Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern – Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket

This blanket is a lapghan/baby blanket size and is the perfect blanket for the beginner crocheter.    It is so simple but has a beautiful texture. However, if you prefer another crochet blanket size, make sure to check out the notes section of this pattern to learn how you can adjust the size of this gorgeous blanket.

If you know how to chain and do single crochet and double crochet stitches, you can make this blanket. Keep reading to learn how to make this easy crochet blanket for yourself or someone you love.

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Close up of texture of this easy lapghan pattern

One of my favourite things about crocheting Christmas gifts for family is that I can use those gifts as opportunities to design new, fun crochet projects.  When making my gift list for this year I really wanted to make my grandmother a cozy blanket.  

She loves maroon and has a lot of maroons and creams in her home decor.  So the colours were pretty easy to pick.  They normally wouldn’t be colours I would choose myself but I am so glad that I used them.  

I fell in love with the burgundy and whipped cream combo!  It really makes a beautiful blanket!  Now that I have finished my Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket, I’m sharing the easy crochet blanket pattern here with you today.  It’s a super simple patterns that even new crocheters can easily do.  

Yarn Used in This Free Pattern

I love to use Bernat Blanket yarn to make crochet blankets! It’s soft, and super warm.  I have used this pattern as a gift for many baby showers, switching up the colors for the nursery colors.

I’ve used two different colors here to give the fabric a bit of interest and to match my grandmother’s decor.  ou’ll need 2 skeins of yarn per color if you’re doing stripes like in my sample.  However, if changing colors isn’t your thing, this blanket also looks fabulous in a single color as well. 

I’ve provided the information you need to know in order to make this blanket in different sizes.  So whether you what a throw blanket, afghan blanket or lap blanket you can make whatever size you wish.

Also, having that information enables you to use a different yarn weight. So if you’ve got a ton of worsted weight yarn in your stash you want to use up, go for it. Just make sure that you use a hook size that works well with your yarn. 

Stuffed bunny with Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket made with this easy crochet blanket pattern

Tip For Substitution Yarns:

When experimenting with a different type of yarn for this pattern, it’s a good idea to make a small gauge swatch to see if you like the fabric before diving into the project.

Closed stitches can sometimes create a dense fabric that is more like a rug than a blanket so make your swatch and then hold it and wave it around to see how it moves.  

If it doesn’t move, then it’s too stiff and you may need to use a larger hook and try again.  If the fabric has too many holes then try again with a smaller hook until you’re happier with the fabric.  

Doing this will help ensure you have the right yarn and hook combination for your project and give you the best result possible for your blanket.

A printable ad-free version of this pattern can be purchased in Ravelry shop and Etsy Shops and it helps me keep my patterns free.

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern – Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket

Striped Thicket stitch blanket draped over a rocking chair with a toy bunny in front

This post may contain affiliate links.
This is an unsponsored post and the thoughts/opinions are all my own.

Skill Level:

  • Beginner


  • U.S. Terminology


(click the links to view a tutorial for that stitch)


  • Approx. 44 inches tall x 34 inches wide.

  • See Notes for Adjusting Size

Finished Size:

  • Approx. 44 inches tall x 34 inches wide.


  • Approx. 9 sts across x 7 rows = 4” square


  • Instructions within the asterisks (*) are to be repeated.

  • Gauge is not vital to the project however, not matching gauge will affect the size of your finished blanket and the amount of yarn required.

  • This pattern is worked back and forth in turned rows.  The CH 1 turning chain at the beginning of each row does not count as a stitch.

  • Color changes are done using the last yarn over of the last stitch before the indicated color change.

  • To adjust the size of this blanket, chain any even number.

  • If you need help and would like to see this stitch done check out this photo and video tutorial: https://theloopylamb.com/how-to-crochet-the-thicket-stitch/

  • TIp: Use stitch markers to help keep your edges straight by placing a stitch marker in the first and last stitch of the row.

A printable ad-free version of this pattern can be purchased in Ravelry shop and Etsy Shops and it helps me keep my patterns free.

Video Tutorial That Will Help You With This Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Little girl playing with lapghan on her lap

Using Color A, CH 72.

Row 1 (RS): SC and DC in the 2nd CH from the hook.  *SK the next CH, (SC, DC) in the next CH* repeat across, until 1 CH remains. SC in the last CH.  (71)

Row 2 (WS):  CH 1 and turn. SC and DC in the first ST.  *SK the next ST, (SC, DC) in the next ST* repeat across until 1 ST remains. SC in the last ST. (71)

Row 3: CH 1 and turn. SC and DC in the first SC.  *SK the next ST, (SC, DC) in the next ST* repeat across, SC in the last ST. (71)

Rows 4 – 15: Repeat Row 3 (71)

Change to Color B

Rows 16 – 31: Repeat Row 3 (71)

Change to Color A.

Rows 32 – 45: Repeat Row 3 (71)

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Change to Color B.

Rows 46 – 61: Repeat Row 3 (71)

Change to Color A.

Rows 62 – 76: Repeat Row 3 (71)

FO and weave in ends.

I hope that you enjoyed this easy crochet blanket pattern to make the Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket! I can’t wait to see the colour combos you all come up with. This project makes a fantastic gift and enables you to give a warm and cozy gift without spending weeks making it.

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striped thicket stitch blanket on a chair

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful free pattern

  2. Thank you very much !

  3. thank you for the pattern! love it…BUT i’m confused. Row 3 : *skip the next CH, (SC, DC) in the next CH*
    there are no chains on row 2?

    • It should read as stitch so thanks for mentioning that. I’ve made the change so hopefully that is clearer now 🙂
      Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Ashley! Beautiful pattern! My question is about the Whipped Cream yarn which I LOVE so very much and just made another blanket using it and want to make more. However, it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth…I can’t find it anywhere!? Can you point me to where I might be able to purchase more? THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Hi Wendy,

      I believe it is a Michaels exclusive colour as I have not been able to find it elsewhere. I sure hope they haven’t discontinued it – it’s one of my faves! I’m sorry that I couldn’t be much more help.

  5. Thanks for a great pattern. If I want to make it bigger, do I just make sure I use an even number?



  6. I love this stitch thank you! I used it to make my first blanket and I wonder if the stitches should be tighter or looser. Is this a generally tight or loose stitch? It’s beautiful either way but I’m not sure how it’s intended.

    • Hi Roxy,
      I’m not sure exactly what you mean by loose or tight stitch. Do you mean is it a more open stitch (i.e. lacy) or a closed stitch (ie. no holes) perhaps? This is a relatively closed stitch but when crocheted to the gauge given, you get a beautiful, drapey fabric. If you crochet your stitches too tightly, you can get a more stiff fabric. If you’re encountering a stiff fabric, I recommend going up a hook size or two.
      I hope this helps.

  7. What thickness of yarn did you use, it looks like a 6.


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