How to Crochet The Royal Ridge Stitch With Video Tutorial

The Royal Ridge Crochet Stitch is a simple crochet stitch to do with a beautiful texture that mimics the look of knit stitches and creates a horizontal bar across our fabric.  It’s a double-sided fabric (both sides look the same), making it a great stitch for scarves and blankets.

In this crochet stitch tutorial today, I’ll teach you how to do the Royal Ridge Crochet stitch. In this blog post, I’ve included both a detailed tutorial with photos and a free video tutorial showing you step-by-step how to do the Royal Ridge Stitch.

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completed swatch of the crochet royal ridge stitch done in a grey cotton yarn next to a sparkly crochet hook


This tutorial uses US crochet terms but if you’re more familiar with UK terminology, I’ve included a list of all the crochet abbreviations we’ll be using in the tutorial plus, their UK crochet term equivalent.

US TermsUK Terms
CH = ChainCH = Chain
HDC = Half Double Crochet StitchHTR = Half Treble Crochet Stitch
ST = StitchST = Stitch


For this tutorial I’m using Bernat Maker (Bulky, 5) yarn and a 6.0 mm crochet hook but this stitch can be done with your preferred yarn weight and whatever mm hook size works with that yarn.

Stitch Multiple:

Chain any number of stitches + 1 for the turning chain.

How We’ll Create The Royal Ridge Stitch

The Royal Ridge Crochet Stitch is made entirely of half double crochet stitches but we can create that beautiful ridge in our fabric with a slight variation of where we work our stitches.

Normally hdc sts are worked under the top loops of the stitch but to create the ridge, we’re going to work our stitched into the 3rd loop of the stitch.  The first loop is essentially the yarn over that we do at the beginning of our half double crochet stitch.

Now because the 3rd loop is present on both sides of the stitch, it is possible to work into the 3rd loop on the front and the back of the stitch.  When we do the Royal Ridge Stitch, we’ll work into it on the front of our fabric.

Note: If you see the 3rd loop mentioned in a pattern, it should be noted in the pattern whether you’re working into the third loop on the front or the back of the fabric.


  1. This stitch is worked in turned rows for this tutorial. In order for the ridges to show on both sides of your fabric, you need to turn your work at the end of each row.

  2. The Chain 1 at the beginning of each row never counts as a stitch

Watch the Video Version of This Royal Ridge Stitch Tutorial Here:

YouTube video

Royal Ridge Crochet Stitch Written Tutorial With Photo Instructions:

Foundation Chain: Chain any number of chain stitches needed for your project + 1 for the turning chain.

crochet chain made in blue yarn on a white background next to a crochet hook

Row 1: Half Double Crochet (HDC) in the 2nd ch from the hook and each chain across.  CH 1  (never counts as a stitch) and turn your work.

Tip: Sometimes that last st wants to pull down to the side a bit and can be easily missed.  Putting a stitch marker in the first stitch of each row will help you easily find it in the next row.

1 row of half double crochet stitches next to a crochet hook
crochet swatch that has been turned and had a chain 1 done, next to a crochet hook

Row 2:  Half Double Crochet in the 1st ST under both top loops and in each stitch across.

completed half double crochet stitch
swatch next to a crochet hook showing two rows of half double crochet stitches

Row 3: CH 1 and turn your work. HDC in the third loop of the first stitch and each stitch across.

hands holding a piece of crochet with arrows and text showing the third loop on the front of a half double crochet stitch- royal ridge stitch tutorial
completed half double crochet stitch worked in the front loop of a half double crochet - royal ridge stitch tutorial
crochet hook inserted under the third loop on the front of a half double crochet stitch- royal ridge stitch tutorial
small crochet swatch showing the ridge created on the wrong side of the fabric when working the royal ridge stitch
This is the result of working in the third loop and what the “wrong side” looks like at the end of Row 3.

Subsequent Rows:

Repeat Row 3 until your project reaches your desired size. Fasten off and weave in your ends.

That’s it! I can’t wait to see the finished products you make this great stitch!

close-up image of the royal ridge stitch worked in a blue yarn called Bernat Maker


Unauthorized reproduction of this tutorial in any printed or digital form if prohibited  Please do not use my photos when selling your finished items. This tutorial is for personal use only. 

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