How to Crochet the Paired Double Crochet Stitch

Collage of the steps of this how to crochet the paired double crochet stitch tutorial
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The Paired Double Crochet Stitch, is super simple to learn and is a fun variation on the double crochet stitch that is created using the double crochet decrease (DC2TOG) and chain stitches. This is a simple one row repeat that works up quickly and creates a fabric with. a bit of a lacier look to it without all the hassel. I’ve got both a photo and video tutorial for us today so let’s grab our hooks and our yarn and let’s learn how to crochet the Paired Double Crochet Stitch.

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You can use any hook and yarn combination with this stitch but today I’ll be using a Furls Odyssey 5.5mm crochet hook and a Brava Worsted Weight Yarn from We Crochet. You can mix up your hook and yarn weights to change up the look of this stitch. Using a larger hook with a worsted weight yarn will create a more open look and would be great for bags and summer accessories.

I now have a free crochet cocoon cardigan pattern available using this stitch. When you’re ready to put this stitch to use, head on over to my Comfy Spring Cardi pattern.

Check out my How to Crochet the Paired Double Crochet Stitch video tutorial here:


  • CH = Chain
  • CH SP(s) = Chain Space(s)
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • DC2TOG = Double Crochet Two Together
  • ST(s) = Stitch(es)

Stitch Multiple:

  • Chain any even number of CHs


  • CH 3s at the beginning of row count as a DC ST
  • If you don’t know how to do the DC2TOG/DCDEC stitch, learn how to do that with my Double Crochet Decrease Stitch Tutorial HERE.

How to Crochet the Paired Double Crochet Stitch

Row 1: CH your desired number of chains. For my example here, I have created a chain of 20. DC2TOG over the 4th and 5th CHs from the hook (skipped 3 CHs count as first DC). *CH 1, DC2TOG over the next 2 CHs* repeat instructions in ** until 1 chain remains. CH 1, DC in the last CH. Turn.

Close up image of this first DC2TOG being done
Setp 2 of the paired double crochet stitch
completed first row of the paired double crochet stitch tutorial

Row 2: CH 3, DC2TOG over the 1st and 2nd CH SPs, CH 1, *DC2TOG starting in the same CH SP as the last ST and finishing in the next unworked CH SP. CH 1* repeat instructions in the ** across your row. Work the last leg of your last DC2TOG between the CH 3 and the first leg of your DC2TOG from the previous row. DC in the top of the CH 3. Turn.

starting row two of the stitch tutorial
second DC2TOG cluster completed
Finger pointing to the CH3 of row 1 reminding readers to work into the chain

Repeat Row 2 until your pattern reaches your desired length.

completed paired double crochet stitch tutorial swatch with a yellow crochet hook

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  2. Do you have any patterns that use this stitch? I am wanting to make a hat for my 2 year granddaughter.


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