Amigurumi Doll Clothes – Sleepy Time Molly

My Dolly Molly wearing amigurumi doll clothes made with this free crochet pattern.
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Earlier this year, I released a crochet along pattern to make an amigurumi doll with removeable clothes named My Dolly Molly. Molly was a big hit and there was a lot of requests for new outfits. Today’s free pattern is to make amigurumi doll clothes for Molly. Sleepy Time Molly has a little nightgown, topped off with a bow and a pair of slippers.

Your little one can dress Molly up for bed when they are getting themselves ready for bed. My daughter is actually the one that inspired this outfit. She absolutely loves to dress up her toys in her pajamas when she gets ready for bed. The only toy she wasn’t attempting to dress for bed was her My Dolly Molly. When I asked her why, she said it was because she didn’t have pajamas for Molly. Well, I couldn’t just let Molly go without so I made Molly her own bedtime wardrobe.

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The My Dolly Molly pattern includes an removeable dress pattern. You can find the free version of the My Dolly Molly pattern here on my site, broken into three parts for the crochet along: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Each part of the pattern includes step-by-step video tutorials as well. The full pattern is also available as an ad-free PDF version HERE in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. Molly also has a dress-up outfit called Molly the Mermaid here for free on the blog.

The original My Dolly Molly doll didn’t have any shoes so you can make the slippers from the Sleepy Time Molly pattern in a variety of colours to match Molly’s other outfits.

The three different versions of the amigurumi doll with removeable clothes

I have bundled the patterns for Molly, her Molly the Meraid and Sleepy Time Molly together in my Etsy and Ravelry shops for a special price. Check out the bundle HERE in my Ravelry Shop and HERE in my Etsy shop.

Skill Level:

  • Intermediate


If you’re planning on buying the materials for this project, please consider doing so through this affiliate link. It helps to support the blog at zero cost to you and allows me to continue to bring you great free crochet patterns like this one.


  • BLO = Back Loop Only
  • CH = Chain
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • DCINC = Double Crochet Increase
  • FO = Finish Off
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • MC = Magic Circle
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • HDCINC = Half Double Crochet Increase
  • SCDEC = Single Crochet Decrease
  • SCINC = Single Crochet Increase
  • SK = Skip
  • SL ST = Slip Stitch
  • ST = Stitch

Finished size:

  • Made to fit My Dolly Molly Doll.  Dress is 4” long x 3.75” wide (from sleeve to sleeve)


  • 5 sts across x 7 rows = 1” square

You can purchase an inexpensive ad-free PDF version of this amigurumi doll clothes pattern HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy.


  • This outfit is an extension of my My Dolly Molly pattern and is designed to fit a My Dolly Molly doll. The free version of the My Dolly Molly Pattern can be found HERE.
  • This pattern is worked in joined rounds (unless stated otherwise).  A stitch marker is recommended to keep track of the beginning of the rounds.
  • For a cleaner SCDEC, do your SCDEC under the front loops only of each stitch rather than under both loops.  This is often referred to as an invisible decrease. (Find my tutorial on how to do the invisible decrease HERE)
  • Using the same hook and yarn that you used to make your doll can help with making sure that your clothes fit your Molly doll.

Special Techniques:

  • Invisible Join: FO leaving a long tail. Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle.  Place the tapestry needle through the top of the 2nd ST from front to back and pull through.  Place tip of needle into top of the last ST of the round, under the back loop of the stitch, and pull through to the back of the work.  Weave in the end.

Amigurumi Doll Clothes Pattern – Sleepy Time Molly

Crochet doll wearing a removeable nightgown and shoes

Night Gown

Using Brava in Marina and 3.5mm hook, Ch 23
Row 1: SC in the 7th CH from the hook and each remaining CH across. (17 STs & CH 6 SP for button hole)
Row 2: CH 1 and turn. (SC 2, SCINC) x 2, (SC, SCINC) x 3, SC 2, SCINC, SC 2 (23)
Row 3: CH 1 and turn.  (SC 3, SCINC) x 2, SC 2, SCINC, SC, SCINC, SC 2, SCINC, SC 3, SCINC, SC 2, SCINC (30)
Row 4: CH 1 and turn. SC 3, CH 7, SK 8, SC 8, CH 7, SK 8, SC 3 (14 STS & 2, CH 7 SPs)
Row 5: CH 1 and turn.  SC in each ST and CH across (28)
Rows 6 – 7: CH 1 and turn. SC across. (28)
Row 8: CH 1 and turn. (SC 3, SCINC) x 7 (35)
Row 9: CH 6 and turn.  SC 17, SCINC, SC 17 (36)
Rows 10 – 21: CH 1 and turn. SC across. Join last ST to first ST with a SL ST. (36)

FO and weave in ends.  The CH 6’s that created loops in Row 1 and Row 9 will act as button holes/fasteners to close the back of the dress.  Using sewing needle and thread, sew buttons onto the back of the dress, on the side opposite to the loops created in Rows 1 and 9. 


Round 1: With the right side facing you, attach yarn to the center point in the bottom one of the arm holes.  SC 18 around the arm hole.  Join last ST to first ST with a SL ST. (18)
Rounds 2 – 5: CH 1 and turn. SC in each ST around. Join last ST to first ST with a SL ST. (18)
Round 6:  CH 1. *(DC 3) in the first ST, SC in the next*, repeat instructions in ** 9 times.  Join last ST to first ST with a SL ST. (36)
FO and weave in ends. Repeat instructions on the second sleeve.


Row 1: Using Lady Slipper, CH 11.  DC 2 in the 3rd CH from the hook.  DC, HDC, SC, SL ST, SC, HDC, DC, DC 5 in the last CH.  Working on the other side of the chain, DC, HDC, SC, SL ST, SC, HDC, DC, DC 2 in the last CH.  (24)
FO using Invisible Finish (see Special Techniques) and weave in ends.  Using a long piece of yarn approximately 15” long, secure the end to the back, center point of the bow and wrap the yarn around the center of the box a few times.  When done wrapping, secure the yarn in the back and use the remaining length of yarn to sew the bow to the neckline on the front of the nightgown.

close up view of the bow on the amigurumi doll clothes pattern

Slippers (make 2)

Round 1: Using Lady Slipper, make a MC and HDC 6 into the MC. Join the last ST to the first ST with a SL ST (From here on out referred to as “Join”). (6)
Round 2: CH 1. (HDCINC) x 6. Join. (12)
Round 3: CH 1.SC 4, HDCINC, (DCINC) x 2, HDCINC, SC 4. Join. (16)
Round 4: CH 1. SC 5, HDC, HDCINC, (DCINC) x 2, HDCINC, HDC, SC 5. Join. (20)
Round 5: CH 1.  Working in the BLO, HDC in each ST around. Join.  (20)
Round 6: CH 1.  SC 6, (SCDEC) x 4, SC 6. Join. (16)
Round 7: CH 1.  SC in each ST around. (16)

FO using Invisible Finish (see Special Techniques) and weave in ends. 


Feel free to sell the item created by this amigurumi doll clothes pattern but please provide pattern credit back to me when posting online, and please provide a link to my blog:  Please do not resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern in any printed or digital form, or claim this pattern as your own original design.  Please do not use my photos when selling your finished items.   

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