Ottlite Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp Review

Ottlite Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp illuminating a crochet swatch and ball of yarn.
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This week I was offered the chance to review a cool product that is not just great for the office, but great for crafters: the Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp from Ottlite. I know what you’re thinking “Sanitizing desk lamp?!”. That’s right, friends. The Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp has features that will apparently sanitize your desk, which I know is a big area of concern for us as we work our way through this pandemic. Keep reading to learn more about the light, and how you can enter to win one for yourself.

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The Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp is a beautiful, sleek lamp that sits on your desk and has the ability to fold flat for storage. It has two points that hinge so that you can adjust the light to your preference. It comes with a USB port, accessible on the base so that you can plug in your phone to charge it. There is another model, called the Purify Santizing Desk Lamp that has QI wireless charging if that’s more up your alley. I love how sleek the lamp is and it is really light-weight so when I’m crocheting in different rooms and I need that added light, it’s no issue for me to take it with me.

As a crafter with light sensitivity issues, I had heard that Ottlites were great for reducing eyestrain so I couldn’t wait to give this light a try. According to the Ottlite site, the LED bulbs used in their lights have been shown to reduce eyestrain by up to 51%. That’s pretty significant when you consider how much screen time we all get and even more so when you have light sensitivity issues. I used this light almost daily for a period of almost 2 weeks and didn’t have any issues working close to it like I did with my old desk lamp. This arrived right at the perfect time for me actually because I was working on a large project with black yarn and it helped me see the stitches perfectly without me ending up with a massive migraine by the end of it. The light on the Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp is dimmable which was a great feature for me so when I need to adjust the light level when I do have a migraine, I can do that and continue my work.

Illuminated crafting lamp, lighting up a plant and ball of yarn

In addition to the dimmable light, this Ottlite model has three different light settings: ClearSun only (regular light), Clear Sun & SpectraClean (regular light and the santizing light together) and SpectraClean only (which is just the sanitizing light). These modes are changed via the little touch sensor on the base and easily switched through. The SpectraClean mode turns on a purple light in the lamp which is supposed to sanitize your work space.

Does the Ottlite Emerge Sanitize?

So the Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp is from this new series of lights from Ottlite that are aimed at sanitizing your workspace and are being launched during a pandemic, which makes my inner skeptic wake up and start paying attention. As I’m not a scientist and have no way of testing whether or not the technology is actually sanitizing my workspace or the hooks I left under it just in case it does work, I can’t say for certain. If the light is killing bacteria like they claim it does, then my crochet hooks have never been cleaner.

Ottlite Emerge LED Sanitizing desk lamp in sanitizing mode
Ottlite Emerge LED lamp in sanitizing mode

I tried to find some independent, scientific studies that prove this light safely sanitizes stuff (which would satisfy the inner skeptic) but came up short of the marketing material offered for the lights. So the jury is still out whether it actually works as a santization device but I feel that I should remind everyone that handwashing with soap and water or cleaning your work space/tools with proper cleaners is a scientifcally proven way to protect yourself from germs.

Overall, I love the light and have thoroughly enjoyed using it when I crochet in the evenings. I’m crocheting with dark yarns at night like it’s nothing and prior to the Ottlite, I would reserve those project to daylight hours only. If you’re interested in checking out the Emerge Sanitizing Desk Lamp or one of the other Ottlite lamps, you can check them out HERE.

Win an Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp

The lovely folks over at Ottlite are giving one of my followers a chance to win their very own Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp! The giveaway is happening over on my IG page and starts at 3pm EST and can be found HERE. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram and is open to U.S. entrants only. Giveaway closes Friday, March 12, 2021. Winner will be contacted via Instagram.

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