100 Crochet Tiles by Sarah Callard – An Honest Review

They go by many names: Granny Squares, Motifs and now, Crochet Tiles. Motif and Granny Squares are all the rage and just in time for the hype 100 Crochet Tiles by Sarah Callard has hit the shelves. But what is the book like? What skill-levels are needed for the patterns in the book? What resources does it offer? I’ll answer these questions and more for you in my review of 100 Crochet Tiles.

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Thanks to David & Charles Publishing for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Book in a flat lay with crochet tools with text that reads 100 Crochet Tiles by Sarah Callard - a Crochet Book Review

Patterns in 100 Crochet Tiles

As the title suggests, 100 Crochet Tiles by Sarah Callard contains crochet patterns for 100 Crochet Tiles but it also includes instructions for 8 different projects that utilize tile patterns from the book. The projects found in this 175 page book are:

  • Baby Wheels Blanket
  • Hand-painted Tiles Cushion
  • Hebe Blanket
  • Partners Cushion
  • Petunia Bag
  • Poinsettia Wall Panel
  • Offset Squares Pot Holder
  • Victoriana Bath Mat

The patterns in 100 Crochet Tiles by Sarah Callard are written in the US terminology but a conversion chart for the Uk terminology is included on page 4 of the book. All of the tile patterns include either a stitch chart or a colour chart. The patterns utilize a variety of different techniques, including mosaic, tapestry and intarsia crochet.

Something I found interesting about this book is that Sarah Collard isn’t actually the designer of the patterns in this book. The patterns are written by popular, well-established designers like Meghan Ballmer of Meghan Makes Do, Sarah Shrimpton of Anna Boos House, Emma Potter of Potter and Bloom, Caitie Moore of Thoresby Cottage, Lynne Row of Knit, Crochet Create and more. Many of the designers are authors of other DMC crochet titles. In the back of the book on page 174 you’ll find a full list of designers including their social media handles and websites.

The patterns for the tiles are mostly straightforward with more complicated tiles needing a little extra brain-power to figure out. Thankfully the stitch charts are included which can help support written instructions. Although the tile patterns don’t include skill levels or difficulty ratings, I’d personally say the patterns range from easy to advanced.

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Tools and Materials Used in 100 Crochet Tiles

Below is a high-level outline of materials used throughout the book:

  • Sport, DK weight, Wosted weight yarns are used for the motifs in the book. Yarns used are:
    • Scheepjes Softfun Aquarel
    • Scheepjes Stone Washed Sport
    • Sirdar Snuggly DK
    • Drops Paris
    • Drops Cotton Light
    • Paintbox Cotton DK
    • Ricorumi DK
    • Cygnet DK
    • Nuturing Fibers Eco Cotton
    • Rosarios4 Damasco 10-ply
    • Bernat Softee Cotton
    • Phildar Phil Coton 4
    • Rosarios4 Gloria
    • Rosarios4 Regata
    • Rosarios4 Bio Love
    • Sirdar Happy Cotton DK
    • Yarn and Colors Charming
    • Scheepjes River Washed
    • Rosarios4 Belmonte
    • Rosarios4 Abraco
    • Scheepjes Colour Crafter
    • Scheepjes Merino Soft
    • Stylecraft Special DK
    • Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo+Cotton
    • Rosarios4 Meia
    • Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton
    • Rico Creative Cotton Aran
    • Stylecraft Special DK
    • Rico Essentials Acrylic Antipilling DK
  • Hooks: 2.5mm (C), 3mm (D), 3.5mm (E), 3.75mm (F), 4mm (G),
  • Project Materials:
    • Cushion pad & cover
    • Cording
    • Stitch Markers
    • Buttons
    • Cotton Lining Fabric
    • Wooden Stick/Dowel
    • Card
    • Heat-resistant batting

Resources Available in This Book

In the end of the book (pages 168 – 173) is where you will find the main resources (called Crochet Techniques) available in 100 Crochet Tiles. Instructions for the following stitches and techniques are included in the book:

  • CH
  • Single Crochet
  • Magic Ring
  • Half Double Crochet
  • Double Crochet
  • Treble Crochet
  • Double Treble Crochet
  • Single Crochet 2 Together (SC2TOG)
  • Single Crochet 3 Together (SC3TOG)
  • Double Crochet 2 Totgher (DC2TOG)
  • Double Crochet 3 Together (DC3TOG)
  • Double Crochet 4 Together (DC4TOG)
  • Invisible Join
  • Gauge
  • Front Loop Only
  • Back Loop Only
  • Front Post Stitches
  • Back Post Stitches
  • Popcorns
  • Picot
  • Clusters
  • Puff Stitches
  • Bobbles
  • V Stitch
  • Spike Stitch
  • Mosaic Crochet Overlay
  • Mosaic Crochet Inset
  • Tapestry Crochet
  • Intarsia Crochet
  • Join-As-You-Go
  • Blocking
  • Single Crochet Seam

The above stitches and techniques are covered briefly but clearly with illustrations included for support of difficult steps. While I found these sections to be clear and easy to understand, it may not be enough for makers that are inexperienced with certain techniques. I also noticed some techniques like standing stitches or working in the third loop are included in some patterns but not included in the resource section so if you’re unaware of how to do that technique, you’ll have to look it up online.

I would have loved to see more information included in this book on joining your crochet tiles together other than the brief introduction to the join-as-you-go technique in the back. The join-as-you-go section could have benefitted from some elaboration and/or showing it being used with tiles in the book that aren’t a perfect square for those that aren’t already familiar with the technique. There are a ton of different ways to join motifs and I think including even a few of them would have rounded this book out nicely and made it a more comprehensive reference for makers.

Overall, 100 Crochet Tiles is a nice reference book of crochet motifs in a variety of shapes and using a variety of different techniques. The colourful designs in 100 Crochet Tiles sparks the imagination and readers can use the building blocks to create a plethora of motif projects. I’d recommend this book for experienced crocheters that are fans of granny squares/motifs that want to have a collection of motif patterns at their fingertips. This book could be a nice resource for inexperienced motif makers as well if they’re willing to put some time in online searching for additional resources.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of 100 Crochet Tiles, it is available for purchase from Amazon.

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