, check out my Holiday Gift Project Planner article and download the free tracker to get yourself on-track for Christmas gift making). But, if I’m honest, Christmas sneaks up on me EVERY. YEAR. And despite my best intentions, I always end up changing the plan last minute or falling behind. When I designed this crochet christmas gnome free pattern, I kept that in mind. I know I’m not the only one that wants to whip up something fun and unique for Christmas each year but it needs to happen fast. So, Gnorman Gnome was created.

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Gnorman Gnome’s base is made with faux fur yarn (I used Fable Fur Yarn from which gives him the furry beard that a gnome needs without brushing out strands of yarn, attaching strands of yarn etc. The Fable Fur yarn is a super bulky weight yarn so the base whips up in a flash.

You can purchase an inexpensive ad-free PDF version of this pattern for a small fee in my Ravelry and Etsy shops.

Free Crochet Patterns Using Faux Fur Yarn

Ready to get started using faux fur yarns? Here are some free crochet patterns that I have available on my site to get you started:

Adding Pellets to the Base of Your Crochet Gnome

Polypellets/plastic pellets are added to the base to help keep Gnorman Gnome standing upright and also enables him to be utilized as a door stop.

To add the pellets to the base, you need to have the pellets contained to prevent them from coming out of your crochet. I used cheep nylon anklets that I got fro the dollar store. It was a package of 2 pairs for $1.25. That gives me enough to do at least 4 different projects that use the plastic pellets for a small price.

I fill the nylon I’m using with pellets until I feel satisfied with the weight/amount that fits inside the base and then I tie a knot in the nylon, close to the top of the pellets. Usually I have enough nylon left over to turn the remaining nylon inside-out to pull it over the part containing the pellets to double up the amount of nylon covering the pellets. I knot it again and place it inside my project.

If you plan to give Gnorman Gnome to a child that may be a bit rough with him, you may want to sew a small pouch for your pellets to go into as a cotton fabric pouch would be more secure that the nylons.

The hat for this crochet christmas gnome is made using worsted weight yarn and works up quickly. The hat was designed to give it a lumpy/twisted look but still stay upright. The top starts off in a cork-screw type curl and then some lumps and bumps are added as you progress. The hat features only one colour change so it limits the amount of ends you weave in. I’ve also given instructions to limit how noticeable the colour change is. Using the invisible join technique, the colour change is practically… well… invisible!

Two little feet are created using black worsted weight yarn and they aren’t stuffed so that Gnorman Gnome can stand up on his own. A small nose is created using a cream coloured yarn (or any skin tone you’d prefer) in worsted weight and sewn onto the base. So in total there are 5 quick and easy to make parts that make up this crochet christmas gnome free pattern. It’s a great crochet christmas gift and you can make an army of them in no time. Let’s get started making our crochet christmas gnome Gnorman Gnome.

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Crochet Christmas Gnome Free Pattern: Gnorman Gnome

Side profile of the crochet scandinavian gnome project


Feel free to sell the item created by this pattern but please provide pattern credit back to me when posting online, and please provide a link to my blog:  Please do not resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern in any printed or digital form, or claim this pattern as your own original design.  Please do not use my photos when selling your finished items.   

Skill Level:

  • Intermediate


  • U.S. Terminology

You can purchase an inexpensive ad-free PDF version of this pattern for a small fee in my Ravelry and Etsy shops.


If you’re planning on buying the materials for this project, please consider doing so through this affiliate link. It helps to support the blog at zero cost to you and allows me to continue to bring you great free crochet patterns like this one.


  • CH = Chain

  • ST = Stitch

  • SL ST = Slip Stitch

  • MC = Magic Circle

  • SC = Single Crochet

  • SCINC = Single Crochet Increase

  • SCDEC = Single Crochet Decrease

  • FO = Finish Off

Tutorials You May Find Helpful For this Project

Tips & Tricks for Working with Faux Fur Yarn

YouTube video

How to do the Magic Circle

YouTube video

How to do the Single Crochet Stitch

YouTube video

Finished Size: 

  • Approximately 10” tall from bottom of base to tip of hat and approximately 6” wide at the widest point of the base


  • Base Gauge: 4 sts x 5 rows = 2”

  • Hat and Feet Gauge: 11 sts x 12 rows = 2”

  • Gauge is not vital to the project as long as tension is maintained throughout the project and there are no holes where stuffing can be seen.  However, please note if you do not match gauge, it will affect the size of your project and therefore, potentially the amount of yarn required.


  • The base of this project is worked with the wrong side facing out to show the better-looking side of the fur. 

  • This project is worked in continuous rounds.  Do not join at the end of every row (unless indicated).  Use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of every round, moving it up at the start of each new round.

Special Techniques:

  • Invisible Join: FO leaving a tail that is at least 5 – 6 inches in length.  Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle.  Place the tapestry needle through the top of the 2nd ST from front to back and pull through.  Place tip of needle into top of the last ST of the round, under the back loop of the stitch, and pull through to the back of the work.  Weave in the end.

Crochet Christmas Gnome Free Pattern – Gnorman Gnome:

Crochet Christmas Gnome with a furls crochet hook and a skein of fable fur yarn


Round 1: Using Fable Fur in Ursa and 5.5 mm crochet hook, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Round 2: (SCINC) x 6. (12)

Round 3: (SC, SCINC) x 6. (18)

Round 4: (SC 2, SCINC) x 6. (24)

Round 5: (SC 3, SCINC) x 6. (30)

Rounds 6 – 16:  SC around (30)

Join last ST to he first ST with a SL ST and FO and weave in ends.


