Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 Review

three women modelling size-inclusive crochet garments from the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 edition, text reads Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 Review and Giveaway
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The latest edition of Crochet Foundry Magazine has arrived for Fall 2021 and I was given an advanced copy to review. This edition sees some changes to the format of the magazine and what kinds of projects are included in Crochet Foundry. Today I’ll share with you my review of the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 edition and thanks to our friends at Furls Crochet, I’m also giving you a chance to win a copy for yourself. Keep reading to learn more about this edition and how you can win.

Thanks to Furls Crochet and Crochet Foundry Magazine for supplying me a copy of this magazine free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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In case this is your first time hearing about Crochet Foundry magazine, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Crochet Foundry is a size-inclusive crochet garment design magazine. It contains patterns for multiple crochet garment patterns and all of them are graded to fit sizes x-small to 5xl. With multiple designers working for the magazine, there is usally a great variety of styles to fit any wardrobe.

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woman wearing an orange crochet cardigan with puff stitch sleeves

Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 mixes things up a bit by not only including 7 crochet garment patterns, there are also 4 crochet accessory patterns included as well. There’s a mix of caridgans, shawls, ponchos, pullovers and more. There are some new guest designers in this edition so as we have come to expect, there are a variety of styles and looks available.

My favourite designs in the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 edition are the Amarilla Bobble Sleeve Dress and the Desert Boho Cowl. Michelle Moore kills it again with a sweater dress that is in a stunning teal colour that is irresistable. The Desert Boho Cowl by Briana Kepner is such a beautiful colour-work design that uses WeCrochet’s Chroma yarn to create this stunning ombre effect that knocks it out of the park.

Boho Desert cowl from the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 Edition
woman modelling a teal crochet sweater dress from the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 edition

Another new addition to the magazine is the addition of articles to read. Lorene Eppolite includes an article to give makers an inside look of the life of a designer. It’s an interesting read and gives a glimpse to the side of pattern writing that many makers may not be aware of. Another addition is what seems to be a column written by Deveter Brown called Mrs. Deveter’s Corner. Essentially it’s an interview with The Merry Wick Candle company which feels a bit out of place in the magazine. It’s cool because it did introduce me to a business that I hadn’t heard of previously, but outside of that it’s inclusion feels a little out of place. The owner of The Merry Wick Candle company is a crochet designer so they did tie it back to crochet a bit but ultimately, the interview is about the candle business. As this is a new addition to the magazine, I’m really interested to see how this addition evolves over time.

A fun inclusion that we continue to see in the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 edition are the recipes from the designers. There are recipes for drinks, muffins, cake and more. There is even a mini boho home decor project included. I think this is such a fun inclusion though, I think it would be awesome if they had an index for these inclusions to make it easier for makers to reference later.

An inclusion that I’ve always absolutely loved about Crochet Foundry magazine is the yarn options that are given for each design. These yarn options are broken down by Save, Spend and Splurge to help makers find a yarn that fits within their budget. The yarns used in the magazine are supplied by WeCrochet, many of which I have personally tried and designed with and loved. I have done many yarn reviews here on the blog for their yarns that you can check out before buying or you can check out WeCrochet yarns HERE.

Overall, the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 edition is another great edition of the magazine full of beautiful size-inclusive crochet projects. The photos are gorgeous and the extras give the magazine added value for makers that I think many people will appreciate.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of the Crochet Foundry Fall 2021 edition or getting a subscription, you can do that HERE.

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Woman modelling a crochet duster cardigan in copper

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