Easy Crochet Doll Boots Free Pattern & Video Tutorial

What wardrobe is complete without a cute pair of boots? Not wanting our amigurumi dolls to have a wardrobe that lacks this wardrobe staple, this week we are making a cute pair of crochet doll boots! Included in this free crochet pattern are detailed instructions as well as a step-by-step video tutorial. This easy pattern is super quick to work up so you can make pairs in different colors to match your various outfits.

This pattern is Week 19 of the Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along and is designed to fit my Advent Amy doll pattern which is a 10-inch doll when crocheted to gauge. However, it could fit a number of my other amigurumi doll patterns that I have available as free crochet patterns here on the blog.

When you’re done check out the free My Dolly Molly, My Pal Pascal and My Girl Pearl amigurumi patterns. Just keep in mind you’ll need to adjust your gauge.

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close up image of a doll legs wearing black boots with text underneath that says Easy crochet doll boots free pattern and video tutorial

Missed the previous weeks of the CAL? No problem! You can start any time and there are already a lot of other free crochet doll clothes patterns available.

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How Do You Crochet Doll Boots?

These crochet doll boots are worked from the bottom-up. That means that we start with the sole of the boots and work out way up to the top of the boot. At the top of the boot, we will create a button loop and sew a button on the boot so that it can be secured onto the doll.

The single crochet stitch is used to crochet these boots and I recommend only using the invisible decrease stitch when the right side of the fabric is facing you.

The sole is made to the same size, using the same gauge that we did in our crochet doll feet when we were making Advent Amy. If you haven’t been matching gauge in the pattern, make sure you’re using the same tension you have used when making your doll.

Where Can I Get a Printable Copy of this Pattern?

  • You can purchase an inexpensive ad-free crochet PDF pattern with all three parts of the doll together in one convenient pdf file in my Ravelry and Etsy shop OR

  • Buy the Amigurumi Advent Calendar CAL Bundle in my Ravelry or Etsy shops and get this pattern and all the CAL patterns in printable bundle files.
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Important Note About The Supply List for this Project:

The supply list shown for this pattern shows the materials needed Weeks 19 – 27 of the Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along. Not all materials will be used this week but you will need them in order to complete the remaining patterns in the CAL.

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Feel free to sell the item created by this pattern but please provide pattern credit back to me when posting online, and please provide a link to my blog: https://theloopylamb.com.  This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern in any printed or digital form, or claim this pattern as your own original design.  Please do not use my photos when selling your finished items.   

Skill Level:

  • Easy


  • U.S. Terminology



Special Techniques and Stitches:

  • Invisible Finish/Join: FO leaving a long tail. Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle.  Place the tapestry needle through the top of the 2nd ST from front to back and pull through.  Place tip of needle into top of the last ST of the round, under the back loop of the stitch, and pull through to the back of the work.  Weave in the end. Learn how to do this with my invisible finish/join tutorial.

  • Picot Single Crochet (PSC): Insert hook into indicated stitch, yarn over hook and pull through stitch.  Yarn over and pull through one loop on the hook three times.  Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook. Learn how to do this with my Picot Single Crochet Tutorial.

Finished Size:

  • Clothing to fit Advent Amy Doll which is approximately 10.5” tall.


  • Clothing: 4 sts across x 6 rows = 1” square.


  • Gauge is important for ensuring that all of the parts of your doll fit appropriately.  If you don’t plan to match gauge, ensure that you maintain a consistent tension throughout your project. 

  • Most of the pieces are worked back and forth in turned rows, unless noted.  Read instructions for each piece carefully before starting to crochet.

  • For pieces worked in continuous rounds, a stitch marker is used to mark the first ST of the round and is moved up in each consecutive round.

You can purchase an inexpensive ad-free PDF version of this pattern with all three parts of the doll together + 1 outfit in one convenient file in my Ravelry and Etsy shops
Buy the Amigurumi Advent Calendar CAL Bundle in my Ravelry or Etsy shops and get printable versions of all of the CAL patterns at once.

hands holding a black amigurumi doll boot made with this crochet doll boot free pattern

Easy Crochet Doll Boots Free Pattern Step-By-Step Video Tutorial:

Boots (Make Two)

(worked in continuous rounds and turned rows)

Round 1: Using Colour G, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Round 2: (SCINC) x 6 (12)

Round 3: (SC 1, SCINC) x 6 (18)

Round 4: SC 1, SCINC, (SC 2, SCINC) x 5, SC 1 (24)

Gauge Check: Piece should measure 1.5” across at widest point.

Round 5: In FLO, SC around.  Join last ST to first ST with a SL ST from here on out referred to as “Join”). (24)

Rounds 6 – 7: CH 1 and turn. SC around. Join. (24)

Free Crochet Patterns to Try Next

Row 8: CH 1 and turn. SC 6, (SCDEC) x 6, SC 6. Do not join.  We will continue to work in unjoined rows. (18)

Rows 9 – 16: CH 1 and turn.  SC across. (18)

Row 17: CH 6 and turn. SK 6 CH, SC in each ST across. (18 sts & CH-6 loop for buttonhole)

FO and weave in ends. Use needle and sewing thread to secure a button across from the CH-6 loop from Row 17.  Slip CH-6 loop over the button after boot is on the doll to secure it.

I hope that you enjoyed learning how to crochet doll boots with this easy crochet doll boots free pattern and video tutorial. I’d love to see your beautiful finished project! Share your project with me on social media by tagging me @theloopylamb or using #theloopylambCAL in your posts.

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  1. I would love to do a CAL of a boy doll! Boys like dolls too if they’re dolls that look like them.

    • hanks for sharing your feedback Angie! I’m currently working on trying to come up with enough items for a boy doll to fill an advent calendar so we can hopefully do that for next year 🙂

  2. I would love to see a boy doll pattern series. It is very hard to find and I know little boys will play with boys.
    Thank you for all the wonderful patterns.

  3. Is there a reason you didn’t do this in the spiral format like the other shoes? Also, in Round 5, it says BLO, but should it be FLO?

    • These shoes are done in a continuous spiral until we change to turned rows in order to leave an opening in the back of the boot so they can be easily slipped onto the doll’s foot.

  4. Sorry, edit to my comment. *In Round 5 it says FLO, should it say BLO?


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