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Our friends over at David & Charles Publishing have sent me a copy of one of their latest crochet book releases to check out: Crochet Animal Slippers by Ira Rott. I have read Ira Rott’s other book, Crochet Animal Rugs previously (check out my review) and really enjoyed it so I was excited to check out what Crochet Animal Slippers would have in store for us. Thanks to David & Charles, I have a copy of Crochet Animal Slippers by Ira Rott to give away to one lucky winner! Keep reading to learn more about the book and how to enter the giveaway.

Thanks to David & Charles for providing me this book for free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Crochet Animal Slippers by Ira Rott contains the patterns for 21 different animal slippers, each being capable of being made into 3 different styles of slippers. The cover states “60 fun and easy patterns for all the family” which seems a bit misleading, and one could interpret that to mean there are patterns for 60 different animals inside but what it actually means is that when you combine the different styles with each of the different animals, you have the ability to make 60 different slippers from this book. Which is an impressive amount of variety for a pattern book for slippers. Patterns for the following animals can be found in Crochet Animal Slippers:

Friendly cow slippers fromthe book being reviewed

Crochet Animal Slippers uses three main slipper styles as your base to start with for each slipper pattern. There are shoes, boots and slide styles of slippers so no matter your slipper preference, Ira’s got you covered. There is also a bonus pattern included in the book which is designed specifically for beginners and is made in a single piece. This pattern is a great go-to if you’re needing a pair of slippers in a flash or you want to minimize the seaming you’ll be doing with this project.

Check out the video version of my Crochet Animal Slippers Review:

Once you choose your slipper base, you move on to the animal patterns and select which animals you want to make and follow the pattern to create them. The patterns are clear and very easy to understand. Some images are included to help illustrate more difficult assembly sections which was helpful. Sizes included in the book are children’s small, medium and large as well as adult’s small, medium and large. To give you an idea of how those sizes relate to actual shoe sizes, I take a size 8 shoe and would fit an adult small and my son who takes a children’s size 2 and would fit a children’s size large. My daughter, at 4, wearing a children’s size 12 shoe will have to wait for her slippers for a bit because a children’s small is still a bit too big for her.

Let’s talk about different support features of this book because it’s somewhere that I pay a lot of focus on when I’m reviewing a book because ultimately, lacking or incorrect supports in a book can make or break a maker’s success with it. First off, let me just say WOW. I was really, really impressed with the level of detail given in the resource sections of this book and how much information is given to ensure makers are as successful as possible. When you open this book, the inside cover opens up to reveal a foot measurement chart so you can ensure you’re getting the right size slippers for your recipient. There is a section on choosing fibers for your project and how those fibers affect the final project which just made me so flipping happy to see. There is a section on gauge and how important it is to match it and a chart that tells you the gauge you need for each hook size in the book. The only thing missing from this section would have been to either illustrate or give instructions for a sample swatch/ how to measure gauge but experienced crocheters won’t need this, it just would’ve been nice to have.

pig slippers from the book being reviewed.

There was a detailed section on yarn weight/yardage needed for the projects and exact yarn brand and colours were given so if you want to match her work exactly, you can do that. Ira even includes a section for how to make your slippers non-slip and she uses the most creative (and cost-effective) material to do this. There are templates included for making that non-slip sole and instructions for attaching it. I just love that and feel like this book probably gives the most support to the maker that I have seen in a while and honestly, I was just so happy and excited to see all this included in the book.

As for stitch demonstrations, instructions for the stitches are given in written instructions with only the invisible decrease, working on both sides of the chain and joining row edges being illustrated. There are detailed and ilustrated supports in the back of the book for sewing on buttons, embroidery and various seaming techniques. They even included in this section, assistance for left-handed crocheters. I am seriously thrilled with the level of support offered in Crochet Animal Slippers. It is very clear that a lot of thought and attention to detail to ensure the maker’s success went into Crochet Animal Slippers.

I would recommend Crochet Animal Slippers by Ira Rott to makers that have experience with basic crochet stitches and an understanding of basic concepts like gauge and shaping stitches. This book is absolutely full of wonderful resources and I feel like most makers will get all the support they need from the book. I really loved Crochet Animal Slippers and think that this book is a great resource to have on-hand especially for folks that like to gift their projects. With a variety of sizes and animals to choose from, you could gift everyone a new pair of slippers for years and still not run out of projects. Hands-down Crochet Animal Slippers is now one of my new favourite crochet pattern books and it’s probably going to take a long while for me to shut up about how much I loved it.

If you are interested in checking out Crochet Animal Slippers, you can find it HERE.

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copy of crochet animal slippers in a flat lay with crochet hooks and yarn

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