How to Crochet the Primrose Stitch Tutorial

Primrose stitch crochet swatch with text overlay indicating a free stitch tutorial with video instructions

The Primrose Stitch is a pretty, textured stitch that has a simple two row repeat. This stitch is a variation of a shell stitch pattern and it looks great in a single colour. I’ve included both a photo and video tutorial for us today so let’s grab our hooks and our yarn and let’s learn how to crochet the Primrose Stitch.

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What is the Primrose Stitch?

The Primrose Stitch is an easy shell stitch with a beautiful texture. This crochet stitch has a basic two-row repeat making it great for crocheting while you watch your favorite shows. I recently made a baby blanket for a friend using this stitch while watching the new season of Bridgerton. My friend absolutely loved it and I loved that it worked up so quicky. This is a lovely textured stitch that beginner crocheters can easily use in their next crochet project as well.

You can use any hook and yarn combination with this easy stitch but today I’ll be using a Furls Odyssey 5.5mm crochet hook and a Brava Worsted Weight Yarn from We Crochet. You can mix up your hook size and yarn weight combination to change up the look of this stitch. Using a larger hook with a worsted weight yarn will create a more open look. The Primrose Stitch is comprised of basic crochet stitches and would be the perfect stitch for a baby blanket, a cushion cover and would also be a pretty stitch for bags and summer accessories.

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Check out my How to Crochet the Primrose Stitch video tutorial here:


  • US Terms

Skill Level:

  • Beginner


Stitch Multiple:

  • Chain in multiples of 3 +2


  • CH 2s count as an HDC ST.
  • CH 3s count as a DC ST.

Foundation Row / Row 1: (SC, CH 2, SC) in the 3rd CH from the hook, *skip the next 2 CHs and (SC, CH 2, SC) in the next CH* repeat instructions in ** across until 2 CHs remain. Skip one CH, HDC in the last CH. For my example here, I have started with a CH 20

Crochet Chain to start the primrose stitch swatch
row 1 completed of the crochet tutorial

Row 2: CH 3, DC 3 in each CH 2 space across, placing a DC in the top of the 2 skipped CHs from Row 1.

row two of how to crochet the primrose stitch tutorial completed.

Row 3: CH 2 (counts as your first HDC), (SC, CH 2, SC) in the 2nd DC of each of the 3 DC shells across. Place a HDC in the top of turning chain from the previous row.

Completed row three of the tutorial

Row 4: CH 3 (counts are your first DC), DC 3 in the next ch-2 space and each of the CH 2 spaces across, placing a DC in the top of the turning CH from previous row.

Repeat Row 3 and Row 4 until you have reached your desired size.

That’s it! Doesn’t this primrose crochet stitch have wonderful texture?! I love this easy crochet stitch and how versatile it is.

completed Primrose stitch swatch in blue
two completed crochet stitch swatches side by side one in blue and one in coral

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