Pokémon Crochet Eevee Kit Unboxing & Review

Are you a Pokemon fan that is curious about what comes in the Pokémon Crochet Eevee kit? Wondered if the kit (and its materials) are any good? Today I’m going to be sharing my unboxing and review of the Pokémon Crochet Eevee kit from David & Charles Publishing. I’ll share everything you need to know about the kit before deciding if you should buy the official pokemon crochet kit for the pokémon fan in your life.

I’m also giving away one of these kits to one lucky winner. Read the review to find out how you can enter to win.

This post may contain affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases made through these links at no cost to you.

Thanks to David & Charles Publishing for providing me with one of these kits in exchange for my honest review.

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completed crochet eevee toy in front of the eevee crochet kit box

The Eevee Pokémon crochet kit is a box of craft supplies and instructions to make the Pokemon Evee. Everyone in my house (but me) is Pokemon obsessed. My husband was (and still is) a pokemon game freak and both my kids have a growing stash of Pokemon paraphernaila.

My daughter’s favourite Pokemon is Eevee and she is going to lose her mind when she sees that I have finally made her, her very own Eevee toy. However, because she is so in love with this character, the pressure was on to get it perfect.

pokemon amigurumi eevee toy in front of a box with text underneath that says Pokemon Crochet Eevee Kit Unboxing and Review

What Comes In The Pokémon Evee Crochet Kit (& What Doesn’t)?

The box claims that the “kit contains all you need to make Eevee, and instructions for 5 other Pokemon. But what comes in the kit exactly? The kit contains the following items:

  • a 48-page book of pattern instructions (patterns include: Eevee, Pichu, Wobbuffet, Pikachu, Meowth and Jolteon)
  • a 2.5mm crochet hook
  • off-white acrylic yarn
  • light brown/tan cotton yarn
  • dark brown cotton yarn
  • stuffing
  • black yarn for embroidery
  • a wire brush
  • felt in 3 different colors for adding eyes and other details
  • tapestry needle
  • glue

Contents of the pokémon crochet eevee kit in a flat lay

I found most of the materials included in the kit to be of good quality. The big surprise to me was how great the toy stuffing was that was included in the kit. It was great! I have never used a crochet kit that had such good quality stuffing.

While I thought the kit was good quality, I did have two (small) issues:

1. The glue wasn’t great and my eyes and felt pieces aren’t sticking well.

2. Not everything needed was included in the kit.

But what was missing? A stitch marker.

It’s just a small little thing but as any amigurumi aficionado knows, a stitch marker is an absolute requirement when doing amigurumi toys.

If you don’t have a stitch marker on hand, you can cut a small piece of yarn from the included yarn to act as a stitch marker.

When I made my Eevee toy, I used a smaller gauge hook and used one of the crochet hooks from my personal set rather than the one in the kit. I did this for two reasons:

1. with such a small hook and yarn, my hands would likely have not survived the trip

2. I needed to go down a hook size in order to eliminate holes in my fabric so stuffing wouldn’t show through.

back view of the evee pokémon crochet eevee kit box

What are the Patterns In The Kit Like?

The patterns in the kit were written by the popular Pokemon amigurumi book author Sabrina Somers (also the author of Pocket Amigurumi). In fact, the patterns in this book are directly from the Pokemon Crochet book that I reviewed last year (check out the Pokemon Crochet book review here).

The patterns are written using us terminology and do include step-by-step instructions. I personally find the way the patterns are written a bit confusing and wouldn’t recommend the kit for beginners. If you’re an experienced amigurumi maker, you eventually get used to the style but I think it could be confusing for a beginner, despite them being rather simple crochet patterns to execute.

If you are a beginner and you’re super keen on making your own set of loveable pokemon plushies (or you just find yourself struggling with the style of writing), make sure to check out the section called “How to Read Patterns” on page 7 of the book.

The pattern book includes a number of pages that cover basic crochet techniques and special techniques that are used in the book. These pages include step-by-step photos of various techniques which is helpful.

They even include how to wind your yarn hanks that come in the box into a ball manually since you need to do that prior to using them to avoid a tangled mess.

It would have been nice to have some instructions included on brushing out the yarn but I have included some tips for that in my video review of this kit that you may find helpful.

See The Kit Unboxing & Tips For Making Eevee

amigurumi pokémon with a pokéball in the distance

How Long Does It Take To Make An Eevee Amigurumi?

It took me between 22 – 23 hours to make my Eevee toy. It definitely was a work of love and I know that when my daughter gets home from school and see this, she will go crazy.

Once you’re done making your Eevee, you have the ability to make other Pokémon amigurumi toys beyond Eevee since you have the other patterns in the accompanying book. However, you’ll have to source your own materials as only materials for the Eevee toy are included in this kit.

As I mention above, this is a time-intensive toy so you’ll get hours of fun from each toy. It was so much fun seeing the toy come together and after all the time together, it’s going to be hard to give my Eevee up.

If you’re someone that enjoys having the guess-work taken out of sourcing your materials for a project, looking for a unique gift for the Pokemon fanatic in your life or just want to make your own adorable Pokemon characters to cuddle, you may want to check out the Pokemon Crochet Eevee Kit from David & Charles.

If you'd like to purchase a Pokémon Crochet Eevee Kit, it is available for purchase from Amazon.

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eevee crochet kit on a white background next to an orange crochet hook

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Thanks to David & Charles Publishing, I have one (1) Pokemon Crochet Eevee Kit to giveaway!

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