Amigurumi Crochet Whale Pattern: Wanda the Whale & Ned the Narwhal

I had a whale-y good time coming up with the crochet whale pattern for Wanda the Whale and Ned the Narwal. This project is created using simple crochet stitches and is a low-sew crochet pattern.  

This whale crochet pattern includes the written pattern as well as a photo tutorial for how to do the trickier parts of the tail fins.

This crochet whale pattern is easily customized by adding bows, eyelashes etc. and they would make a cute baby shower gift or child’s gift. (If you are giving as a gift to a child, I would recommend embroidering eyes as safety eyes can be dangerous for young children).

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Crochet Whale and Crochet Narwhal sitting side by side, made using this free crochet pattern

How to Crochet a Whale

To make this little whale, we will crochet the whale body and tail as a single piece. All of the pieces in this project are worked in a continuous spiral so you’ll need stitch markers to help you keep track. Then the we will crochet the side fins and sew them onto the whales. If you’re wanting to make your whale a narwhal, you’ll then move on to making the horn/tusk and then sewing that to the top of the whale head.

What Kind of Yarn Should I Use to Make My Amigurumi Whale?

In the samples I have pictured here, I used a worsted weight blue yarn for my narwhal and pink for my Wanda Whale however, since publishing this, I have seen a couple of amazing whales created with variegated yarns and blanket yarns as well.

Wanda the Whale and Ned the Narwhal are made from the same pattern, just done in different colours and Ned is given a tusk to make him a Narwhal.

How Do I Change the Size of This Wonderful Toy Whale?

You can change the size of this project by changing the yarn weight that you use to make it.  You can make it jumbo size by using super bulky weight yarn and a larger crochet hook or make an itty bitty whale that fits in the palm of your hand by using a DK weight or fingering weight yarn and a smaller crochet hook.

Keep in mind that when you make substitutions, you’ll need to adjust the crochet hook size you are using and that it will affect how much yarn is needed to complete the project.

What Skills Do I Need to Make This Project?

For this crochet whale pattern you’ll need to know how to make a magic circle, single crochet stitches, slip stitch, single crochet increase (SC INC)  and single crochet decrease (SCDEC – check the notes for a tip on this stitch). 

Although not necessary, you should know how to do the ultimate finish to get the best looking end to your tail fins. Check out my ultimate finish tutorial here.

If you get stuck, check out the Abbreviations section of this pattern where I link to blog posts with step by step tutorials for those stitches and techniques.

You’ll Love These Free Patterns:

Crochet Narwhal made in blue with a white horn


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Free Crochet Whale Pattern, Amirugurmi Narwhal Pattern Cover Image with Text Overlay

Skill Level:

  • Easy


  • U.S. Terminology




  • One Size – approximately 7.5” long from head to tail and 4.5” from pectoral fin to pectoral fin.


  • Both Wanda and Ned are made from the same pattern but to make Ned, you’ll need to make the tusk in order to make Ned.  Wanda is Pink and Ned is Teal.

  • The pieces in this pattern are worked in a continuous spiral.  A stitch marker is used to mark the first stitch of each round and moved up with each consecutive round.

  • For a cleaner SCDEC, do your SCDEC under the front loops only of each stitch rather than under both loops.  This is often referred to as an invisible decrease. Need more help? Check out my invisible decrease tutorial.

  • At the end of each row is a number in brackets.  This number tells you the number of stitches you should have at the end of that row / round.  Be sure to take time to count your stitches before moving onto the next round.

  • When finishing off your tail fins, I recommend using the ultimate finish technique.  Check out my ultimate finish tutorial or watch the video below.

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Pink Crochet Whale with its tail in the air

Wanda the Whale and Ned the Narwhal – Free Crochet Whale Pattern



Round 1: Using your main colour, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Round 2: (SCINC) x 6. (12)

Round 3: (SCINC, SC) x 6. (18)

Round 4: SC, SCINC, (SC 2, SCINC) x 5, SC. (24)

Round 5: (SC 3, SCINC) x 6. (30)

Round 6: SC 2, SCINC (SC 4, SCINC) x 5, SC 2. (36)

Round 7: (SC 5, SCINC) x 6. (42)

Rounds 8 – 21: SC around. (42) – Insert safety eyes in stitch 21 and stitch 40 of Round 15.

Round 22: (SC 5, SCDEC) x 3, SC 21. (39)

Round 23: SC around. (39)

Round 24: (SC 4, SCDEC) x 3, SC 21. (36)

Round 25: SC around. (36)

Round 26: SC 2, SCDEC, (SC 3, SCDEC) x 3, SCDEC, SC 15. (31)

*Start to stuff body, adding a bit more stuffing every few Rounds.  Stuff firmly.*

Round 27: SC around. (31)

Round 28: (SCDEC, SC 2) X 4, SCDEC, SC 13. (26)

Round 29: SC around. (26)

Round 30: (SCDEC, SC) X 4, SCDEC, SC 10, SCDEC. (20)

Round 31: SC around. (20)

Round 32: (SCDEC, SC) X 3, SCDEC, SC 5, (SCDEC) x 2. (14)

Round 33 – 35: SC around. (14)

Round 36: SCDEC, SC 5, SCDEC, SC 5. (12)

Round 37: SC around. (12)

Round 38: SCDEC, SC 4, SCDEC, SC 4. (10)

Round 39: (SCINC) x 2, SC 2, (SCINC) x 3, SC 2, SCINC. (16)

Round 40: SC around. (16)

Round 41: SC 4, (SCINC) x 2, SC 6, (SCINC) x 2, SC 2. (20)

Round 42: (SCINC) x 4, SC 6, (SCINC) x 4, SC 6. (28)

Round 43: SC around. (28)

Round 44: SC 11, SL ST through 12TH and 25TH STS together.  Place a stitch marker in stitch 24. Turn work and work right tail fin in the next stitch to the left of the SL ST. SC 2. (14)

How to crochet the amigurumi whale tail tutorial image

Round 45: SC 4, SCDEC, SC 5, skip SL ST from previous round, SC 2. (12)

Round 46: (SCDEC, SC 2) x 3. (9)

Round 47: (SCDEC, SC) X 3. (6)

FO and weave in ends.

