OttLite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp Review

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A little while ago, our friends at Ottlite sent me one of their sanitizing desk lamps to review. It is a great little desk lamp and I love having it in my office (check out the full review HERE). I was on the search for a really great floor lamp for crafters because as great as my desk lamp is, ultimately, I do most of my crafting and crocheting on the couch. Ottlite was kind enough to send me an Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp to see if it would fit the bill. I’ve been using it now for a few weeks and want to share my review with you.

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What initially drew me to the Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp was the fact that it has a tablet holder. This is such a great feature for those of us that access crochet patterns and crochet blogs via our mobile devices. When I’m crocheting, it drives me next-level bonkers attempting to find a spot that is convenient and ergonomic to look at my device while I’m crocheting. I have dropped my phone and tablet more times that I care to admit attempting to find that spot and suffered a sore neck from spots that weren’t ideal. The tablet stand on this is adjustable and perfect for holding my phone and/or tablet. It even has a USB charger built-in so I can plug my device in while using it. This has been HUGE for when I’m wanting to watch YouTube videos and crochet at the same time because the battery on my phone sucks so being able to keep it plugged in and at eye-level, hands-free has been AH-MAZING. It has also been great as a place to put my Furls crochet hooks when I need to take a break or get up because they aren’t able to roll off the edge of the stand.

Close up of the Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp On-Switch and USB Charger
Close up of the Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp On-Switch and USB Charger

The light itself is really cool. It has two different shades that pivot horizontally and the neck of the light is flexible so if you want to disperse the light in a certain way or need to really focus on a certain spot, it’s fantastic. The Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp is dimmable and has four different light settings. With Ottlites, their lights are designed to reduce eyestraing which is the biggest deal for me since I’m sensitive to light and have a blind-spot in one of my eyes that is exasperated by certain, bright lights. I’ve used this light extensively and it’s incredible. I personally like to use one of the middle settings because I find the highest setting to be too bright for me and the way I currently have it set up. I have used the brightest setting with the light shades open away from eachother, using just the one shade and it was great. I have had zero issues crocheting with the darkest yarns in my stash and haven’t had any eye pain or headaches from using it for periods of time.

crochet book on a tablet stand attached to a crafting lamp
Crochet Animal Slippers by Ira Rott on my Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp tablet holder. Find the review of the book here:

What Colours Does the OttLite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp Come In?

The Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp comes in two different colours, black and white. I got the black colour and it is really nice. It’s perfect for my home right now because I have young children that like to touch all of Mommy’s stuff and the black doesn’t show fingerprints or dirt like the white model would. When they are old enough, I’ll probably invest in a white model for my studio as it would look great in there and I’d keep my black lamp for the living room.

The only thing I think I would change about this light would be to give it the ability to adjust the overall height of your lamp but other than that, it’s the perfect lamp for me as a crocheter. I really love it and how versatile it is. Being able to access my favourite sites and online content, hands-free and adjusted to save my neck while I crochet has been a huge benefit to me. Being able to crochet for hours without eye pain or headaches is also incredible so now I don’t have to save crocheting with dark yarns for certain hours of the day.

If you’re interested in checking out the Ottlite Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp or one of the other Ottlite lamps, you can check them out HERE at Ottlite or HERE via Amazon.

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