In-Depth Laurel Hill Wooden Crochet Hooks Review

Today we are going to take a look at three different Laurel Hill crochet hooks: the Nam Oc, Forest Palm and Trai crochet hooks.  I spent a month crocheting with these handmade wooden hooks so that I can share with you my in-depth, honest review of what these handmade crochet hooks from Laurel Hill are like.

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Thanks to Laurel Hill Crochet for providing me with these crochet hooks in exchange for my honest opinion.  I do not guarantee a positive review of any product reviewed on my site.  All opinions shared here are my own.

A Little Background Info On Laurel Hill

Laurel Hill was started by Rick Brown in Eugene, Oregon 19 years ago and now co-operates Laurel Hill with his son, Danny Brown.  The business started out with a line of handmade crochet hooks and has since then grown to carry a variety of different knitting and crochet products from different fiber arts businesses.  From tunisian crochet hooks, double-ended hooks, interchangeable hook sets, knitting needles, yarn and more, Laurel Hill Online has a lot to offer fiber artists.

three laurel hill crochet hooks of different colours on a white background with text underneath that says in-depth review of laurel hill wooden crochet hooks

About the Materials Used to Make These Wood Hooks

One of the things I loved most when learning about Laurel Hill hooks is that they have a focus on sustainability.  These wooden crochet hooks are handmade from exotic woods and are produced using only natural, repurposed materials.  The Forest Palm wood crochet hook (the darkest hook in the photo below) is made from old branches of palm trees and is 100% recycled material. I just love that!

It’s so important to support small businesses but I personally think it’s even more important to support small businesses that focus on sustainability like this.

Laurel Hill Crochet Hook Sizes:

Laurel Hill crochet hooks are made in sizes D/3.25mm to M/9mm.  I was sent three different crochet hooks to test out for this review: the forest palm, nam oc and trai and I was sent the following size hooks: 3.5mm, 5.5mm and 6.0mm – my 3 most used crochet hook sizes.  Each hook is very light weight so there wasn’t any additional strain on my wrists or hands like some other heavy, crochet hooks I’ve tried.  The smaller sizes are particularly light and my 3.5mm hook felt like it weighed almost nothing.

three handmade Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks in forest palm, nam oc and trai woods on a white background

Check out the video version of this Laurel Hill Crochet Hook review:

The Unique Thumb Rest

These gorgeous hooks have a unique thumb rest.  Where standard crochet hooks that have a thumb grip like this, the thumb rest is only on one side and usually is where the hook size is embossed or engraved.  The thumb rest on these hooks is on both sides of the hook, and it is incredibly smooth, free of any embossing or engraving that could agitate fingers.

a hand holding the end of a Laurel Hill crochet hook showing the profile view of the hook and it's unique thumb grip

The Shaft of the Hooks

These hooks are really sleek and are a cool kind of hybrid between an inline hook and a tapered hook.  In a regular crochet hook, there is usually some tapering but then there is a straight section on the hook in order to maintain a consistent diameter.  This taper could definitely affect your gauge so it’s something you need to get used to.  

You may potentially find yourself having to switch hooks more often with a hook like this to match gauge because of that tapering.  I noticed that personal gauge was looser than stitches crocheted with another same-sized crochet hook.

Laurel Hill hooks are also a pointed hook.  Meaning that, at the tip of each hook is a really nice, sharp point.  It was particularly helpful when I was crocheting into tight stitches and helped cut down on yarn splitting.

The Hook’s Finish

The finish of these hooks is probably my favorite part of these hooks and really surprised me.  I opened the package they were sent with and instantly felt how silky smooth these hooks are.  I have never felt such a smooth wooden hook in my hand and the yarn slides on and off of these hooks beautifully.  

I took these hooks to my weekly crochet night and passed them around and everyone’s reaction was immediate and the same upon touching it.  No one could believe how smooth they were!

forest palm crochet hook laying on a lacy blue crochet scarf

Overall Impressions of Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks

Overall, I really loved these crochet hooks.  They’re durable, lightweight, functional works of art that are available at a really reasonable price (at the time of writing it, about $9.99 USD a hook, which, in my opinion is an absolute steal).  The yarn glides off the hooks seamlessly, even smoother than some of the metal hooks that I have in my collection.

My ONLY issue that I had with these hooks was the length of time I was able to crochet with them.  I could usually crochet for about an hour with these hooks before my hands told me that it was time to take a rest.  Any longer than that, I found I would need to go longer periods of time between crocheting to give my hands a rest.  

Because I’m a tight crocheter that uses a knife grip, I ended up putting more pressure on my thumb joints because of how thin the grip was.  When I switched to pencil grip, I didn’t put as much pressure on my thumb joints but I am not as comfortable crocheting that way and only do it occasionally.  

Regardless, I still love the hooks and will use them for smaller crochet projects where I know I won’t spend long periods of time crocheting.  

If you’ve been thinking about giving Laurel Hill crochet hooks a try, you definitely should.  With their affordable price, the risk is relatively low and you’re supporting a small, family-owned business.  And, of course, you may end up loving them like I did.

Find Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks and they’re other offerings at Laurel Hill Online.

I hope that you found this review helpful! If you’d like to check out Laurel Hill crochet hook, you can find them online at Laurel Hill Online. If you have experience using Laurel Hill crochet hooks that you’d like to share or questions about these hooks, please leave a comment below to share it with me and our community.

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