Furls Laurel Streamline Wood Release & Giveaway

To celebrate the release of the new Furls Laurel Streamline Wood crochet hook, I’ve teamed up with our friends at Furls Crochet to give away a $50 gift card to furlscrochet.com!

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Laurel Streamline Wood Hook Benefits

It’s Great For Taming Slippery Yarns

Did you know that using hooks made of different materials like wood, metal or plastic, work differently with different yarns? Wooden hooks tend to have more ” grip” than plastic or metal hooks making them great for using with yarns that are considered to be “slippery”. Yarns/fibers that come to mind are bamboo, silk, cotton and linen blends as well as some synthetics. Having a wood hook can turn working with that yarn from nightmare to dreamy.

This Hook is Lighter Than Air (well.. almost)

When I received my Laurel Streamline hook, I honestly thought that I was accidentally sent an empty hook box in error! I opened the box to check and there was my hook. I was shocked at how light it is! A lighter hook is a delight to work with, especially if you struggle with hand pain.

Laurel Streamline Hooks Are Gorgeous

Like the other Furls Crochet hooks, each hook is unique. The color can vary slightly and some hooks have more visible wood grain than others – the one thing they all have in common is that they are all gorgeous!

Furls Card Giveaway

Thanks to Furls Crochet I have a $50 Furls Gift Cards to give away! There will be one winner and that winner will receive a gift card worth $50 USD.

This giveaway on The Loopy Lamb is open to Canadian and U.S. participants (except where void by law and void in Quebec) and ends September 7th, 2022 at 11:45pm Eastern Standard time. The winner will be chosen on September 8th, 2022 and notified by email.

To enter, use the King Sumo form below. If you are on mobile and have difficulty entering, please use a desktop computer to enter. Only the Email option is mandatory – all other tasks are optional, for bonus entries only.

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  1. Ashley,
    On my first visit, yesterday evening (ET), an ad popped up that was the most disgusting image I’ve ever been forced to view: a foot with multiple horrible growths protruding from every toetip.
    I quickly scrolled to get past it, and it appeared again, and then a third time.

    I exited your site.

    It was an image that seared into in my memory due to its nastiness.

    I did not link to a yarn site to be grossed out!

    I’d actually clicked on that page lured by a Furl’s hook giveaway. Sponsor Sumo King? Oddly, giveaway had closed 2 days previously – a fact not displayed in the email from a yarn site (Moogly?) that induced me to explore The Loopy Lamb for the first time.

    I’m only here today because I was clearing my open page links and this popped up.
    Yesterday, I did seek a feedback link on your page, but found nothing.

    If a site cannot control its pop up ads, that site will encounter problems. (FYI: my settings are set to “children” as that means I need not be bothered by porn or other stuff I find offensive.

    • I’m sorry that was your first experience visiting my site. Unfortunately, Google Adsense controls which ads show on the site. If there is an undesirable ad that shows please click the x on that ad to close the ad and complete the next page from Google to report the ad. It will stop the ad from displaying on my site and make the user experience better for everyone. I have contacted the ad provider to hunt down and block the image you describe from being shown on my site again.

      I’m sorry that the giveaway was already closed when you got to the page for the giveaway. I was unaware that it was being shared and perhaps the person that shared it did not see the end date.


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