Crochet Your Own Dog by Mieko Shindo Amigurumi Book Review

Are you ready for a whole lot of fuzziness and adorable dogs?  Today I’m reviewing Crochet Your Own Dog by Mieko Shindo: 14 life-size amigurumi pups to make and love and I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about this book to help you decide if this is the book for you to help you make your own furry friend.

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10 different crochet patterns make up each of the 14 dogs in Crochet Your Own dog.  Some of the toys use the same patterns but where and how you sew on the hind legs and front legs is what makes them different.  

I have noted in the list of what sorts of breeds you’ll find in the book below as well as which patterns have these different stances.

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Dog Breeds Included in Crochet Your Own Dog:

  • Toy Poodle (sitting)
  • Toy Poodle (standing)
  • Papillon
  • Long Haired Chihuahua (laying down)
  • Long Haired Chihuahua (sitting)
  • Pomeranian (sitting)
  • Pomeranian (standing)
  • Daschund (laying down)
  • Daschund (standing)
  • Maltese
  • Miniature Schnauzer 
  • Shih Tzu
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Bichon Frise

The little dachshund that uses just one main body colour could also be used for folks looking to make a puppy version of blond golden retrievers.  Although I am personally a daschund owner (standard wirehaired, not the long hair minis shown in the book), I cannot resist the papillon in this book. It is just too cute!

Crochet Your Own Dog by Mieko Shindo open to the contents showing the different dog breeds included in the book

Tools & Materials

After 30 pages of beautiful images of each amigurumi dog pattern in the book, the content starts on page 42 where they cover Tools & Materals.

You’ll use the standard crochet tools (crochet hooks (5mm – 10 mm crochet hook sizes), scissors, safety eyes and a safety nose for each dog, yarn needle / wool needle, stitch markers) as well as some specialty tools like,a slicker brush, craft glue and tools used in needle felting. Toy stuffing is also needed but is not listed.

The type of yarn used (like the yarn brand) and exact colors aren’t listed anywhere in the book, which is likely because the author is from Japan and the North American market likely doesn’t have access to those materials.  

However, it would have been great to have at least a list of yarn substitutions to give makers a place to start in order to nail each individual breed’s colouring. 

book open to a page showing a person holding an amigurumi papillon in the air.  book is next to a metal furls crochet hook

Crochet Your Own Dog Pattern Info

Each dog amigurumi pattern in the book is written in the US terminology, with a US to UK conversion chart being found on page 45.  Each pattern includes a stitch chart that has a colour-coded description to assist with where to place which yarn colors when grafting the fur (more on this in a minute).

No skill level is listed for the patterns but based on my experience, I’d say these patterns are at an intermediate to advanced skill level due to the amount of detail needed for each toy.

Hand holding Crochet Your Own Dog open to a page showing someone holding a crochet miniature schnauzer

Included Supports for Makers

Stitch Tutorials and Instructions begin on page 45. Instead of separating this section by techniques and naming the techniques they break it down into photo tutorials showing different dog body parts.

You’ll find a tutorial on how to do the magic ring here but the rest of the stitches are explained on the last page of the book with small illustrations and lack their given abbreviations.

The photo tutorial on page 53 showing how to assemble the body parts is helpful for visual learners that haven’t assembled an amigurumi toy before as it shows you where to stop stuffing some pieces and how to sew the pieces to your dog body.

Most toys are comprised of 8 – 10 pieces that are all sewn together. Each piece is made in a single colour as any needed colour changes are done using the grafted yarn.

TIP: If the color changes are a bit overwhelming to you but you don’t want to stick to making a single-coloured dog, try marking out the colour changes on your toy using a sharpie marker.  The markings will eventually be covered up but it will help you visually see where to graft your fur.

This section discusses that based on your personal gauge, your toy may turn out a different size and you’ll need to make some adjustments to your limb placement.

However, no information about the pattern gauge is given or even what gauge/tension is so there is no way for makers to ensure they’re on the right track or to ensure your finished item turns out the right size. 

Crochet Your Own Dog Video Review & Flip-Through

hand holding the book Crochet Your Own Dog by Mikeo Shindo open to a page showing an amigurumi bichon frise

How the Fur Is Added

The fur texture on these toys is created by grafting yarn strands to the surface of your crochet fabric.  While the result is undeniably worth it, particularly if you want a toy that looks like an actual dog, know that this is a time-consuming tedious process as each toy is a work of art.

Don’t skip the section on how to Graft the Fur on pages 56 – 60 which will also give you tips for finishing your canine companion’s facial features, how to make the dog’s ears and more and includes instruction images as support.

After attaching the “fur” you’ll brush it out and trim the fur. In some cases there are additional steps like needle felting required for features like eyebrows..Then you’ll trim up all that fur you added. 

book open to the page showing a crochet maltese puppy,book is next to a metal furls crochet hook


Overall, Crochet Your Own Dog is a really cool book with some absolutely adorable crochet dog patterns in it.  The author has captured the true character of each breed in yarn, enabling makers to create miniature canine works of art.  

I would recommend this book for intermediate and advanced skill level crocheters that aren’t afraid of a challenge and are well-versed in amigurumi stitches and techniques and aren’t afraid to problem solve if needed.

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