Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along

amigurumi advent calendar crochet along
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I’m hosting a free amigurumi advent calendar crochet along this year and I hope that you will join us! Unlike other free crochet alongs, this one has been designed to fit into a tight schedule and with a specific end-goal in mind. At the end of this crochet along, you’ll have a completed doll and 24 outfits and accessories to fill a diy advent calendar, filled and ready to be gifted before December 1st.

The free patterns in this amigurumi advent calendar crochet along have all been designed to be easy and quick to crochet as well as easily customizeable. I will have written patterns as well as video tutorials available for the patterns so that no matter you’re favourite way to crochet, the resources will be there to support you.

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Below is the pattern release date schedule. I recommend bookmarking this page so that you can come back to it often as I will link to each new pattern here as a sort of home base for the crochet along. Each pattern will remain a secret until they are released but you can catch sneak peaks by following me on Facebook and Instagram.


Yarn: The crochet doll and all of the subsequent accessories and outfits for the doll have been crocheted using WeCrochet’s Brava Worsted yarn which is my favourite worsted weight acrylic yarn. If you’re not planning on utlizing Brava Worsted, I recommend utilizing the same yarn brand throughout your project to help minimize any potential issues with gauge/tension later on.

Crochet Hooks: We’ll be using a 3.5mm (E) crochet hook for our projects (or whatever hook size you need in order to match gauge. If you don’t intend to match gauge, use the same hook size throughout the project. I’ll be using my trusty Furls Odyssey hook for this project and if you’re looking for an excuse to buy yourself a lovely new hook, check out their lovely hooks through my affiliate link.

Safety Eyes: For our dolls, we’ll need 2 – 12mm safety eyes in your preferred colour. All of the eyes you’ll see in my sample dolls throughout the year came from Chateau Bornais Crochet.

Buttons: Since all the clothing for our amigurumi dolls is removeable, I use 9mm buttons to fasten the clothes on. Some outfits will need 2 or more and what colour you’ll use is up to you. Amazon has lots of options like this box of buttons that has multiple colours to choose from in a single box. You’ll need sewing thread and needles to sew them on as well.

Advent Calendar: To create our advent calendar I used these DIY advent calendar boxes from Amazon and a hot glue gun. I’ll be gluing the boxes together (which is optional) and I’ll show you what do to with them in week 3 of the doll so you’ll have a prepared place to store all of your things. You can also use things like ribbon, stickers, garland and more to decorate your advent calendars to suit your taste.

Other Misc Materials/Tools: You’ll also require:

Other Free Amigurumi Patterns Available on my Blog You’ll Love


Our wonderful friends at WeCrochet have generously sponsored multiple giveaways for us that will take place throughout the year.

Where Can I Get a Printable Copy of the Patterns?

  • Individual Patterns: Each pattern will be viewable on my blog, for free with ads. Should you wish to print out the pattern, printable versions of each pattern can be purchased for a small fee in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. I will be grouping them together as full outfits and release days for individual patterns will be noted on the pattern page.

  • Special Bundle Pricing: Alternatively, you can purchase the bundle of patterns in my Ravelry or Etsy shops and everytime a new CAL patterns is published, the PDF version will be emailed to you directly (for Etsy users) or updated in your Ravelry library for those purchasing on Ravelry. For a limited time, the bundle will be available for a special price of $20 CAD (making it less than $1/pattern!). As of February 1st, the price will increase to $25. When you buy the bundle in January, you’ll get the full doll pattern and the first 6 clothing/accessory patterns that we will be making, PLUS an extra hair cap pattern as well. The bundle is now available in both my Ravelry and Etsy shops.

How to Share Your Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along Projects:

One of my absolute favourite parts of hosting a crochet along is seeing all of your projects and the different ways that you customize them. Share your projects with me on social media by tagging me @theloopylamb or using #theloopylambCAL in your posts. You can also join The Loopy Lamb Crochet Community on Facebook and share your projects there, chat with other participants and see their work as well.

Tutorials that will help you be prepared to start our crochet along:

Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along Pattern Release Schedule

An amigurumi doll foot next to a diy advent calendar that is part of this amigurumi advent calendar crochet along

January 14th: Legs and body

January 21st: Head and Hair

January 28th: Arms, Embroidery, Finishing Touches and Advent Box.

