How to Make a Slip Knot For Crochet Beginners

Ready to learn how to make a slip knot for crochet?  It’s way easier than most folks think and today I’m going to show you 3 different methods to make a slip knot to start your crochet projects.

You’ll find both a photo tutorial and video tutorial showing you each of these techniques clearly so you can feel confident in your new skills and make the perfect slip knot.

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What is a Slip Knot?

A slip knot is a type of knot (not to be confused with a slip stitch – that’s different).  What differentiates this from other knots is that it creates a sliding knot. 

This is a basic technique that is used to attach your yarn to your crochet hook to start your project. I

t’s an essential technique that a new crocheter will need to know to begin their crochet adventure.

Can You Crochet Without A Slip Knot?

You can! Often, when a crochet project is worked in the round (like amigurumi), those projects will start with a technique called the Magic Circle or Adjustable Loop instead of a slip knot.

There is also a technique where you can begin your foundation chain without starting with a slip knot but it can be fiddly and frustrating to do for even seasoned crocheters.  

So since we’re just starting out, let’s stick with mastering how to make a basic slip knot before diving into more advanced techniques.

What To Know About The Slip Knot in Crochet Patterns

  • A slip knot NEVER counts as a stitch in your crochet pattern

  • The slip knot is used to create a slip knot loop that is placed on your hook to create your chains. You never work into the actual knot.

  • Unless a pattern advises to maintain a length of yarn that’s a specific length, you should keep your yarn tail at least 6″ long when creating your yarn tail.  If in doubt, longer is better as you can always cut any excess you won’t need.

Materials Needed to Make a Slip Knot:

All you need to create a slip knot for crochet is yarn and a crochet hook.  Your crochet pattern will tell you what hook size to use with your yarn.  

If you’re not using a pattern, your yarn label will recommend what hook size to use (learn how to read a yarn label here)

I’m using a worsted weight yarn called Brava Worsted and a 5.5 mm crochet hook in this tutorial but you can use any skein of yarn and hook size combination to do this technique.

Where Do I Make the Slip Knot?

Your slip knot should be made in one end of the yarn.  To understand what this means, let’s talk about yarn ends on a ball of yarn for a second.

Each yarn ball/ skein / cake of yarn has two different yarn ends, one on the outside and one on the inside. You can use either one of these ends to create your slip knot in.

When we create our slip knot, we will do so a few inches from the very end of the yarn.  Those few inches of yarn are called the yarn tail.  The yarn end that comes from the ball of yarn is called the working yarn.  Keep these in mind as you follow through each of these easy methods.

hands holding a strand of yarn with words and arrows that point to the yarn tail and the working end of the yarn

How to Make a Slip Knot Step-By-Step Tutorial Video

YouTube video

Method 1: The Loop Method

First Step: Start with the tail of the yarn on the left (or non-dominant side) and the working yarn (attached to the yarn ball) on the right(or dominant side).

hands holding a piece of yarn

Step 2: Bring the working end of the yarn over top of the yarn tail end of your yarn to form a loop. 

grey yarn on a left hand crossing over itself to create a loop

Step 3: Use your fingers to hold the yarn down at the crossing point.

left hand holding grey yarn in a loop

Step 4: Insert your crochet hook or finger through the loop from front to back.

hand holding yarn while a crochet hook is inserted through a loop of yarn to create a slip knot.

Step 5: Grab the working yarn with your hook or finger and pull it through the loop.

crochet hook pulling up on the yarn that has a completed slip knot on it.

Step 6: Pull both yarn ends while pulling up on the hook with your slip knot loop on it to tighten the knot around the hook.

The loop on the hook should move freely back and forth without being so loose that it falls off your hook.  You should have a yarn tail of at least 6″ for you to weave in later.

Method 2: The Wrap Method

This is my favorite slip knot method to do and to teach to beginners because it’s a quick, easy and reliable way to get a slip knot every time with ease.

Step 1: Lay the yarn tail across the palm of your left hand / non-dominant hand and pin it down with your thumb.

open left hand with the tail end of yarn laying across it.

Step 2: Wrap the working yarn around your left index finger and middle finger (or non-dominant index finger and middle finger). Cross the yarn over itself to create an X or cross.

yarn wrapped around a person's fingers and crossed over itself to create an X

Step 3: Turn your hand, bringing the yarn with you and lay it across the top of your hand and pin the working yarn down between your ring finger and pinky finger.

grey yarn wrapped around a person's fingers in preparation to create a slip knot

Step 4: Holding your crochet hook in your right hand, insert your crochet hook under the first strand of yarn and over the second strand.

crochet hook inserted under the first strand of yarn and over the second

Step 5: Grab the second strand with your hook and pull it under the second strand. While you pull with the hook, remove your fingers from the loops on your left (or non-dominant) hand

crochet hook pulling the second strand of yarn under the first

Step 6: While pulling up with your crochet hook, pull down on the yarn tail and the working yarn with your left hand / non-dominant hand.

crochet hook with a slip knot on it

Step 7: Adjust the size of the loop and tighten as needed by pulling on either the working yarn or yarn tail.

Method 3: The Twist Method

Step 1: Hold the yarn end and working yarn together in your left hand (or non-dominant hand).

a strand of grey yarn on the palm of a left hand

Step 2: Twist the yarn between your thumb and index finger to create a loop with the tail end crossing over the working yarn.

loop of yarn on the palm of a left hand

Step 3: Insert your crochet hook through the loop from front to back.

hook inserted into the loop of yarn and grabbing a strand to pull through the loop

Step 4: Catch the working yarn with your hook and pull it through the loop.

hand holding yarn tails while crochet pulls up to tighten the slip knot

Step 5: Pull both yarn ends to tighten the knot around the hook. Adjust the size of the loop and tighten the knot as needed.

Additional Tips:

  • Practice each method several times to find which one feels most comfortable for you.

  • Keep your tension relaxed to avoid creating a tight slip knot.  If the knot is too tight, you won’t be able to create your chain stitches.

  • A too loose slip knot will fall off your hook.  The slip knot should be able to stay on the hook when you move it around.

  • To adjust the size of the loop pull on the tail end of the yarn and the yarn strand attached to the yarn ball while pulling up on the crochet hook.

  • When crocheting double-stranded (holding 2 strands of yarn together at the same time), you follow the same method to creating your slip knot, just holding two strands of yarn together instead of one.

Once your slip knot is complete, you’re ready to start crocheting!  

To create a crochet chain, pinch the base of the slip knot or just underneath it with your non-dominant hand, while holding the crochet hook in the other.  

hand holding just below the slip knot that is placed on a crochet hook

Then you can start your chain.  Check out my how to crochet a chain tutorial here for more help.

Now you know three different ways to make a slip knot for crochet. I hope you enjoyed this crochet slip knot tutorial.  Let me know in the comments what method is your favorite!

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