Free Holiday Gift Project Tracker

Free Holiday Gift Project Tracker
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As much as I hate to admit this, fall is upon us.  That means crocheters are busily trying to get ready for the holiday giving season. Some of us are not just getting ready for the holidays, we’re prepping for craft shows or stocking Etsy shops. Needless to say, it’s a very busy time of year for most of us.  I’ve created a Holiday Gift Project Tracker that may help all of us be a little less stressed during this busy time of year.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what you’re planning to make for everyone on your gift list. I know that if I don’t write things down, I either don’t remember what I wanted to make or I change my mind a hundred times. One year was particularly stressful.  I was completely disorganized, bought WAY more yarn than I needed and ended up crocheting gifts until the last possible minute. Crocheting every second I could, having two small kids and hosting a large family dinner? I was pulling my hair out. After that, I vowed to be more prepared from then on.

Now, around this time every year, I create my list of what I want to make everyone.    This helps me get an idea of a timeline needed to make sure I complete everything with time to spare. Once I’ve made my decisions on what to make people, I take inventory of my yarn stock, and head out to buy my supplies. I don’t let myself change my mind on what to make someone unless I’m ahead of schedule and it’s within budget.

To keep myself organized, I created this simple document which I’ve called the Holiday Gift Crochet Project List. It’s nothing fancy but it’s enough to organize my thoughts and keep me on track. Each page has enough space to document projects for 4 different people. Just print out as many pages as you need, fill them out and get to work crocheting those beautiful gifts for your loved ones to treasure.  Keep the pages until next year so you can remember what you made everyone this year to avoid repeats!

Crochet Project Tracker for Holiday Gifts

Get your FREE Holiday Gift Project Tracker by clicking on the link below:

Holiday-Gift-Crochet-Project-List-1.pdf (97 downloads)

What projects are you planning on giving as gifts this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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