How to Crochet a Magic Circle Tutorial

Step by step images showing how to crochet a magic circle with a column of text to the left
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This step-by-step tutorial will help you learn how to crochet a magic circle – often referred to as a magic ring or adjustable circle/ring. The magic circle/magic ring is a really handy technique to know if you’re a fan of amigurumi projects. The magic circle is an alternative to creating a ring with a chain 4 which would typically leave an open hole in your project. When you use a magic circle to being your project it creates a tightly closed ring when you’re crocheting in the round. So if you’re using it for amigurumi, this means no hole for the stuffing to show through and a more professional-looking finish.

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This technique is relatively easy to do but with some practice, it’ll be as easy as creating a starting chain.

For this tutorial, I’m using a 5.5 mm Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook and Bernat Premium (size 4) yarn in Sky Blue.

Check out the video version of this tutorial here:

How to Crochet the Magic Circle

Using your non-dominant hand, hold the end of the yarn between your thumb and pointer finger. Wrap the working yarn around your fingers (from front to back) once.

Hands holding a piece of blue yarn
Yarn being wrapped around fingers

Cross the working yarn over top of the yarn on the inside of your hand and lay the working yarn across the top of your fingers. I like to use my pinky finger to hold it down and keep it secure fo the next part.

Yarn being crossed over itself while a person demonstrates how to crochet a magic circle
Yarn wrapped around a hand twice showing how to crochet a magic circle

Insert your crochet hook underneath the first strand of yarn and grab the second strand of yarn.

Crochet hook grabbing second strand of yarn wrapped around person's fingers

Pull the second strand of yarn under the first strand of yarn.

second strand of yarn being pulled under first strand of yarn by crochet hook

Twist the yarn to create a loop. Yarn over the hook using the working yarn and pull through the loop to create a chain.

Yarn twisted to create a loop to crochet a magic circle
Yarn over crochet hook to create a chain
Chain completed for how to make a magic circle

Remove your fingers from the loop. Your magic circle is now completed!

completed magic circle

Working Your First Row

To work into the magic circle, work your desired stitches into the magic cirlce, ensuring that both the ring and yarn tail are crocheted over. In my example here, I’m crocheting six single crochet stitches (Get my tutorial on how to do the single crochet stitch HERE).

working into a magic circle

When you’ve finished crocheting your first round of stitches, gently pull the yarn tail until your ring closes and you have a tightly closed ring. like in the image below.

Continue working your second round of stitches as normal.

Now that you know how to crochet a magic circle, let’s pratice using it! Some of my free crochet patterns that utilize the magic circle technique are:
Clawdia Cat, Carter the Carrot, Penny the Bunny Cactus, Buttons the Bunny CAL (part one, part two and part three) and Once in a Blue Moon Triangle Scarf.

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