2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along

Join me as I host the 2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along! For this mystery crochet along, we’ll begin by crocheting a crochet doll and then crochet enough crochet doll outfits, toys and accessories to fill a DIY advent calendar. The mystery is, you won’t know what the dolls look like or what the projects are until the patterns are released.

This project is designed to be done at a really relaxed pace so there’s tons of time to work on your projects or catch up if you need to. We’ll complete our projects mid-November so there’s plenty of time to get our finished advent calendars and dolls to our intended recipients.

The patterns in the 2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along have all been designed to be easy and quick projects and along the way, I’ll give tips and ideas on ways to customize your pieces.

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The free versions of the patterns will be viewable as both a written pattern on the blog and contain video tutorials so that no matter your favourite way to crochet, both resources will be there to support you.

This year’s doll was created based on the feedback of the 2022 Amigurumi Advent Calendar CAL participants. After making Advent Amy, they said that they wanted a boy doll for this year’s CAL and so Advent Adam was created.

But there were still folks who were a bit bummed that we weren’t doing a girl doll so I’ve got a surprise planned for those folks as well!

This page will act as the home page of the 2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along and it contains the pattern release date schedule. Make sure that you bookmark and/or pin this page as a quick reference as links will be added here on release dates when new patterns become available.

If you participated in last year’s CAL, some links will work a bit differently this year and some updates will happen on the same page, rather than separate pages.

Although patterns will remain a secret until they’re released, you can catch sneak peaks by following me on Facebook and Instagram. Join The Loopy Lamb Crochet Community on Facebook and share your projects there, chat with other participants and see their work as well.

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Below is a supply list for the first 10 weeks of the crochet along for Advent Adam. The project is released in 3 separate parts, with a new material list for each part of the project. Make sure to check out my notes on materials below for tips and advice before getting started.

Note: as a special surprise, there is an option available for making Advent Addy, a girl doll. Her material list has a few additions to what’s below but I’ll get into more of that later.

Yarn: I’ll be crocheting everything for the 2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet along in WeCrochet’s Brava Worsted yarn. If you’re not planning on utilizing Brava Worsted, I recommend utilizing the same yarn brand and line throughout your project to help minimize any potential issues with gauge/tension.

Crochet Hooks: We’ll be using a 3.5mm (E) crochet hook for our projects (or whatever hook size you need in order to match gauge). If you don’t intend to match gauge, use the same hook size throughout the project. Want to buy a new ergonomic hook to use? Visit Furlscrochet.com and use code LOOPYLAMB15 to save 15%.

Buttons: Since all the clothing for our amigurumi dolls is removable, I use 9mm buttons to fasten the clothes onto the doll. The number of buttons varies per item with some using none and others needing multiple buttons. Amazon has lots of options like this box of buttons that has multiple colours to choose from in a single box. You’ll need sewing thread and needles to sew them on as well.

Advent Calendar: I’m using these DIY advent calendar boxes from Amazon and a hot glue gun. Feel free to use things like ribbon, stickers, garland and more to decorate your advent calendars to suit your taste or to use wooden reusable advent boxes should you wish. When selecting an alternative advent box, just make sure that your boxes are at least 2.7″ square as all of the projects are designed to fit into boxes of this size.

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Where Can I Get a Printable Copy of the Patterns?

Each pattern will be viewable on my blog, for free with ads. Should you wish to print out the pattern, printable versions of each pattern can be purchased in the 2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along Bundle that will be sold in both my Ravelry and Etsy shops starting January 13th, 2023.

  • Special Bundle Pricing: Bundles will be available for purchase in my Ravelry and Etsy shops and everytime a new part of the CAL is released, the PDF version will be emailed to you directly (for Etsy users) or updated in your Ravelry library for those purchasing on Ravelry. For a limited time, the bundle will be available for a special price of $25 CAD (making it less than $0.80/pattern!). As of February 1st, the price will increase to $30.

    If you bought the 2022 bundle last year, check your Ravelry account and/or the email you used to buy it on Etsy for a special discount code to save even more. Codes are being sent over the next few days.

  • When you buy the bundle in January, you’ll get the full doll pattern and the first 8 clothing/accessory patterns that we will be making, PLUS the following bonus patterns exclusive to the bundle:
    • An extra hair cap pattern and added embroidery instructions to make Advent Addy (a female doll) with photo tutorials.

    • A pattern for a Chef’s Hat & Apron for the dolls

    • Bonus swim top pattern just for Advent Addy

    • A Frog Bucket Hat

    • Crochet Frog Toy

    • Additional, exclusive bonus patterns with the release of each part of the bundle (there will be a minimum of 8 bonuses this year! (incl. the above listed bonuses))

  • The bundle will be available as of January 13th in both my Ravelry and Etsy shops.

