How to Crochet the Floret Stitch Step-By-Step Photo & Video Tutorial

two textured crochet stitch swatches in a flay lay with text reading How to crochet Floret stitch with video instructions

The Floret Stitch is a quick and easy crochet stitch to do that creates a beautifully textured fabric. It’s a simple two row repeat so it’s great for crocheting while you watch TV. This stitch is accessible to all skill levels and creates an absolutely beautiful texture. Let’s grab our hooks and our yarn and let’s learn how to crochet the Floret Stitch!

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You can use any hook and yarn combination with this beautiful stitch but today I’ll be using a Furls Odyssey 5.5mm crochet hook and a Brava Worsted Weight Yarn from We Crochet. You can mix up your hook and yarn weights to change up the look of this stitch.

I love how the Floret Stitch looks in a Super Bulky weight yarn. I used the Floret Stitch in my Heather Super Scarf Pattern using Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn and my model loved the scarf so much, she took it home with her. Find the free pattern for the Heather Super Scarf and give it a try to practice this stitch.

Woman with face partially concealed by scarf made with this free crochet scarf pattern.
The Heather Scarf – Made using the Floret Stitch

Check out my How to Crochet the Floret Stitch video tutorial here:


  • US Terms


  • CH = Chain

  • DC = Double Crochet

  • SL ST = Slip Stitch

  • ST(s) = Stitch(es)

Stitch Multiple:

  • Chain in multiples of 2 + 3


  • CH 3s at the beginning of row count as a DC ST

  • CH 1s at the beginning of row count as a SL ST

  • Your stitch count will not change from one row to the next row but it’s easy to lose stitches because of that beginning SL ST. Placing a stitch marker in the first stitch of rows that start with slip stitches will help you from missing this ST in subsequent rounds.

How to Crochet the Floret Stitch

Row 1 (Right Side): CH your desired number of chains for your foundation chain. For my example here, I have created a chain of 23. DC in the fourth chain (4th CH) from the hook and in each CH across. Turn.

Starting chain in multiples of 2+3
Double crochet worked in the 4th chain from the hook
Completed first row of the how to crochet floret stitch tutorial

Row 2 (Wrong Side): CH 1 (counts as first SL ST here and throughout), *DC in the next ST, SL ST in the next*. Repeat instructions in the ** until the end of the row, working the last SL ST into the top of the CH 3. You may find it helpful to place a stitch marker in the slip stitch at the beginning of this row to help you find it when working your 3rd Row.

slip stitch and double crochet stitches completed for Row 2
Completed row two of the how to crochet floret stitch tutorial showing the start of texture

Row 3: CH 3 (counts as first DC here and throughout), DC in the 2nd ST and each ST across.

Completed row 3 of the floret stitch

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until your project is your desired size!

That’s it! Isn’t that’s so simple? What kind of project would you use the Floret Stitch for?

completed swatch, showing the beautiful texture of the stitch being taught.

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