Your Questions Answered: In-Depth WeCrochet Heatherly Yarn Review

hands holding three hanks of WeCrochet heatherly with text that says Your Questions Answered: In-Depth WeCrochet Heatherly Yarn Review

I love to try new yarns so when I found out that WeCrochet and Knitpicks launched a new yarn line called Heatherly, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Today I’ll tell you more about this new yarn, I’ll show you an example of it worked up in a crochet swatch and share my experience working with it. I’ve also included a listing of patterns either designed with this yarn or projects this yarn could be used for.

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Let’s go over the yarn label information so we know what we’re talking about here:

WeCrochet Heatherly Yarn Label Information & Other Details:

  • Current Number of Colourways Available: 12 Check them out here on the WeCrochet website.

  • Yarn Type: Plied

  • Fiber Content: 80% Acrylic, 20% Merino Wool

  • Weight: 4 (Worsted)

  • Hank Size: 100g/3.5oz

  • Yardage: 218 yd / 199 m

  • Suggested Crochet Hook Size: 6 mm (J-10)

  • Suggested Needle Size: 3.75mm – 4.5mm (US 5 – 7)

  • Crochet Gauge: 16 sts = 4″

  • Knit Gauge: 4.5 sts = 1″

  • Care: Machine washable, tumble dry low** See note below

  • Other Yarn Weights Available?: Yes! The Heatherly line of yarns is also available in a sport weather in the same colours as the worsted weight on the WeCrochet website.

**A Note About the Care of this yarn: on the yarn labels I received, the care instructions indicate that the yarn is hand wash only and lay flat to dry. However, the WeCrochet site says that this yarn is machine washable and dryable. This is the note that is found on the WeCrochet site regarding this:

“Note: Our mill recommends handwashing and air drying to preserve heirloom baby knits, but Heatherly Baby Yarn can be machine washed and dried without felting or shrinkage.”

I put this to the test and talk about it more below.

Check out the video version of this yarn review:

What does It Feel Like?

WeCrochet Heatherly is beng marketed as a baby yarn. It is a heavy worsted weight yarn that comes in a range of pastel colors. The WeCrochet site says that it is “great for baby blankets and other baby projects that require next-to-skin softness”.

The yarn is delightfully soft and would make a really cozy crochet garment. The yarn has a matte-like finish and doesn’t have any of the shine you sometimes see in acrylic yarns. This yarn feels so natural that if you blind folded me, I would never guess that it was an acrylic blend.

What are the Colors Like?

I ordered some in three shades: white (snowflake), grey (gravity) and a blue color that is like a medium denim blue called Atmosphere. Heatherly gets its names from the heathered strands that are plied together to give this yarn a heathered look.

Although the wide range of pastel heathers that this yarn comes in are pretty, cheerful colors, I really wish that there were deeper shades or brighter colors available. I usually tend to avoid classic pastel colors for my baby projects so having some modern brights in this line would be awesome.

three hanks of WeCrochet Heatherly yarn above a blue yarn cake with a Furls crochet hook on top of it.

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Crocheting With Heatherly Yarn

I made my crochet swatch using Heatherly baby yarn and a 6 mm crochet hook and the blue heather yarn called Atmosphere. I started my swatch with some single crochet stitches followed by some half double crochet and then some double crochet stitches. I wanted to add some tunisian crochet stitching at the top of my my swatch but unfortunately, I have misplaced my larger sized tunisian hooks.

Crocheting with Heatherly was a breeze. I did not encounter any real issues in my experimentation. I will say that the yarn was so soft that it took me a second to adjust my crocheting speed accordingly because I was using my new Furls Silver Metal hook and the yarn kept slipping off the hook. Once I switched to a plastic Furls Streamline hook, I didn’t have that problem.

close-up image of a blue crochet swatch made using WeCrochet Heatherly Yarn

There is no itchiness at all to the yarn or the fabric created and it would be the perfect choice for projects you’d like to be used next to skin, like my Comfy Spring Cardigan or a cowl like my Ava Cowl free pattern. The stitch definition would work great with a wide variety of different stitches patterns like lace patterns, cables or closed stitches with a simple stitch repeat that give a punch of texture. It’s a really versatile yarn and I definitely don’t thing it needs to be limited to baby projects only.

Heatherly is also really affordable. It’s currently $5.99 USD per 218 yard hank and here in Canada, I’d be hard-pressed to find something comparable for less than $12 + tax Canadian. Even with the exchange rate (WeCrochet is in the United States and I’m in Canada), this yarn is still a decent deal, especially if I can get it when they offer free shipping.

Can I Machine Wash Items Crocheted with WeCrochet Heatherly Yarn?

As mentioned above, there was a discrepancy between the yarn label care information and the information given on the WeCrochet site. I ordered this yarn because I had read it was machine washable/dryable so I was concerned about the discrepancy when I found it so I decided to put it to the test.

I took measurements of my swatch and then threw it through in the laundry and ran it through a wash and then put it in the dryer. The results were surprising.

There was no felting the swatch still looked beautiful. It had more drape and was slightly softer (despite not using any sort of softener). However, there was some shrinkage. My swatch shrank just over a quarter inch in height and width. It wasn’t a huge deal to me as I planned to use it for a blanket but it is absolutely something to keep in mind if you’re using it for a garment.

Before starting a garment with this yarn, wash your swatch. Take your gauge before you wash it and after you wash it. Ensure that your gauge after you wash your swatch is what matches the gauge given in your pattern.

So yes, you can toss your handmade items crocheted with Heatherly yarn in the washer and dryer with minimal concern. Just keep that skrinkage in mind when starting your projects.

Overall, I really loved working with this yarn and will absolutely be using it more in the future. As I mentioned, I wouldn’t just keep this yarn for baby projects even though it is marketed as a baby yarn. I’d use this yarn for a wide range of projects like amigurumi, accessories, clothing, home decor and more. I loved it so much, that I can even get behind its gentle neutral colors (but I’ll hold out hope for some brighter jewel tones in the future).

Blue crochet swatch in a flat lay with three hanks of yarn and a crochet hook

WeCrochet Heatherly Yarn Crochet Patterns

I love when WeCrochet launches a new yarn that they try to have some crochet patterns using that yarn launch at the same time. Here are some crochet patterns already available using Heatherly:

Here are some free crochet patterns that Heatherly could make a great substution for the pattern’s suggested yarn:

Have you worked with WeCrochet Heatherly yarn yet? I'd love to hear your experience working with this yarn! What did you think about working with it? What did you make?

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