Red Heart Super Saver Brushed Yarn Review

three different colours of Red Heart Super Saver Brushed yarn in a flat lay, text indicates a yarn review
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This year, due to the pandemic, yarn companies have been slower to release their new Fall 2021 yarns. A few of them have been trickling out to shelves, mostly from Yarnspirations, right now. One of these new yarns is Red Heart Super Saver Brushed. I almost missed it when browsing the shrinking yarn aisle at my local Walmart store. I picked up three different colours of Red Heart Super Saver Brushed to take for a test stitch and today I’ll be sharing my Red Heart Super Saver Brushed yarn review.

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brushed acrylic yarn in a flat lay with a crochet swatch

Before we get into the review, I’ll share the yarn label information so you have a better idea of what we’re talking about:

Red Heart Super Saver Brushed Yarn:

  • Current Number of Colourways Available: 8
  • Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic
  • Weight: 4 (Worsted)
  • Package Size: 141 gram/5oz skein
  • Yardage: 260.5 yds (238 meters)
  • Suggested Hook Size: 5.5mm (I)
  • Suggested Needle Size: US 8 (5 mm) needle
  • Crochet Gauge: 12 stitches, 15 rows to 10 cm/4″
  • Knit Gauge: 17 stitches, 23rows to 10 cm/4″
  • Care: Machine wash and dry
red heart super saver brushed yarn label

Check out my Red Heart Super Saver Brushed video review here:

I’ll be totally honest, I had seen Red Heart Super Saver Brushed at my local Walmart twice before I actually decided to pick it up. I’ve not been a huge fan of most Red Heart Super Saver yarns in the past because I have found them to be really stiff and I much preferred Bernat Premium over the Super Saver lines (with the exception of Super Saver Stripes, I was willing to put up with the stiffness/scratchiness for the beautiful colours). But I was curious enough about the yarn and I loved the muted colours so in the end, I decided to give it a shot. I picked up the colours Dusty Pink, Soft Mink and Mink.

Essentially, what makes Red Heart Super Saver Brushed different from normal Super Saver is that is has a halo. The acrylic fibers have been brushed to give it this halo and it’s supposed to create a fuzzy fabric. I did quite a bit of testing with this yarn when I brought it home, trying it in different swatches, frogging them, etc. and then, I had an idea. Many amigurumi makers brush their yarn to get this effect so I wasn’t going to just stop at swatching, I was going to see if this yarn could possibly be a game changer for amigurumi makers.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this yarn. It is much softer than normal Super Saver and I thoroughly enjoyed working with it. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed working with it. I liked the way my swatches turned out and there was a nice balance between fuzzy fabric and stitch definition. I will note however, that all this fuzz will create pilling in your finished fabric so that is something to consider when selecting what project to make with this yarn.

crochet swatch of red heart super saver brushed in Mink

I set to work and designed a small amigurumi toy with Red Heart Super Saver Brushed. I used the colour Dusty Pink and crocheted an amigurumi bear (which is currently being tested). The yarn worked up nicely and the colour was great but just one problem: just like working with faux fur yarns, all the fuzz ended up on the wrong side of my fabric! Bummer! There are two ways to counteract this: 1. turn your project wrong side out and deal with it or 2. work in rows instead of rounds – I don’t love this for amigurumi because you get a much better fabric working in a spiral, generally and i wouldn’t want to have slip stitch joins marring my fabric. If you were to use a wire brush and brush the wrong side of the fabric, you could get enough of a fuzz going that you may not even see your stitches. I was disappointed in this because I was really hoping that this could’ve been the in-between yarn for people that want a fuzzy project but are too nervous to work with/don’t like to work with faux fur yarns.

pink amigurumi bear wearing glasses and a bowtie

Currently, I’ve only been able to find this yarn for purchase on the Yarnspirations website and my local Walmart stores. With the limited amount of colourways available and I’ve seen almost zero marketing for this project (they really seem to be putting all their efforts into the recent O’Go yarn release), I’m wondering if they are just testing the waters with this project and it may disappear soon. As much as I enjoyed working with Red Heart Super Saver Brushed, I’m not sure that I would add it to my regular rotation of yarns due to it’s limited colourways and tendency to pill. I will be making a few things out of it and I’ll post pictures on my Facebook and Instagram accounts of what I come up with.

Thanks for checking out this yarn review. I hope you found it helpful. Have you tried Red Heart Super Saver Brushed yarn before? What was your experience? I’d love to hear what you thought as well as what you have made with it.

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