How to Crochet the Lemon Peel Stitch

The crochet Lemon Peel Stitch is such a fun and relaxing stitch to crochet that has a beautiful texture that uses two basic stitches. I love using this stitch for a variety of different projects but it’s fabulous for crocheting in front of the t.v. The Lemon Peel Stitch is really easy to crochet and great stitch for beginners.

Today I share both a written tutorial with step-by-step photos as well as a video tutorial so whether you’re a visual learner or not, I’ve got you covered.  So let’s grab our hooks and our yarn and let’s learn how to crochet the Lemon Peel Stitch.

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You may have seen this stitch before but heard it called by a different name.  Just like the linen stitch which also has three different names (i.e. granite stitch and linen stitch), the Lemon Peel crochet stitch is sometimes also referred to as the griddle stitch or the seed stitch (though Lemon Peel seems to be it’s most common name today).

close up of the lemon peel stitch texture in yellow yarn

You can use any hook and yarn combination with this stitch but today I’ll be using a Furls Odyssey 5.5mm crochet hook and a Brava Worsted Weight Yarn from We Crochet. You can mix up your hook size and yarn weights to change up the look of this stitch.

I love this stitch for a variety of reasons.  For starters, it looks different when you use different types of yarn. I’ve used an acryic yarn for my sample but when you switch to a cotton yarn, that slightly bumpy texture that you see becomes much more defined.

It uses basic crochet stitches to create a fabric that simple resembles the peel of a lemon and with its two row repeat so it’s an easy crochet stitch to do when you’re zoning out.  It’s one of my favourite stitches for baby blankets, hats and any other projects that I was to have a great all-over texture.

The secret to this beautiful stitch lies in your stitch placement. You will work your single crochet stitch into single crochet stitches of the previous row and your double crochet stitches into the double crochet stitches of the previous row.  

The different heights of stitches used in this crochet stitch pattern are what create its wonderful texture.  The single crochet stitches pull the double crochet stitches down slightly, causing the little bumps.

Lastly, I love that this is a double-sided fabric.  The right side and the wrong side of the fabric look almost identical.  Despite that, I’ve made sure to note below which side is considered the right side vs the wrong side just in case.

Lemon peel swatch in a flat lay with text overlay indicating how to crochet the lemon peel stitch
This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Check out my How to Crochet the Lemon Stitch video tutorial here:


Stitch Multiple:

  • Chain any even number of chains

How to Crochet the Lemon Peel Stitch

Row 1 (right side): Single crochet (SC) in the second chain from the hook. DC in the next chain. *SC in the next CH, DC in the next* across the chain, SC in the last CH.

In my example here, I started with a CH 12 and at the end of Row 1, I have 11 sts.

At the end of the row you should always have an odd number of stitches.

First step of the lemon peel stitch tutorial - CH 12
Single crochet in the second CH from the hook
double crochet done in the 3rd ch from the hook

Row 2 (wrong side): Turn and CH 1. *SC in the first stitch, DC in the next stitch* repeat instructions in asterisk ** until one CH remains. SC in the last stitch.

​Note: The CH 1 at the beginning of each row is a turning chain and never counts as a stitch.

lemon peel stitch tutorial row 2
double crochet stitch completed

Repeat Row 2 until you have reached your desired size.As you add each new row, the lemon peel-like texture will become more apparent.

completed lemon peel stitch swatch

That’s it! Super simple right? This stitch is great for dishclothes, bags, blankets and so much more!

Ready to practice using this stitch in crochet projects? Try My Elgin Tote and Coffee Cozy Free Crochet Patterns. Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Thank you for your tutorial. It was very easy to follow. I love this stitch. It’s so easy to do. Thank you again, Irene.


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