Round 1: Using Brava Worsted Weight in Cream and 3.5 mm crochet hook, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Round 2: (SCINC) x 6. (12)

Round 3: (SC, SCINC) x 6. (18)

Rounds 4 – 6:  SC around (18)

Round 7: (SC, SCDEC) x 6. (12) – Start adding stuffing.  Adding a bit more with after each row.  Stuff firmly.

Round 8: (SCDEC) x 6. (6)

FO leaving a long tail to sew onto the base.

close up shot of the red and whit knobbly hat worn by the gnome in this Crochet Christmas Gnome Free Pattern


Round 1: Using Brava Worsted Weight in Red and 3.5 mm crochet hook, make a MC and SC 5 into the MC. (5)

Round 2: SC around (5)

Round 3: (SCINC) x 5. (10)

Round 4: SC 9, SC 5 in the last ST (14)

Round 5:
(SCDEC) x 3, SC 8, SC 5 in the last ST (16)

Round 6: (SCDEC) x 3, SC 9, SC 5 in the last ST (17)

Round 7: (SCDEC) x 3, SC 10, SC 5 in the last ST (18) – Start stuffing tip of hat and continue to add stuffing as you go.

Rounds 8 – 9:  SC around (18)

Round 10: (SCDEC) x 3, SC 11, SC 5 in the last ST (19)

Round 11: (SCDEC) x 3, SC 12, SC 5 in the last ST (20)

Round 12: (SCINC) x 2, SC 16, (SCINC) x 2 (24)

Round 13: (SC 3, SCINC) x 6 (30) – Stop stuffing hat.  Further stuffing will be added during assembly.

Rounds 14 – 15: SC around (30)

Round 16:  SC 2, SCINC, (SC 4, SCINC) x 5, SC 2 (36)

Round 17:  SC 15, SC 5 in the next ST, SC 14, (SCDEC) x 3 (37)

Round 18:  SC 12, SCINC, SC, SCINC, SC 16, (SCDEC) x 3 (36)

Round 19: (SC 5, SCINC) x 6 (42)

Round 20: SCINC, SC 18, SCINC, SC 22 (44)

Round 21: (SC 10, SCINC) x 4 (48)

Round 22: (SC 7, SCINC) x 6 (54)

Rounds 23 – 24:  SC around (54)

Round 25: (SC 8, SCINC) x 5, SC 8, SC 5 in the last ST (63)

Round 26: SC, SCINC, SC 11, SCINC, SC 8, SCINC, SC 5, (SCDEC) x 5, SC 5, SCINC, (SC 6, SCINC) X 2, SC 4, SCINC (65)

Round 27: SCINC, SC 2, SCINC, SC 60 (66)

Round 28: (SC 9, SCINC) x 6, (SCDEC) x 3, SC (70)

Round 29: (SCDEC) x 4, (SC 9, SCINC) x 6, SC 2 (72)

Round 30: SC around (72)

FO using invisible join (see special techniques),.  Attach white yarn to first ST of round 30.

Round 31: (SC 11, SCINC) x 6 (78)

Round 32: SC around (78)

Round 33: (SC 12, SCINC) x 6 (84)

Round 34: SC around (84)

Round 35: (SC 13, SCINC) x 6 (90)

Rounds 36 – 39: SC around (90)

FO using invisible join (see special techniques), leaving a long tail to secure hat to faux fur base.

Crochet Gnome with a furry beard and a knobbly red and white hat

Feet (Make Two)

Round 1: Using Brava Worsted yarn in Black and 3.5 mm crochet hook, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Round 2: (SCINC) x 6. (12)

Round 3: (SC, SCINC) x 6. (18)

Round 4: (SC 2, SCINC) x 6 (24)

Rounds 5 – 7: SC around (24)

Round 8: SCDEC, SC 10, SCDEC, SC 10 (22)

Round 9: SC around (22)

Round 10: SCDEC, SC 9, SCDEC, SC 9 (20)

Round 11: SC around (20)

Round 12: SCDEC, SC 8, SCDEC, SC 8 (18)

Round 13: SC around (18)

Round 14: SCDEC, SC 7, SCDEC, SC 7 (16)

Round 15: (SCDEC) x 2, SC 4, (SCDEC) x 2, SC 4 (12)

Round 16: (SCDEC) x 6 (6)

FO leaving a long tail. DO NOT STUFF.  Weave the tail through the FLO to close the opening. 


Sew the nose onto the base two rows down from the top. 

Add plastic pellets/weighted beads to nylon stocking.  Secure closed and place inside the faux fur base. Add stuffing to base around and on top of the nylon stocking. Check out my how to make a weighted base for amigurumi tutorial.

Place the hat on top of the faux fur base and use the tail to sew onto the base, adding stuffing to the hat and base as you seam.  Stuff firmly. 

Sew feet onto bottom of the base so that the tips of the feet stick out a bit beyond the fur so that they are visible.

I hope you have enjoyed this crochet christmas gnome free pattern for Gnorman Gnome! I’d love to see your finished gnomes so don’t forget to tag me @theloopylamb when sharing on Facebook and Instagram.

I’d love to see your finished items made with this crochet christmas gnome free pattern!  Please share your finished makes by tagging the pattern on Ravelry, sharing it to our Facebook page or Instagram.  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest 

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