Crochet Collage Garden by Chris Norrington Review

Dive into the world of crochet flowers and plants today with me as we take a look at Crochet Collage Garden: 100 Patterns for Crochet Flowers, Plants and Petals by crochet designer Chris Norrington. 

We’ll take a look at everything a maker needs to know about a book in order to determine if this book is for them: the skill levels required, materials used, included patterns, what the patterns are like to work with and more.

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Thanks to David & Charles for providing me with this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I do not guarantee a positive review of any product reviewed on my site.  All opinions shared here are my own. 

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Crochet Collage Garden on a white background with a green crochet hook laying on the cover

About The Author

Chris is a UK-based rochet designer that lives on the edge of the beautiful North York Moors National Park where she enjoys her love of gardening.  Per the book’s introduction, it was Chris’ love of gardening that led her to crochet flowers and leaves.  

In the introduction there are some gorgeous garden photos which I think are from Chris’ garden that were a bright and beautiful addition to this section that drew me in immediately.

Find Chris online as  @chris.made.this  on Instagram and Facebook.

image of a book on a white background with text that says Crochet Collage Garden by Chris Norrington Review and Giveaway

Patterns in the Crochet Collage Garden

This 128-page book is broken down into 10 stunning crochet collages that each contain 10 different crochet motifs.  The collage themes are:

  • Woodland Glade Collage
  • Spring Awakening Collage
  • Cottage Garden Collage
  • Vintage Blue Bouquet Collage
  • Midsummer Daydream Collage
  • Flower Meadow Collage
  • Terracotta Pot Collage
  • Poppy Posy Collage
  • Autumn Wreath Collage
  • Midwinter Magic Collage

Crochet Collage Garden book open to show the Vintage Blue Bouquet collage

Crochet Collage Garden Video Review & Flip Through

Each of the collages contains a variety of motif designs for beautiful flowers, leafy stems, ornamental grasses, tall perennial flowers and more.  

While some of the crocheted motifs are made to look like real life specific plant species, some of them are imaginary.

I loved that while many are the more usual front-on view of flowers, many are different views like half-opened flowers, flowers in full bloom and individual leaves.  Having these different views and such a large variety of foliage types really opens up more possibilities for creating your own creations with these motifs.

book open to show a vary of fall-themed crochet plants and flowers

What are the Patterns Like in Crochet Collage Garden?

The patterns in Crochet Collage Garden are written in the UK terminology with a UK to US terminology conversion chart being found on Page 116.  On this page you’ll also find the abbreviations used in the book as well as a symbol key for the charts that accompany each of the patterns. 

I found the patterns to be mostly straight-forward and was thankful for the support of the crochet charts to help me figure out patterns that weren’t written as clearly.  

Beginners, particularly those accustomed to using only US terminology and writing styles may struggle with the writing style combined with the use of UK terms.  However, adventurous beginners that don’t mind some trial and error and have patience to figure out the charts could utllize this book to create their first flowers. 

Crochet Collage Garden book open to the Woodland Glade collage page

My recommendations for getting started with making your first beautiful crochet collages would be to start with the following patterns:

  • Flower 6 on page 81, 
  • #8 on page 73
  • Flower 1 on page 48
  • Flower 7 on page 51
  • Flower 5 on page 40

​I’d recommend this book for mostly experienced crocheters, intermediate level and above.

What Supports Are Included for Makers?

Pages 10 – 11 discuss the Tools & Materials used in the patterns.  Yarn fibres of different types of yarn are discussed briefly as are yarn quantities and crochet hooks.

A helpful image shows the same pattern worked in different yarn weights and hook sizes to illustrate scaling each of the patterns when you make your own versions.

On page 127 you’ll find the index where you can look up flowers by name.  The names of the flowers aren’t listed in the patterns, unfortunately, which would’ve been helpful.

The main supports for makers start on page 116 in the Techniques section.  Here you’ll find instructions for each stitch used, accompanied by illustrations showing some of the steps.

Some of the illustrations (like the ones used for the Invisible Join and Magic Ring) were a bit confusing and would have been more clearly illustrated with images.  (Find a tutorial on how to do the invisible join here on my blog and how to do the Magic Ring tutorial here.)

Pages 122 – 123 cover some other techniques like ways to attach flowers to stems, a brief discussion of blocking and stiffening as well as sewing in multiple yarn tails.

Spring Awakening collage pages in the Chris Norrington book being reviewed

What Materials Are Used?

Each pattern lists the yarn type used but not the color, yarn weight or yardage, unfortunately. While I understand that for many of the projects the amount of yarn is miniscule and harder to weigh, the ommission of yarn weight and color leaves makers having to go searching online to find this information.

Hook sizes used are listed and range from sizes 3mm (D/3) through 4mm (G/6).   But, as noted above, you can use different yarn and hook combinations to make these patterns, you’ll just have to make them in order to figure out how big they are.

If you're interested in buying a copy of Crochet Collage Garden, it is available on here on Amazon.


Overall Crochet Collage Garden is a beautiful book that enables makers to make accurate representations of particular plants, as well as beautiful imaginary ones.  I’d recommend this book for intermediate to advanced crocheters looking for a reference full of plant appliques that they can use to embellish various items.

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