Easy Crochet Doll Shirt Tutorial – Amigurumi Advent Calendar CAL Week 4

two amigurumi dolls laying next to eachother wearing removeable crochet shirts made with this easy crochet doll tutorial
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This week we are going to begin crocheting the first of the crochet doll outfit pieces that will go into our advent calendars. This easy crochet doll shirt tutorial will walk you through making a little tank top for our dolls that features some little mini bobbles along the bottom edge. Both a written pattern and step-by-step video tutorial are available for this tutorial.

We will be using the Picot Single Crochet (aka granule stitch) to achieve the mini bobbles along the bottom of the doll’s shirt. The Picot Single Crochet stitch is a fun and easy variation on the single crochet stitch that creates a tiny little bobble on your fabric.

If you haven’t done this stitch before, that is not a problem at all. I have a separate Picot Single Crochet tutorial and I show you how to do this stitch in the step-by-step video tutorial included with this pattern.

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Missed Weeks 1, 2 and 3 of the CAL? No problem! You can start any time.

Check out the Amigurumi Advent Calender Crochet Along post to learn more about how the crochet along works, find the pattern release schedule and how you can join in and crochet along with us! As I mentioned above, you can start any time. So even if you feel you are late starting, it doesn’t matter. You can start any time! The patterns for this CAL are designed to fit into a busy schedule so even if you are late but want to catch up, it shouldn’t take too long to catch up.

Where Can I Get a Printable Copy of this Easy Crochet Doll Pattern?

  • You can purchase an inexpensive ad-free crochet PDF pattern with all three parts of the doll together in one convenient pdf file in my Ravelry and Etsy shop OR

  • Buy the Amigurumi Advent Calendar CAL Bundle in my Ravelry or Etsy shops and get this pattern and all the CAL patterns in printable bundle files.
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Other Free Crochet Doll Outfit Patterns Available:

How do I Crochet a Doll Shirt?

The crochet doll shirt that I’m going to show you how to make today is made in a single piece and worked back and forrth in rows. The back of the shirt is open and will be placed on the doll like a jacket being put on backwards. You’ll need 2 buttons for this shirt so that they can be sewn onto the back of the shirt when you are finished making it. You’ll see that in two different rows, we’ll create a chain space/loop that will act as a button hole to fasten over our buttons.

We will start crocheting at the top of the shirt at the neckline, working our way down. The best part about doing the shirt this way is that you can try the shirt on your doll as you go – just like a real top-down garment!

The shirt should slide on easily and be fitted to your doll. It reaches all the way around, meeting in the center of the back. There may be a small space down the center of the back but if your button holes can’t comfortably reach the other side of the top, you may have to start again and loosen your tension to ensure the shirt will fit properly.

After crocheting a few rows that will act as the neckline and straps/sleeves, we will create chain spaces that will create the armholes in our top. From this point, we’ll continue crocheting back and forth in turned rows until we reach the bottom of the top. Once we get to the bottom, we will start working on creating our little bobbles.

What do I do with my doll shirt when I’m done?

When you are done following this easy crochet doll shirt tutorial, all the ends are woven in and the buttons sewn on, place it in one of the boxes of your DIY advent calendar that we worked on last week. You can place it in any box you’d like. I have placed my outfit pieces into the box in the order that I’m making them so that the receipient will get a full outfit over 2 days.

For example: today’s shirt went into the box I have labelled #1 and then next week’s outfit piece went into the #2 box. The accessory we will work on in the following week, went into box #3. I did it this way so the child that receives it doesn’t get a part of an outfit on day 1 but then doesn’t get the other half of the outfit until day 15. As they work through the advent calendar, they build the wardrobe for their doll.

If you decide to do your calendar differently than I suggest above, I’d love to hear how you will do it. Please share it in the comments section below or in the Loopy Lamb Crochet Community on Facebook to give our fellow crocheters some ideas.

Important Note About The Supply List for this Project:

The supply list shown for this pattern shows the materials needed Weeks 1 – 8 of the Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along. Not all materials will be used this week. A new/updated material list will be posted starting Week 9.

amigurumi doll wearing a tank top with mini bobble stitches made with this easy crochet doll shirt tutorial


Feel free to sell the item created by this pattern but please provide pattern credit back to me when posting online, and please provide a link to my blog: https://theloopylamb.com.  Please do not resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern in any printed or digital form, or claim this pattern as your own original design.  Please do not use my photos when selling your finished items.   