February 4th: Clothing or Accessory 1 (Tank Top)

February 18th: Clothing or Accessory 2 & 3 (Skirt and Shoes)

March 4th: Clothing or Accessory 4 (T-Shirt)

March 18th: Clothing or Accessory 5 (Overalls)

April 1st: Clothing or Accessory 6 (Scarf)

April 15th: Clothing or Accessory 7 (Hat)

April 29th: Clothing or Accessory 8 (backpack)

May 13th: Clothing or Accessory 9 (dress)

May 27th: Clothing or Accessory 10 & 11 (shorts and pants)

June 10th: Clothing or Accessory 12 (teddy bear)

June 24th: Clothing or Accessory 13 (poncho)

July 8th: Clothing or Accessory 14 (tiered shirt)

July 22nd: Clothing or Accessory 15 (romper)

August 5th: Clothing or Accessory 16 (boots)

August 19th: Clothing or Accessory 17 (sun hat)

September 2nd: Clothing or Accessory 18 (ruffled shirt)

September 16th: Clothing or Accessory 19 (ruffled skirt)

September 30th: Clothing or Accessory 20 (bell sleeve dress)

October 14th: Clothing or Accessory 21 (sweater)

October 28th: Clothing or Accessory 22 (colorful bobble dress)

November 11th: Clothing or Accessory 23 & 24 (christmas dress & shawl)

UPDATE: You voted and decided that our next Amigurumi Advent Calendar CAL will be to crochet some boy dolls! Join my newsletter to be kept up-to-date on when the next free crochet along starts and when other free crochet patterns are released: Join my free newsletter here.

I can’t wait to get started on this with you! If you’re planning on participating, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments that you’re participating.

I’d love to see your finished items!  Please share your finished makes by tagging the pattern on Ravelry, sharing it to our Facebook page or Instagram.  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

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46 thoughts on “Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along”

  1. I am planning on joining this advent calendar crochet along. This will be a great gift for my great niece. I do not use Facebook e ok or Instagram.

  2. I’m definitely interested in making the calendar but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up. If I purchase the bundle on Ravelry will it be updated there, as well as the email, when a new pattern is released?

    • Hi Debra,
      That is an excellent question and I will make it my mission to figure out how to do that this weekend so that it can be done 🙂

  3. Ich freue mich schon sehr auf den Cal
    Danke das Sie uns dieses Geschenk machen

  4. Je me joindrai très volontiers à vous pour ce calendrier de l’Avent. Cela amusera énormément mes deux petites filles. A moi de réfléchir comment organiser ça en double… Comme Cherly, je n’utilise pour l’instant ni Facebook ni Instagram mais Pinterest oui. Merci pour ce beau projet.
    I will gladly join you for this Advent calendar. It will amuse my two little girls tremendously. It’s up to me to think about how to organize this in duplicate… Like Cherly, I don’t currently use Facebook or Instagram but Pinterest does. Thank you for this beautiful project.

    • I’m glad you’ll be joining us! You don’t have to have Facebook or Instagram to participate. I chose to host the CAL here on the blog so that as many people can participate as possible, even if they don’t use/have social media 🙂

  5. Sounds like a fabulous CAL!
    I’m in! This will be so much fun!
    Warm Regards from Texas!

  6. Hi! I’m excited about this but have two questions. 1) I must be a numskull , but I don’t under the purpose of the boxes and 2) do you have a list of colors so we can go ahead and make sure we have it? I am one who has to have everything the same as the pattern! Thank you. Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,
      The boxes are to create our advent calendar that we will be putting all our outfits accessories in.
      I don’t have a list of colours. They will be released with each pattern. I can tell you that I’ll be trying to limit the colour to 10 – 12 for garments/accessories and 2 for the doll (skin and hair). If you choose to use more or less for your projects, you can absolutely do that. 🙂

  7. Looking forward to participating in the CAL community! Thank you for generously hosting!

  8. I plan on joining for sure. I have two grandaughters still interested in dolls and two great grandaughters that are little girls that would love this (although I’m sure you’re familiar with how small children seem to love to leave their dolls naked )

    • lol I know that all too well. When I gave my daughter her first Molly doll, it remained dressed for all of two minutes before it’s dress went missing. Now her doll clothes go on not just Molly but any other dolls she can get them onto

  9. Hi Ashley
    I would love to join the Advent Calendar CAL.
    I’m not sure how well I will keep up but would love to give it a try.
    Look forward to the email announcing the beginning of the

    • Hi Kerrie,

      We’re glad to have you joining us. The projects are designed to be quick so that they can fit into a busy schedule (or easy to catch up on should you fall behind *wink*). I hope you have fun crocheting along with us.

  10. Hi Ashley, This sounds fantastic and a great idea for my granddaughter who will be seven next year. You are taking on alot of work to put this out there and I give you a big thumbs up for that.
    My question is that I just made your Molly doll for my granddaughter this past Christmas and I wonder if it’s going to be the same doll. Also if I purchase the pattern, and it gives six outfits at once, do I have to wait until all six outfits have been published before I get the seventh or can people who purchase the package get it sooner.
    Thank you for all your doing.