FAQs about the Bundle & CAL:

  • Q: When will the bundle be available?
    • A: The bundle will launch on Friday, January 13th, 2023.

  • Q: Will there be a full separate set of clothing items for Advent Addy?
    • A: No. All the items will work for both Advent Addy & Advent Adam however, there will be a few items that will be specific to either doll.( I.e. the swim shirt for Addy)

  • Q: Are there videos for the bundle-exclusive patterns?
    • A: No, at this time, the bonuses are exclusive to the bundle and there won’t be any video tutorials. I have included photo tutorials for any tricky parts in the bundle.

  • Q: Do I have to pick just one doll to do?
    • A: Definitely not! Having the patterns for both Adam and Addy enables you to make one or both of the dolls. If you have multiple children to make this project for, having both options gives you more variety.

  • Q: Are the clothes interchangeable with your other dolls?
    • A: Yes. Due to popular demand, I have made the clothing items for this doll to be interchangeable with most, if not all, of my other doll patterns.

  • Q: Do I have to start when everyone else starts the project on January 16th?
    • A: No. You can start at any time as the patterns will remain on the blog and my shops for the foreseeable future.

  • Q: Is there a Facebook Group to join to participate?
    • A: You can join The Loopy Lamb Crochet Community on Facebook to share projects and chat with other folks participating in the CAL. However, this is optional so if you don’t have Facebook or don’t have time to participate in the social side of this CAL, that’s totally fine. I leave it open for you to participate on your own terms.

  • Q: Is there a hashtag to use when sharing stuff online?
    • I love to see your wips and finished projects and you can inspire others by sharing your projects on social media by tagging me @theloopylamb or using #theloopylambCAL. I regularly feature maker’s projects in my FB & IG stories that tag me or use the hashtag however, I will always ask permission before doing so.

  • Q: How many bonuses will be in the 2023 Bundle?
    • A: In part one, there will be 4 bonuses and a minimum of an additional 4 bonuses (total of 8) added to the remaining parts of the bundle.

How to Share Your 2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along Projects:

One of my absolute favourite parts of hosting a crochet along is seeing all of your projects and the different ways that you customize them. Share your projects with me on social media by tagging me @theloopylamb or using #theloopylambCAL in your posts. You can also join The Loopy Lamb Crochet Community on Facebook and share your projects there, chat with other participants and see their work as well.

Tutorials that will help you be prepared to start our crochet along:

diy advent boxes, a crochet hook and yarn in a flat lay

2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along Pattern Release Schedule

January 13th: Legs and Body

January 20th: Head and Hair

January 27th: Arms, Embroidery and Advent Calendar.

February 3rd: Overall Shorts

February 17th: Striped Shirt & Sneakers

March 3rd: Baseball Hat

March 17th: Crochet Ear Flap Hat

March 31st: Crochet Superhero Cape for Dolls

April 14th: Crochet Doll Bathing Suit

April 28th: Crochet Doll Jacket

May 12th: Crochet Doll Sandals

May 26th: Crochet Doll Pjs – Top & Bottom

June 9th: Crochet Bunny Slippers

June 23rd: Doll Tote Bag

July 7th: Small Amigurumi Cat

July 21st: Summer Bucket Hat

August 4th: Superhero Mask

August 18th: Superhero Costume

September 1st: Striped Scarf

September 15th: Firefighter Helmet

September 29th: Firefighter Pants & Jacket

October 13th: Crochet Elf Shorts

October 27th: Crochet Sweater for Elf Outfit

November 10th: Crochet Elf Hat, BONUS: Shoes

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I can’t wait to get started on this with you! If you’re planning on participating in the 2023 Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments that you’re participating.

I’d love to see your finished items!  Please share your finished makes by tagging the pattern on Ravelry, sharing it to our Facebook page or Instagram.  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

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  1. I’m so excited for the CAL this year!

  2. I purchased the pattern for 2022. Will the 2023 accessories work with the 2022 doll? Such a great idea and a wonderful gift for a child.

  3. Is the doll pattern the same as last year’s?

    • We are making a boy doll this year and the clothes be interchangeable between last year’s and this year’s dolls.

  4. What is a good brand of yarn that is similar to buy at Michael’s Canada. I really want to make a doll for my son.

      • Hi Jennifer,
        I don’t have the 2nd and 3rd parts done and tested yet so I don’t have a finalized materials list for those yet unfortunately. I try to keep the number of colours I use to a maximum of 10 colours and at least 1 ball of each however, there is a possibility that we will need two balls of red this year. This is based on last year’s materials usage and could change but this is the best that I can do right now. I hope this helps.

  5. I know this is June but can you please tell me where I can get the full PDF for these dolls?

    Thank you in advance.


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