Furls Crochet Hook Review (and Giveaway)

Image of the crochet hooks available from the furls crochet hook product line with a word overlay.
This post may contain affiliate links. Furls Crochet has sponsored this giveaway but in no way has requested or paid for my review. All opinions are entirely my own.

As a crocheter, we have tons of wonderful options for crochet hooks: handcarved, polymer, ergonomic, resin, steel, aluminum – the list goes on. It can be a bit overwhelming honestly. You’ve likely heard of Furls Crochet hooks and may recognize them for their unique shape and style. But is a Furls Crochet hook worth the hype (and the price tag)? Here I share my honest review of Furls crochet hooks.

After using these hooks for a while, I reached out to Furls Crochet and they have generously offer to sponsor a giveaway. Keep reading to learn how to enter for a chance to win a $75 gift certificate from Furls Crochet.

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They’re Gorgeous

I first learned about Furls Crochet Hooks on Instagram. A maker shared a picture of her work in progress with this gorgeous hook laying next to it. As a self-professed hook addict, I needed to know what that hook was (and where she got it!) I quickly learned that this sleek and stylish looking hook was made by Furls Crochet. They really are a beautiful hook.

three furls odyssey crochet hooks on a black reflective surface.

Furls Odyssey hooks come in a bunch of fun colour combos. There are nickel tips and gold tips with different coloured handles. I personally have a black and yellow odyssey hooks with nickel tips and a red odyssey with a gold tip. They have different fun coloured resin hooks like the streamline swirls and candy shops. They even have wooden streamline hooks in various coloured woods.

Five differently coloured crochet hooks from the Furls Crochet hook product line.

They’re Ergonomic and Comfy

As someone that crochets in every spare minute I have, I’m not stranger to hand pain. My first set of hooks were a set of aluminum hooks with rubber covers on the end to make them more ergonomic. As much as I loved them, I found them particularly painful to use when I crocheted amigurumi. All those tight little stitches were taking a toll on my hands.

I wasn’t about to give up crocheting so I began looking into different hook styles and learning more about crochet ergonomics. I came across Furls Crochet hooks in my search. Furls Crochet hooks have been designed with hand health in mind. Their tear drop shape was designed to required minimal effort of the hand to hold the hook while crocheting. (Check out their videos on hand health HERE)

Ebony Furls Crochet hook from the streamline product line.

I use the Furls Odyssey hooks and can tell you that I do find them to be very comfortable to work with. I use hold my hooks with a knife hold primarily and can crochet for hours without issue. I also enjoy the Furls Streamline hooks but I find the shorter shaft of the Odyssey hooks to work better for me.


It is worth mentioning that if you’re transitioning from plastic/resin or lighter aluminium hooks, the weight of the Odyssey hooks takes some getting used to. They are heavier than other hooks I’ve worked with but I actually like that. They are well balanced. According to the Furls website, this weight assists in driving the crochet momentum into the act of crocheting, rather than hand strain.

If the weight makes you unsure, they’re streamline hooks made of resin or wood are much lighter and may be preferred by those that hold their hook pencil style. I personally love my Streamline swirl hook and I use a knife hold.

Furls Streamline Swirl crochet hook on a white backdrop

They’re Pricey

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one. When you compare the price of an entire set of “ergonomic” hooks on Amazon to the price of a single Furls Odyssey hook, it makes you think twice. You all know how I love a good deal so it was tough to justify at first (especially when you factor in shipping and the currency exchange since I’m Canadian). But my husband made a good point when I was mentioning the hooks to him: I crochet EVERY DAY. Every. Single. Day. When I’m really lucky, I can crochet for a few hours at a time. Crochet hooks are the most vital part of the crocheting process and good tools are worth the money. If they could help minimize future hand pain, they would be worth it. A few weeks later, my husband gave me my anniversary gift: two Furls Odyssey crochet hooks.

Odyssey Crochet Hook by Furls with yellow handle on black reflective surface.

He ordered me 3.5mm Odyssey hook and a 4.5 streamline swirl hook to see if it made any difference in my hands. I do a lot of amigurumi projects and they are hardest on my hands so it made sense to start off with the 3.5mm size. It took a little to get used to the weight difference of the hook but I ended up loving it. I crocheted a large amigurumi bunny over the next few days and had zero issues with my hands. My stitches were just a tight as they had been before, but no pain. Months later and I’m still not experiencing any issues when I crochet with my Furls hooks.

Are They Worth It?

In a nutshell: YES. I personally love my Furls Crochet hooks, the Odyssey hooks being my favourite. If you’re unsure about whether a Furls Crochet hook will work for you, Furls has a money-back guarantee that if they hooks don’t help you crochet faster, more even stitches, you get your money back. They also have a $500 hand-health guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all of their hooks. So if something happens to your hook, contact them for a replacement. I personally feel they are worth the price tag. They often have free shipping events so if you’re price conscious, you can usually snag a deal and also get free shipping. Check out the full Furls Crochet hook lineup HERE.

Image of 5 different hooks that are part of the Furls hook product line up.

If you’ve decided to purchase a Furls Crochet Hook, please consider shopping through this link. I’ll get a small commission at no additional cost to you and helps me to continue to provide great content like this for free.

Furls Crochet Giveaway

Furls Crochet has generously offered to sponsor a giveaway for you guys. They’ll be providing a $75 gift certificate to the winner of the giveaway to purchase the hooks of their choice (or some of their other merchandise) from their site Furlscrochet.com.

The Furls Crochet Giveaway on The Loopy Lamb is open to worldwide participants and ends December 20, 2019 at 12:00am Eastern Standard time.

To enter, use the King Sumo form below. If you are on mobile and have difficulty entering, please use a desktop computer to enter. Only the Email option is mandatory – all other tasks are optional, for bonus entries only.

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