Waterfall Crochet Granny Squares Book Review

Cover of the book Waterfall Crochet Granny Squares
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Thanks to Annie’s Craft Store, I was given the opportunity to review one of their newest crochet book releases: Waterfall Crochet Granny Squares by Joanne C. Gonzalez and I have a copy of the book to giveaway to one lucky reader! Keep reading to learn more about this book and how you can enter to win a copy of your own.

Annie’s has provided a copy of this book to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Waterfall crochet is a technique that was new to me when I received my copy of the book to review and I was very intrigued to learn more. The granny squares on the front of the book are beautiful and feature a lot of colourwork in their designs so I was interested to see how this technique would work. Waterfall crochet is a method that utilizes chain spaces left intentially in the design to create a long cable stitch through. By doing this, colours are worked for a full round rather than a few stitches and carried along the back of your work until their needed next. A technique that limits colour changes and weaving in ends? Where do I sign up?

Waterfall Crochet Granny Squares includes the patterns for 20 different ganny squares that use the waterfall crochet technique. The long cable stitches create kind of a lattice through the chain spaces and it leaves a decently clean back side to the fabric as well. The patterns all use a worsted weight (4) yarn so it is easy to mix and match your favourite colours using readily available yarns.

Crochet granny square from the book being reviewed.
This is the square from Waterfall Crochet Granny Squares that I tried

I always love the look of granny squares with intricate colour designs but unfortunately, once I finish them, they’re relagated to the WIP pile for a while until I have time to weave in the ends. I couldn’t wait to give this technique a shot so I picked a square and got to work.

I started with reading the reference section to learn how to do the special stitches in the designs. I kind of got the jist of what wasa going to be happening and decided to go for it. I picked a square with two colours to work on and the center was one in on colour and the remainder of the main body of the square was done in another. Creating the base/body of the granny square was quick and easy and I finished it in less than 30 minutes. Now, onto the waterfall crochet technique.

Completed blanket project from the Waterfall Crochet Granny Square book.
Completed blanket project from the Waterfall Crochet Granny Square book.

For the last round of my square, I changed to my second colour and crocheted around the outside but my block was divided into 4 by chain spaces. To do the waterfall technique, I had to work through the chain spaces of 7 rounds to create one long cable stitch the interweaves through the chain spaces. It was a bit tricky at first, especially because I didn’t have a tunisian or afghan hook available (which is recommended in the book for this part but says it’s not required) but I was able to accomplish it with a regular crochet hook. My tension in the cable would have been better had I used a longer hook so if you’re using this book and doing the longer sets of cables used in the patterns, I’d definitely recommend having an afgahn or long tunisian hook handy for that part.

My waterfall crochet granny square I made using this book.
My waterfall crochet granny square I made using this book.

After I did my first set of waterfall crochet cables, I got the rhythm of the technique and thought it was so cool! Seeing how the cables work and interweave with the fabric was super interesting and I can’t wait to try this technique again.

This book and technique are suitable for intermediate level crocheters. I recommend printing the resource section out and having it next to your pattern page as you work until you get the hang of the technique. I found this helpful and it saved me the time of flipping back and forth. And definitely don’t skip the resource section of this one. Even if you’ve done a hundred granny squares, you’ll probably find something there you’ll need to reference so definitely a must-read for this book. The book also comes with special access to a video that shows parts of the patterns that may be tricky. This is available upon request to Annie’s to those that purchase the book. Instructions on how to get access are included in the book. I didn’t personally see the video but I wanted to mention that it is available so if you’re wanting to check it out but are nervous about not having video to help you out, that is an option.

Overall, I think this is a really cool technique and I really enjoyed learning it and trying out the designs in the book. The granny squares in this book are used to create a blanket design but my favourite part about granny squares is that you can use them for so much more than that. Mix and match the designs, use them to creat pillows, scarfs, etc. and create something unique. Once you have the patterns for the squares, the only limit is your imagination.

If you want to purchase a copy of Waterfall Crochet Granny Squares by Joanne C. Gonzalez, you can check it out HERE.

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  1. I am finding this book extremely difficult to follow. It refers you to things that are not there. I have crocheted hundreds of granny squares in the past. The waterfall is not very well explained in fact it is not explained. I am now trying YouTube. Having spent good money in this book I should not be having to do this. If you want to try Waterfall, don’t buy this book, try and master the principle on YouTube first.

    • Hi Paula,

      I’m sorry that you’re having such a difficult time with the book. Have you tried contacting Annie’s with your concerns or for support?


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