100 Micro Amigurumi by Steffi Glaves Crochet Book Review

Dive into the world of micro crochet amigurumi with our review of 100 Micro Amigurumi: Crochet Patterns and Charts for Tiny Amigurumi by Steffi Glaves! Check out the video version of the book review for a sneak peek into the book. Plus, don’t miss the chance to win your own copy – we’re hosting a giveaway!

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About the Author

Steffi Glaves is the talented crochet designer behind not just this book, but Micro Crochet Motifs as well.  She has had her work published in various magazines like Inside Crochet Magazine. You’ll also see plenty beautiful jewellery made from small motifs (like these beautiful earrings made from micro granny squares) on her Instagram account.  

In her first book, she shares a collection of crochet patterns for tiny crochet motifs that are about the size of a postage stamp. This talented designer brings us more of her love for tiny things in her latest book, 100 Micro Amigurumi. 

Check out the video version of this review & see a flip-through of the book

Patterns Included in the Book:

There are 100 crochet patterns for tiny amigurumi toys in this 128 page book.  The book is separated into 10 different pattern sections. The sections and patterns included are:

Fairy WoodlandChicken DrumstickHelicopter
MushroomCoffee CupBoat
Speckle LogPizzaSpace
SnailCupcake & Ice CreamSun
Fairy CottageAnimalsCloud
About TownRobinRinged Planet
HouseHamsterHeart Planet
CaféGreen ParrotEarth
Pug the Postie & Lollipop LapinChickenSealife Creatures
Post BoxCatTurtle
Traffic LightSquirrelYellow Fishy
TreeBack to SchoolCrab
Little CarAppleOctopus
Traffic ConePenDolphin
Little VanCalculatorJellyfish
Fruit & VegLaptopSeahorse
StrawberryExercise BookWhale Shark
PearText BookKiller Whale
CarrotBackpackMyth & Legend
BroccoliLunch BoxMermaid & Merman
BeanRubber RingWizard
AvocadoPalm TreeUnicorn
FoodFlip FlopsDragon
Birthday CakeSuitcaseSea Serpent
PopcornHot Air BalloonGoblin

Working with the Patterns in 100 Micro Amigurumi

Terminology Used:

The patterns are written using the UK crochet terminology. You’ll find a UK to US term conversion chart being found on page 106.  Some patterns include stitch diagrams for parts of the pattern. If you’re new to crochet charts, you’ll find an explanation for what each symbol means in that conversion chart as well.

Skill Level:

While no skill level is listed, I’d say that the toys range from easy to advanced – not factoring in the added difficulty of crocheting with thread.  

Reading & Comprehension of Patterns:

I found most of the patterns to be relatively clear and straightforward. However, I found some of the abbreviations needed some working out if you’re not used to them.

For instance, “BLss” means back loop only slip stitch in the book. I’ve never seen that abbreviated that way before (I thought it was a special stitch). It wasn’t specifically noted in the abbreviations section so I needed to work it out.  

100 micro amigurumi by steff glaves open to the myth & legend page showing micro fantasy characters and creatures

Pattern Support Images:

Many of the toys use basic stitches so folks that already have a grasp of basic crochet stitches that are ready to jump into crocheting tiny objects can get started quickly. The patterns don’t include the most detailed instructions for assembly.

If you’re a maker that needs specific instructions with step-out assembly photo, you won’t find them in this title. But to be fair, this would be incredibly hard to attain given the small size of these projects.

Toy Sizes:

When they say micro crochet, they mean it. Many of these toys are only a fractions of an inch big. You can make bigger toys from these patterns (which I’ll talk about in a second), but at the micro size, they can be used to make other great items like jewellery.

Supports for Makers in 100 Micro Amigurumi:

The first section containing supports for markers start in the Before You Begin section starting on page 6.  You’ll find information here about what to look for when buying thread, thread classifications crochet hooks and more.  The section on the different types of threads is particularly helpful in pointing you in the right direction of picking the right kind of threads for you.

UK hook sizes are listed in each pattern but there is a handy conversion chart to US hook sizes on page 9.

100 micro amigurumi by steff glaves open to the food page showing micro food items on a gingam background

The remainder of the supports are found in the Crochet Techniques section starting on page 104 through 123.

This section includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations for the different crochet stitches and special techniques used.  This section is very thorough and contains specific advice for the necessary crochet techniques needed to make these toys.

If crocheting with thread intimidates you or you’re unsure if you’re ready to jump into the world of miniature crochet, you can still make these toys with another yarn weight / thicker yarn and larger hook size (like a 3.5 mm crochet hook and worsted weight yarn) and still have small scale toys.  

You can use them to make much bigger amigurumi as well by using super bulky and jumbo weight yarns.  If you have a variety of hook sizes and yarn weights, you can play around with the sizing. 


Overall, this is a fun and colorful creative collection of crochet designs with a wide variety of tiny projects to work through.  I’d recommend this book to intermediate crocheters with a firm grasp of the basic crochet stitches and techniques needed for amigurumi.  

I think adventurous beginners wanting to make their own micro crochet toys could also use this book. However, I think they will find the most success starting off with a bigger hook and heavier weight yarn and moving their hook and yarn sizes down as their confidence and skills progress.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of 100 Micro Amigurumi, it is available on here on Amazon.

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