How to Finish Off Amigurumi Using the Ultimate Finish

amigurumi project finished using the ultimate finish technique
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When crocheting amigurumi projects, there are a number of techniques that can be utilized to get get a better-looking finish. Sometimes designers will include instructions for some of these techniques in their patterns and sometimes, they’ll expect you to already know them. Today I want to show you how to finish off amigurumi using the ultimate finish technique. Having the ultimate finish technique in your tool box will enable you to use it for any amigurumi project, whether other not it has been provided for you in a pattern.

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To get the absolute best finish possible, make sure you’re using the invisible decrease stitch for your single crochet decreases (SCDEC) in your final rounds. You can find my tutorial on how to do the invisible decrease stitch HERE. Using this in conjunction with the ultimate finish will help minize any gaps or hole when you’re finishing off your amigurumi project.

Check out my How to Finish Off Amigurumi Using the Ultimate Finish video tutorial here:

How to Finish Amigurumi with Ultimate Finish

When you are on the last round of your amigurumi piece and your piece is stuffed, you should have (generally) 6 single crochet (SC) stitches remaining in the round.

amigurumi project with after the last row is finished.

When the pattern says to finish off (FO), cut your yarn leaving a long tail and thread the tail onto a tapestry/yarn needle. Using your tapestry needle, weave the yarn through the front loop of each stitch in your last round.

amigurumi project showing the difference between front and back loops in crochet stitches

Once you have finished, gently pull the yarn taught. This will cinch the last round closed.

cinching the yarn closed doing the ultimate finish technique in crochet
closed hole in amigurumi using ultimate finish technique

Sometimes there will be a little bump that forms from cinching the hole closed. To fix this and flatten the bump, insert the needle into the centre of the bump, and out the other side of your project. This can be done almost anywhere as long as you pull your yarn out between the stitches and not through the stitches. (This will make sure you don’t damage the surface of your fabric).

tapestry needle pointing into amigurumi project to remove the bump left from ultimate finish

Pull the yarn taught until the bump flattens. Weave in your end and cut the yarn.

completed project using the ultimate finish technique to finish off amigurumi

Voila! The ultimate finish gives you… well, the ultimate finish! It is beautifully clean and tidy and can really help to improve your amigurumi projects. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to finish off your amigurumi using this technique. If you have any questions, pelase don’t hesitate to ask. I’d love to hear what you think once you’ve given it a try!

Want to practice using this technique? Here are some free amigurumi crochet patterns you can use it with:

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  1. Thank you for showing us how to use the “Ultimate Finish” on our Amigurumi pieces. The look is flawless… I can’t wait to try it out! Merry Christmas!!
    Char from Phoenix, Arizona ️❄️☃️

  2. I came across this a few months ago and have used it for all my creations since. It is brilliant! Thank you so much.

  3. What do you mean by weave in your end?

    • there will be a yarn tail that is left over and it will need to be woven into your project to hide it.


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