Free Crochet Pattern for a C2C Blanket

Woman modelling a gorgeous C2C Blanket made with this free crochet pattern
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I realized a little while ago that I haven’t published a free crochet pattern for a C2C blanket yet but I’ve had the idea for this blanket kicking around in my head for some time. I decided to finally make the idea a reality and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. This is my first corner to corner blanket design and I really enjoyed creating the chart and trying out different techniques to find which C2C technique that I preferred.

I always struggle with naming my projects and this C2C blanket was no exception. After a lot of thought, I just couldn’t come up with anything fitting. I kept coming back to thinking of Greece (one of my top dream destinations to travel to) because the combination of blue and white always seems to remind me of Greece. Growing up I had always been fascinated by Greek mythology and while was finishing my blanket I saw one of my greek mythology texts on the shelf and considered getting it back out and revisiting a few favourites. Then I looked down at my blanket and thought “it’s all Greek to Me” and decided that would be it’s name. I figured it was fitting since I just couldn’t get away from thoughts of Greece everytime I see the colour combo. And that’s how I came up with the name for this C2C blanket pattern. Not the most scientific or artistic process but it works for me lol.

close up image of the texture on this Free Crochet Pattern for a C2C Blanket

If you’re new to corner to corner crochet check out my tutorials to learn the basics you’ll need to know in order to do this pattern.

Corner to Corner Basics: How to Crochet Corner to Corner

Changing Colours in Corner to Corner

Get an ad-free PDF version of this pattern HERE on Ravelry or HERE on Etsy.

Skill Level:

  • Intermediate


  • U.S. Terminology
Woman holding a navy blue and white C2C blanket across her shoulders


If you’re planning on buying the materials for this project, please consider doing so through this affiliate link (or the links in the supplies list). It helps to support the blog at zero cost to you and allows me to continue to bring you great free crochet patterns like this one.


  • CH = Chain
  • ST = Stitch
  • SL ST = Slip Stitch
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • WS = Wrong Side
  • RS = Right Side
  • FO = Finish Off
Blue and White Corner to Corner Blanket Made with the It's All Greek to Me C2C Pattern

Finished size:

  • Approximately 44” Long by 34” wide


  • 9 squares x 9 squares = 5 inches


  • To work this corner to corner (C2C) graph, begin with the box/tile in the bottom right corner of the graph.  That will be your Row 1. The graph will be read from left to right and then right to left.
  • Each box/tile in the graph corresponds to with one C2C cluster in your row.  A C2C cluster = CH 2 + 3 DC sts.
  • I recommend crossing off each row in the pattern or graph as you complete it to assist you in keeping track.
  • WS and RS are labelled next to each row number on the ad-free PDF version of this pattern to indicate whether you are working with the WS or RS facing you. The arrows indicate in which direction you are working.

Free Crochet Pattern for a C2C Blanket: It’s All Greek to Me C2C Blanket

Free Crochet Pattern for a C2C Blanket - Graph

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