Left Tail Fin / Second Tail Fin

Round 1:  Attach yarn into stitch 24 of Round 44.  SC in that stitch and place a stitch marker (this is now your first stitch). SC around. (13)  * Start stuffing, adding a bit more stuffing every few Rounds.  Stuff firmly.*

Round 2: SC 6, SCDEC, SC 5. (12)

Round 3: (SCDEC, SC 2) x3. (9)

Round 4: (SCDEC, SC) x 3. (6)

FO and weave in ends.

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Pectoral Fins (Make 2)

Round 1: Make a MC and SC 5 into the MC. (5)

Round 2: (SCINC) x 5. (10)

Round 3:  SC around. (10)

Round 4: (SCINC, SC 4) x 2. (12)

Round 5 – 6:  SC around. (12)

Round 7: (SC 4, SCDEC) x 2. (10)

Round 8: (SC 3, SCDEC) x 2. (8)

FO leaving a long tail to sew fin on to the body.  Sew a fin on either side of the body

Tusk (optional for if you’re making Ned the Narwhal)

Round 1: Using white yarn, leave a long enough chain to sew the horn onto the body, CH 12.  Join with SL ST to the first CH to make a circle, taking care not to twist your chain. (12)

Round 2: CH 1, SC in the 1st stitch and in each stitch around.  Do not join at the end of the round.  (12)

Round 3: (SC 4, SCDEC) x 2.(10)

Round 4:  SC around. (10)

Round 5: (SC 3, SCDEC) x 2. (8)

Round 6: SC around. (8)

Round 7: (SC 2, SCDEC) x 2. (6)

Round 8: SC around. (6)

Round 9: (SC, SCDEC) x 2. (4)

FO and weave in ends.  Sew onto the middle of the top of the head and weave in ends.


I’d love to see your finished Wanda the Whale and Ned Narwhal made with this free crochet whale pattern!  Please share your finished makes by tagging the pattern on Ravelry, sharing it to our Facebook page or using #theloopylamb on Instagram.  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest 

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18 thoughts on “Amigurumi Crochet Whale Pattern: Wanda the Whale & Ned the Narwhal”

  1. I’m stuck on the eye placement. Stitch 21 and 40?

  2. I am stuck on the fin, it you say to stich 11 and then put the needle through 12 and 25, then put a stitch maker on 24, it would be in before 25

    • I find putting the stitch marker in after working through those stitches helpeful so the stitch marker doesn’t get in the way. If you find it easier to do so before hand, that’s fine.

    • Hello 🙂 love this pattern so far! I am stuck on row 31 to 32. I have the 20 stitches at the end of the row 31 but can’t seem to figure out how to do row 32 down to 14 stitches. I can’t seem to make it back to my stitch marker if I follow the row instructions, I keep coming up short

      • Hi Courtney,

        There was a typo in Row 32 that I have now corrected. I recently had this pattern reformated and updated the page and didn’t notice that I had deleted the 5 after SC when I did the update. Sorry about that.

  3. Hi, just wanted to inform you that on row 44 it says,
    Turn work and work right tail fin in the next stitch to the left of the SL ST. SC2 (14)
    I believe you meant SC1 (14)
    This is an adorable pattern. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for your message. I’m so glad that you like the pattern. I have looked over the pattern and it is supposed to be SC 2 not SC 1.

  4. Love this pattern! I’m stuck on Row 44 with the tail fin. Could you please explain this: Turn work and work right tail fin in the next stitch to the left of the SL ST.


    • I’m so glad you like it. After you do your SL ST through the 12th and 2th sts, note where your stitch marker is to mark the first ST of this round (see picture below), it should be on the opposite side of the work from you. You’re going to turn your work and place your next ST into ST 26 of Round 44. So you’re turning the work so you’re continuing to work from right to left and from this point, you’ll work at decreasing in each subsequent round only on this side to close up the fin. I hope this helps!

  5. Hi!! This pattern is so cute!

    I have a question about the fins. Around which row are they and how many stitches apart? My whale turned out a bit chubby and leans on either of it’s side so cant really pinpoint a good location for the fins.

    • Thank you. You split for the fins on Round 44. The image below Round 44 shows how many sts should be on each side.

      • I meant the pectoral fins. The body of the whale is done I just can’t seem to find the right place for those fins to saw on.

        • I’d recommend placing your toy flat on a table and using straight pins to pin the fins onto either side of your whale until you find a spot where the fins assist in holding it upright. Looking at my pictures, mine were placed approximately 9 – 10 rounds behind the eyes but using my recommendation with the pins will help find the best spot based on your toy/how you stuffed it, etc.

  6. “FO and weave in ends.

    Left Tail Fin / Second Tail Fin

    Round 1: Attach yarn into stitch 24 of Round 44. SC in that stitch and place a stitch marker (this is now your first stitch). SC around. (13) * Start stuffing, adding a bit more stuffing every few Rounds. Stuff firmly.*”

    I was able to get the right fin finished off, but now I’m not sure who to attach the yarn to start the left fin. Can you help me? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Valerie,

      Use a slip stitch to attach the yarn to stitch 24 of Round 44 (there should be a stitch marker in that stitch per the instructions of Round 44). I hope this helps.


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