Simply Wool Worsted Twist Review

Two hanks of Simply Wool Worsted Twist in a flay lay with crochet accessories
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I’ve been really eyeing a lot of those twisted yarns that I’ve been seeing come out this fall and I was particularly eyeing the Simply Wool Worsted Twist from We Crochet. I’m always interested in more natural yarns and eco-friendlier yarns and I’m a bit obsessed with the natural colours. There is a set of brown tones that come from sheep and alpacas that I seriously melt over and you can find some of those tones in the Simply Wool Worsted. But when the Simply Wool Worsted Twist came out? I was a goner. I knew I was going to have to try some.

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So I know a lot of people shy away from natural yarns because they aren’t machine washable. I myself, am typically among that crowd. I have young kids and I hate doing laundry (it NEVER ends. Seriously. There is ALWAYS laundry) so handwashables aren’t my favourite thing. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t use them. I’ll make exceptions for natural yarns or yarns that I love and are not availablein superwash. There’s just something about using a natural yarn that feels special and I’m willing to put in the extra care for something like that.

We Crochet Simply Wool Worsted Twist Weight:

  • Current Number of Colourways Available: 4 twist colourways and 8 natural colours in the non-twist. Check them out HERE.
  • Fiber Content: 100% Eco Wool
  • Weight: 4 (medium)
  • Ball Size: 100g
  • Yardage: 218 yd / 199 m
  • Suggested Hook Size: 5.5 – 6.5 mm (I – K)
  • Suggested Needle Size: 4 – 5.5mm (US 6 – 9)
  • Crochet Gauge: 11 – 14 scs = 4″
  • Knitting Gauge: 4.5 – 5 sts = 1″
  • Care: Hand Wash & Lay Flat to Dry
Close up of the texture of the yarn being reviewed

If you’re planning on buying some Simply Wool Worsted Yarn, please consider doing so through this affiliate link. It helps to support the blog at zero cost to you and allows me to continue to bring you great free yarn reviews like this one and free crochet patterns.

So, as I stated in the breakdown above, the Simply Wool Worsted comes in a total of 12 colours – 8 solid colours and 4 twisted. The twisted colourways are made by twisting two of the solid colourways together. I got the Wilbur Twist (Wilbur & Wanda) and the Wallace Twist (Wallace & Wanda). It’s a silly thing but I love the names of the yarns. Wanda is a creamy white colour, present in both of these colourways. Wallace is a rich brown colour while Wilbur is a lighter grey colour.

How Does it Feel?

Upon pulling the yarn out of the box, I honestly was surprised at how soft this yarn felt. It definitely has a bit of a rougher texture but to be honest, I expected it to be rougher. I’m not particularly sensitive to yarn or the itching it can cause some people. I’ve had multiple people touch this yarn and sample it and the consensus was that the yarn has a slightly rough/scratchy texture but surprisingly soft particularly when I tell them that it’s 100% eco-wool. No one found it unbearably scratchy or unpleasant and all would consider using it in a wearable project. I totally feel like a scientist right now lol.

Two hanks of Simply Wool Worsted Twist in shades of brown and white

What’s it Like to Work With?

The yarn was really pleasant to work with. I didn’t experience any splitting and there was zero irritation to my hands when working with it. Stitch definition was decent despite the colour twist in the yarn. The lighter coloured yarn had a bit better stitch definition just due to the fact that the darker colour made stitchces a bit more difficult to see. The colours work up beautifully and creat a nice heathered/marled effect that would be gorgeous in a larger piece.

Check out the video review of We Crochet’s Simply Wool Worsted Twist yarn:

Simply Wool Worsted Twist in a Crochet Swatch

Below are each colourway I received in a crochet swatch. For my reviews, I like to do the three basic stitches in a swatch to give an idea of how the different stitches may affect how the yarn works up. I start with a few rows of single crochet stitches, followed by a few rows of half double crochet stitches and then some double crochet stitches. I did these swatches with a 5.5mm crochet hook

Simply Wool Twist worked up in a crochet swatch

Thanks for checking out my yarn review. Have you tried Simply Wool Worsted Twist yarn yet? What did you think? What would you make with it? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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