Skill Level:

  • Easy


  • U.S. Terminology



Special Techniques and Stitches:

  • Invisible Finish/Join: FO leaving a long tail. Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle.  Place the tapestry needle through the top of the 2nd ST from front to back and pull through.  Place tip of needle into top of the last ST of the round, under the back loop of the stitch, and pull through to the back of the work.  Weave in the end. Learn how to do this with my invisible finish/join tutorial.

  • Picot Single Crochet (PSC): Insert hook into indicated stitch, yarn over hook and pull through stitch.  Yarn over and pull through one loop on the hook three times.  Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook. Learn how to do this with my Picot Single Crochet Tutorial.

Finished Size:

  • Doll is approximately 10.5” tall


  • Clothing: 4 sts across x 6 rows = 1” square

  • Doll: Rounds 1 – 4 of the Leg = 1.5” across at widest point.


  • Gauge is important for ensuring that all of the parts of your doll fit appropriately.  If you don’t plan to match gauge, ensure that you maintain a consistent tension throughout your project. 

  • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds (unless stated otherwise).  Do not join at the end of the row, unless indicated.  A stitch marker is used to keep track of the beginning of the round.

  • For a cleaner SCDEC, do your SCDEC under the front loops only of each st rather than under both loops.  This is often referred to as an invisible decrease.  Learn how to do this invisible decrease tutorial.

  • In Round 1 of the Body of the doll only, the CH 1 is counted as a st and should be worked into in Round 2 of the body.

You can purchase an inexpensive ad-free PDF version of this pattern with all three parts of the doll together + 1 outfit in one convenient file in my Ravelry and Etsy shops
Buy the Amigurumi Advent Calendar CAL Bundle in my Ravelry or Etsy shops and get printable versions of all of the CAL patterns at once.

Hands holding a crochet doll wearing a pink crochet shirt.

Easy Crochet Doll Shirt Tutorial Week 4: Step-by-Step Video Instructions.

YouTube video

Tank Top

Using Colour D, Ch 23

Row 1: SC in the 7th CH from the hook and each remaining CH across. (17 STs & CH-6 SP for buttonhole)

Row 2: CH 1 and turn. (SC 2, SCINC) x 2, (SC, SCINC) x 3, SC 2, SCINC, SC 2 (23)

Row 3: CH 1 and turn.  (SC 3, SCINC) x 2, SC 2, SCINC, SC, SCINC, SC 2, SCINC, SC 3, SCINC, SC 2, SCINC (30)

Row 4: CH 1 and turn. SC 3, CH 7, SK 8, SC 8, CH 7, SK 8, SC 3 (14 STS & 2, CH-7 SPs)

Row 5: CH 1 and turn.  SC in each ST and CH across (28)

When you’re done with this easy crochet doll shirt tutorial, check out these other free amigurumi patterns:

Row 6: CH 1 and turn. (SC 4, SCINC) x 2, (SC 2, SCINC) x 3, SC 4, SCINC, SC 4 (34)

Row 7: CH 1 and turn. SC in the first ST and each ST across (34)

Row 8: CH 1 and turn. (SC 4, SCINC) x 3, SC 4, (SCINC, SC 4) x 3 (40)

Row 9: CH 6 and turn.  SK CH 6, SC 40 (40 STs & CH-6 SP for buttonhole)

Rows 10 – 13: CH 1 and turn. SC across.  (40)

Row 14: CH 1 and turn. Starting in first st, *SC in the next ST, PSC in the next ST, repeat from * across until last two STs, SC in last two STs. (14 PSC)

FO and weave in ends.  The CH 6’s that created loops in Rows 1 and 9 will act as buttonholes/fasteners to close the back of the shirt. 

Using sewing needle and thread, sew buttons onto the back of the shirt, on the side opposite to the loops created in Rows 1 and 9. 

Week 5 & 6 are now live. Check out the doll’s the Skirt and Shoes patterns.

I hope that you enjoyed this how to crochet an easy crochet doll shirt tutorial. I’d love to see your progress you’ve made on your dolls!  Share your projects with me on social media by tagging me @theloopylamb or using #theloopylambCAL in your posts. You can also join The Loopy Lamb Crochet Community on Facebook and share your projects there, chat with other participants and see their work as well. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

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  1. I just crocheted a bunny, which I decided needed to be dressed up a little. My crocheting skills are somewhat limited, but I though this little shirt looked doable. I was so pleased with how easy your pattern was to follow. The shirt looks adorable as a dress on my bunny. It was a bit small, in that the back sides didn’t quite meet, so I just did a 1” single crochet border down each side, tacking over the existing button loops as I went.
    Thank you for sharing the pattern!

    • You’re welcome! I’m so glad you found a way to make it work for your toy 🙂


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