    • Hi Barbara,

      This will be a different doll than Molly. Their body shapes and general construction are similar but they are different dolls. I’m hoping to release them in chunks so that by the time the 6th pattern is published, I’ll have another set of 6 finalized and sent out to those that purchased the bundle either that week or the week that the 7th pattern is published. With my kids having returned to online schooling I unfortunately cannot committ to having them done/sent early.

  11. I think this sounds great! And I am so excited to be able to do But I just watched your video, and you said it started (I think on Jan.7th)? But hear on the page I see Jan. 14th Have I missed it? And if so can I get what I might have missed :'( Thank you for any help And 1 last thing, did you also say you were going to also post them all on the youtube too? Thanks again <3

    • Hi there,

      The schedule was posted on January 7th with the pattern release schedule and the actually CAL starts January 14th. All of the patterns will be released here on the blog and on my YouTube channel and they will remain there so even if you can’t start on the same day as we do, you can always catch up or visit it at a later date.

  12. Hi, I’d like to join, but not sure if I can manage it. I’d like to give it a try 🙂 I never did a CAL before. Am I late for joining
    I live outside US (Turkiye), dont’ know the brands you’re using. Do I have to use the same brand or colour of yarn?

    • Hi Elfiye,
      You can join at any time and follow along at your own pace. You do not have to use the same brand of yarn or colour as I am. Use whatever you’d like. I love seeing everyone’s different colour choices and personalizations. Do whatever works for you 🙂

  13. Hello, I came across this and just figured I was late to the party (as I usually am) and I would just make the doll and clothing/accessories. I was very surprised, however, to find that I was “on time” (for once!) and found you when only week 1 was posted. I am not sure I will be able to keep up and may have to play catch up a few times during this CAL, but I am going to try. My goal is to make these for my neighbor’s 2 daughters . Thanks for hosting this!

    • you’re welcome! thanks for joining us :-). The patterns are designed to be quick to do so they can fit into a busy schedule so even if you fall behind, it shouldn’t be too hard to catch up. I hope you enjoy the CAL

  14. With the clothing or accessory in the later weeks can you make both????

    • All the clothing and accessory pieces will need to be made in order to fill the advent calendar, unless you choose to make more than one of a piece to substitute for one that you aren’t making.

      • Hi Ashlwey,
        Thankyou for responding.
        Am I able to make the clothing and the accessory for each week?

        • Apologies Ashley for the typing error in previous reply.

        • The patterns for every item in the CAL (minus exclusives to the bundle) will be available on the blog here. On this page, I will link to each week’s new pattern on the date it is released. Most weeks will have 1 clothing or accessory item to make and some weeks there will be two, which I have noted in the schedule above. I hope this helps.

  15. I’m very interested in this and it looks intriguing. However, it is quite a commitment for a complete year. I always have projects I’m working on for gifts. Before I purchase the bundle, I’d like to see at least a hit of what the doll and clothes look like. Could you please share that? Thanks.

  16. I’ve been joining in and purchased the pattern through Etsy. I’m not on social media so probably can’t share pictures. I went with a size c hook to make the doll a little smaller and I’m using the I Love Cotton yarn pack from Hobby Lobby. This is a gift for my granddaugher.

    • Thanks for joining along with us Julie and for puchasing the pattern. I hope your granddaugther loves her advent calendar and doll!

  17. I will be doing this advent doll for my granddaughter. I started last but I will catch up.

  18. Hi Ashley
    Thankyou so much for this journey. I have learnt so much along the way. Made mistakes and improvised and now inventing some extra bits to fill in time until your next wonderful pattern. Just finished removable dreadlocks (LOL) and working on some boots with laces (hopefully) cos my doll has rather long legs…
    Would you be able to design a bucket hat to go with some of the more summery outfits?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      You’re so welcome and thanks for following along with us! Removeable dreadlocks sounds amazing! **Spoiler alert** A pattern for boots & something similar to your request is coming in the next section of patterns

  19. This sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately, I didnt find you until September, so rather late to try and do this as the CAL. Think I may try starting it in December (after I get all my xmas gifts for this year finished) for next year

    • The patterns aren’t going anywhere so you can start any time. Good luck with your xmas gift making!

  20. Hi! I am very late getting started. My husband and I were browsing Ravelry and the web looking for dolly patterns for our granddaughter. I love this set! Instead of an Advent calendar all of the accessories and the dolly will be filling the stocking that I recently finished for her.
    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. This CAL is a true blessing for a Grannie and Grampie looking for unique gifts for a very special little girl.


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