Ottlite Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp Review and Giveaway

Ottlite on a table next its box, text overlay says Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp Review
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Our friends at Ottlite have a new sanitizing desk lamp available for crafters and those in need of a task lamp with multiple features called the Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp. Ottlite has kindly provided me with an Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp to review and they are providing one for us to giveaway to one lucky winner as well. Read more to learn more about this lamp and how you can enter to win one for yourself.

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Earlier this year, I got to review the Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk lamp from Ottlite , which was one of the first lamps available in the sanitizing desk lamp line from Ottlite. It was a beautiful lamp and although I couldn’t find anything conclusive scientifically supporting it’s sanitizing functions, I thoroughly enjoyed the lamp overall.

The Achieve LED Sanitizing Lamp is one of the newest lamps available in the sanitizing lamp line from Ottline and it is a more streamlined, flexible light that, after a few weeks of use, feels like it could be a more pratical choice for most crafters over the Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp. I love the Emerge but the flexible neck of the Achieve really came in handy in multiple situations.

Ottlite wellness series lamp box showing technical specifications of the light.
Technical Specs for the light

The Achieve is a light-weight lamp with a totally flexible neck so you can get the light exactly where you need it to be. I found this combination to be amazing for being able to take the light from room to room so I could have light wherever I was crocheting. The flexible neck helped me to focus the light where it was comfortable for me and most helpful. I’ve been crocheting with dark and black yarns a lot lately and this has made doing so a total breeze. I don’t know how I crocheted with black yarn before having an Ottlite. I know that this lamp is meant to be placed on a desk but as a crocheter, I rarely crochet at my desk so the portability of this light was a big deal for me.

The Achieve LED Sanitizing Lamp also has wireless AND wired charging which has also been helpful when using my phone while crocheting. I don’t have to worry about my phone losing its charge and all I have to bring with me is my lamp. Although this lamp lacks the adjustable shelf that I loved on the Ottlite Dualshade LED Floor Lamp (Here is my Ottlite Dualshade LED Floor Lamp Review) which I thought was amazing for using phones and tablets on, it’s lightweight portability and flexibility more than made up for it.

The lamp has 3 different brightness levels. In addition to the dimmable light, this Ottlite model has three different light settings: ClearSun only (regular light), Clear Sun & SpectraClean (regular light and the santizing light together) and SpectraClean only (which is just the sanitizing light). These modes are changed via the little touch sensor on the base and easily switched through. The SpectraClean mode turns on a purple light in the lamp which is supposed to sanitize your work space. Being able to change the brightness helps me make sure that I have a level of light that’s comfortable for my eyes as well illuminates my work accordingly. I can work under this light for hours without having headaches or eye pain.

sensor base on the Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp
Touch Sensor on the Ottlite Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp
Ottlite Achieve Sanitizing Desk lamp with light showing the purple sanitizing light mode
Ottlite with Sanitizing Mode Enabled

Overall, I love the light and have thoroughly enjoyed using it when I crochet in the evenings and with dark yarns. If you’re struggling to work with dark yarns, I highly recommend checking out an Ottlite. Their lamps have a lot of great features for crafters and crocheters alike. If you’re interested in checking out the Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp or one of the other Ottlite lamps, you can check them out here on the Ottlite Website.

Win an Achieve LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp

Ottlite lamp box

The lovely folks over at Ottlite are giving one of my followers a chance to win their very own Achieve LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp! The giveaway is happening over on my IG page and starts at 3pm EST. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram and due to shipping, is open to U.S. entrants only. Giveaway closes Friday, November 12, 2021 at 12am EST. Winner will be contacted via Instagram.

Thanks for checking out this review. I hope you found it helpful. While you’re here, check out some free crochet patterns and crochet product reviews:

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