DMC Memory Thread Cones Review

two dmc memory thread cones in a flat lay, text says dmb memory thread cones review
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I love to try to crochet with new materials! You can crochet with so many different things like rope, thread, plastic bags, ribbon, wire and more! Our friends at DMC kindly sent me two of their new DMC Memory Thread Cones to check out so I wanted to share my experience with you today.

This product was provided to me free of charge but all opinions are my own.

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DMC Memory Thread Cones are essentially oversized bobbins of a thin gauge copper wire that has been covered with fibre. It’s fibre content is: 34% viscose, 23%cotton and 3% polyamide – the rest of the content listed on the label is copper for the wire. The thread is really soft and almost silky to touch. One ‘cone’ contains 230m or 251 yards. I received two different colours which are listed as ‘grey’ on the DMC website HERE but one looks like a smokey blue instead of a grey. The colours I received were #6360 and #6310. There are currently 25 colours available.

hand holding a grey bobbin of dmc memory thread cones
label of the DMC Memory Thread Cone in Blue

The DMC website lists that this product is “ideal for creating embellishments on needlepoint, cross-stitch, cards, scrapbook pages and other craft projects.” I don’t do much embroidery or the other crafts listed so I instantly started considering what I could do with the DMC Memory Thread Cones with crochet. Turns out, you can do a lot of fun things with it. I did a few different things during my experiments, including some Tunisian crochet, which looked super cool.

I have crocheted with thread and wire maybe a handful of times and neither of which were my favourite things to do but I approached working with this product with an open mind. The fibre wrapped around the wire makes the wire thicker and smoother to work with than normal wire and felt more like working with a stiff fingering weight yarn. I was honestly surprised at how easy and enjoyable it was to work with. I used a 3.5mm crochet hook to experiment and not long after starting, I had made and designed a set of earrings. You can crochet with the memory thread easily and I even added beads to mine. As I mentioned above, I even tried Tunisian crochet with the memory thread and although that was a bit tougher on the hands, it still wasnt’ overly difficult to do.

Tunisian crochet done with wire
Tunisian crochet done with memory thread

The DMC Memory Thread Cones gave my earrings a really cool stitch definition and they are incredibly light weight. On top of that, there was no blocking because the wire kept it’s shape perfectly. They are slightly flexible so I am able to bend them slightly without them losing their shape. A friend had asked me if they would be able to retain their shape in everyday wear, (i.e. getting hugged). As they are wire, I don’t know how they’d hold up to a bear hug but I think they’d be safe under most circumstances. Being wire, most minor bends could be corrected with your hands.

I really loved experimenting and working with the DMC Memory Thread Cones. They are a bit on the pricey side if you’re not sure that you’re going to use it all. I really love them for people that sell their crochet at places like markets or online. The reason I love this for that is because if you’re making say earrings or other smaller crochet accessories using the wire, you can get a lot of those small projects like that from one cone. My best (conservative) guesstimate is that I will likely be able to get at least 20+ pairs of earrings from a single cone. If you sell your earrings for even just $10/pair, you’d make the money invested in a cone back in no time. I’m going to be using mine to make earrings and jewellery for friends and family at Christmas time. Even as gifts, it’s pretty darn good when you consider the cost per pair of earrings. DMC does sell smaller packages of memory thread but the colours are limited. Overall, I really enjoyed the DMC Memory Thread Cones but do recognize that the price may be prohibitive for some.

crochet earring made with DMC Memory Thread Cones.

Next week I’ll be sharing my new crochet earring pattern made with the DMC Memory Thread Cones here and on the YouTube channel as a step-by-step tutorial so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you’re interested in checking out DMC Memory Thread Cones, you can find them HERE exclusively on the DMC website.

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