Randy the Reindeer Cactus Free Crochet Pattern

Randy the Cactus Reinder: a cactus with a red nose and antlers
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There has been such an awesome response from everyone to my Saint Prickolaus and Stanley the Cactus Snowman patterns and I had so much fun making them that I just had to make it a trio.  Since  Saint Prickolaus and Stanley were taller cacti, I decided I wanted to go with something a little smaller.  Randy the Reindeer Cactus was the natural addition to the trio and I’m so excited to share him as a cactus free crochet pattern with you.

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Randy is made of a single small barrel cactus, a red nose and some antlers.  You could make yourself a whole team of adorable cactus reindeer if you made one with a red nose and another 8 without the nose.  How adorable would that be?!  I’ve had the idea of making the cactus reindeer team for a while and wasn’t sure if I wanted to add soil to the cactus pattern or not but decided to add it at the last moment so if you’re interested in making only one cactus and putting it in a pot, you’ll have the soil instructions in the pattern.

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When I first started out making and sharing my own crochet patterns, I really loved making crochet cacti.  I started making crochet cactus characters with names and their own little personalities.  Some people told me that I had an “oddly specific hobby” and that my designs were a little weird.  I could’ve have let that deter me and stopped making my little cactus designs but no way!  I embrace my weird and I love it.  Weird or not, you can’t argue with Randy’s cuteness.  So even though Randy isn’t your typical holiday decor, that’s what makes him special.  Enjoy your cactus reindeer and don’t forget to tag me in your posts or use #theloopylamb so I can see your makes.

Stay tuned for another free crochet pattern next week!

Randy the Cactus Reindeer – Cactus Free Crochet Pattern

Randy the Reindeer Cactus Free Crochet Pattern from The Loopy Lamb

Instagram: @theloopylamb          #Cactusreindeer

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Skill Level:

  • Intermediate



  • US terminology



  • Approximately 5.5” tall from bottom of soil to top of head once assembled (antlers not included in measurement)


  • No matter your skill level, I always suggest that you read through the pattern from beginning to end before beginning your work just to be sure you don’t have any questions that might cause frustration in the midst of your project.

  • Instructions within the brackets () are to be repeated the number of times specified next to the brackets.


Row  1:  Using  brown  yarn,  make  a  MC  and  SC  6  into  the  MC (6)

Row  2:  (SCINC)  x  6  (12)

Row  3:  (SCINC,  SC) x 6  (18)

Row  4:  SC,  SCINC,  (SC  2,  SCINC) x  5,  SC  1  (24)

Row  5:  (SCINC,  SC  3) x  6  (30)

Row  6:  SC  2,  SCINC  (SC  4,  SCINC) x  5,  SC  2  (36)

Rows  7  –  16:  SC  around  (36)

Row  17:  SC  2,  SCDEC,  (SC  4,  SCDEC) x  5,  SC  2  (30)

Row  18:  (SCDEC,  SC  3)  x  6  (24)

Row  19:  SC,  SCDEC,  (SC  2,  SCDEC) x  5,  SC  1  (18)

Row  20:  (SCDEC,  SC)  x  6  (12)

Row  21:  (SCDEC)  x  6  (6)

FO  and  weave  in  ends.

Cactus Body

Using green and leaving a long tail, CH 20.

Row 1: SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and in each chain across.  CH1 and turn. (19)

Row 2: SC in the first stitch.  SC in the back loop of the next 17 stitches.  SC under both loops of the last stitch (19)

Repeat row 2 until the piece measures 16 cm.

FO, leaving a long tail.  Work a running stitch along the long side of the cactus, working into the row ends.  Pull the yarn tight to close the cactus (like a drawstring).  Without fastening off, seam the two short sides together by putting the needle through the bottom loop of both stitches to recreate the ribbing effect for the seam. Insert the safety eyes with two ridges between them. Stuff firmly.  Work a running stitch along the open edge and pull tightly to close the cactus completely.  Secure and weave in your ends.  Sew onto soil.

Right Antler

Using brown yarn, CH 8

Row 1: SL ST into the 2nd CH from the hook.  SL ST into the next stitch.  CH 3 and SL ST into the first CH.  SL ST into the next 2 stitches.  CH 4 and SL ST into the first CH.  SL into the remaining stitches (7)

FO leaving a long tail and sew onto the right side of the head.

Left Antler

Using brown yarn, CH 8

Row 1: SL ST into the 2nd CH from the hook.  SL ST into the next 2 stitches.  CH 4 and SL ST into the first CH. SL ST into the next 2 stitches.  CH 3 and SL ST into the first CH.  SL into the remaining 2 stitches (7)

FO leaving a long tail and sew onto the left side of the head.


Row 1: Using red yarn, make a MC and SC 6 into the ring (6)

Row 2: (SCINC) x 6 (12)

Rows 3 – 5: SC around (12)

Add stuffing.

Row 6:
(SCDEC) x 6 (6)

FO and leave a long tail to sew on to the head.


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  1. Love these patterns. What size pot did you use for them? Thank You, Kay Miller

  2. Ashley, Do you per chance have a step by step video for Randy the cactus. I would love to try this but am really unsure of many of the steps. Thanks

  3. So adorable and I love how you thought outside the box yo create this!


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