How to Get Your Crojo Back: Overcoming Creative Block as a Crocheter

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We’ve all been there. You want to pick up your crochet hook and get started on your next project but you’re not sure what to make. You try a few things and nothing feels right. Then it hits you: maybe you’ve lost your “crojo” (crochet mojo). I’ve been there on a number of occassions and it can be frustrating. Here are some ideas for helping you overcome your creative block and get your crojo back.

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Just Make Something… Anything!

This one works for me when I suspect that my creative block may actually be just indecision. I check out my Ravelry Queue and I eenie miny moe that shit. Then, I just make it. Full disclosure: sometimes I get my kids to pick it for me so I don’t cheat with this process! Then I just work on the project. Even if I feel like I hate it and I want to frog it, I just push through. The relaxation that comes from crocheting tends to kick in and I get into the project. Once I’m done I’m ready to tackle something new and get creative again. If that isn’t working, I will even just crochet a swatch and the action of crocheting can help you get your crojo back.

Check out some of my patterns to get you started here on my free crochet patterns page.

Go Through Your Stash

When just making something doesn’t work, I shop my own stash. I am an incredibly tactile person so I touch different yarns and just go wherever my eye takes me. I have a few skeins of yarn that I keep around just as inspiration (don’t tell my husband this. I keep saying I’ll make something with them someday). These yarns are beautiful and inspire me in different ways. Sometimes all it takes is a good old fashioned yarn cuddle to get the juices flowing. (Check out my tips HERE for organizing your yarn stash.)

Hand dyed yarn in a basket from crocheter's yarn stash

Check Out a Stitch Dictionary

After checking my yarn stash I tend to break out my stitch dictionaries to see if anything there sparks interest. It typically does. Sometimes I just grab a ball of yarn and a stitch dictionary and do some swatches. This kind of ties back to my first point. Just make something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had inspiration strike while making swatches. Plus, these swatches could be seamed together later to make another project. Score! (THIS book is a good stitch dictionary to start with.)

The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs - Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Surf the Net!

Pinterest is a wonderful thing and inspiration is plentiful. Do a search for crochet and literally a million results comes up. Explore the results. Discover new makers and projects. Be sure to pin anything great you find so you don’t lose it (and you support the maker at the same time!). You can follow me on Pinterest HERE to see the pins that I’m pinning.

Youtube is great for inpiration too! Search for crochet stitches to learn a new technique, crochet patterns and tips. There are so many incredible makers creating videos on Youtube that you’re sure to find something great to inspire you. Subscribe to my YouTube to be alerted of when I post new content.

Try Instagram too! There are so many stunning projects shared by makers on Instagram everyday that it can make your head spin. Try searching using the hashtags #theloopylamb #crochet, #yarnpunk, #crochetersofinstagram, #amigurumi and #crochetgirlgang to get you started. You can follow me on Instagram HERE.

mobile phone showing social media apps that can be used for crochet inspiration to get your crojo back.

Take a Break

I know, I know. This is a blasphemy to even suggest but let’s be real. Sometimes, you just need to take a break. Go for a walk, exercise, have coffee with friends, meditate, take a nap. Do whatever helps you relieve stress and recharges you. Personally, I love to put on some energetic music and go for a walk.

a person walking in the woods - talking walks is great for getting your crojo back

I hope that this has given you some ideas on how to get your crojo back. What do you do to try to get your crojo back? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Want to try some fun crochet projects each using some different techniques to get the crojo flowing? Check out my free crochet patterns for The Bobblelicious Bag, Carter the Carrot, The Vendbar Tote, The Mad About Boo Pillow, The Crochet Tartan Cowl and Seth the Sloth.

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