How to Crochet Animals: Pets Review

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This week I checked out How to Crochet Animals: Pets: 25 Mini Menagerie Patterns by Kerry Lord and I’m going to share my review with you so you know what it’s all about.

Thank you to Lark Crafts who provided this book to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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I have been working my way through the How to Crochet Animals series by Kerry Lord. How to Crochet Animals: Pets is one of 4 different books in the series. There are also Wild, Farm and Ocean. Click the links here to check out my reviews of Wild, Ocean and Farm.

Kerry Lord books stacked on top of eachother from the How to Crochet Animals series

Kerry Lord has made herself a household name for those that are familiar with amigurumi crochet. Since releasing her book Edward’s Menagerie which was a huge hit, in 2014 she has since gone on to publish multiple amigurumi pattern books. How to Crochet Animals: Pets is one of the latest releases by Kerry Lord and it contains 25 crochet animal patterns for animals people keep as pets. How to Crochet Animals: Pets contains the patterns for many popular pet animals as well as some more exotic pet animals that people keep. The animals contained in the book are:

Tabby CatGuinea Pig
Cocker SpanielMaine Coon Cat
ChinchillaYorkshire Terrier
Angora BunnyPersian Cat
Old English Sheep Dog
crochet chamelon toys arranged in rainbow colours from the book being reviewed
crochet tarantula from How to Crochet Animals: Pets by Kerry Lord

As in the last two Kerry Lord books that I reviewed, How to Crochet Animals: Wild and How to Crochet Animals: Farm, this book starts off with talking about essential tools and yarn, which is of course, Toft yarn. Just like Wild and Farm, this book touches on the gauge aspect of amigurumi toys but doesn’t provide enough detail to be of much use to new crocheters. The rest of the resources in the book are clear and well-laid out. This series of books seems to contain the exact same resource section in all three of them with new patterns inserted.

The toys themselves are cute, with my particular favourite being the tarantula. My son loves this one and immediately asked me to make him one upon seeing it. As I’ve come to expect with the books in the How to Crochet Animals series, the patterns are clear and easy to understand and contain technique pages throughout the book to assist readers in learning new techniques needed to successfully complete projects.

I have been enjoying exploring and reviewing Kerry Lords How to Crochet Animal series and think that that How to Crochet Animals: Pets is a well-written resource and is accessible for a variety of skill levels. Pets contains projects that are great for gifting to little ones. I know my daughter asks me for at least one of the animals in this book a week and although it may not be the real thing, a cute toy from this book will still make her happy and appease her for at least a little while.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of How to Crochet Animals: Farm by Kerry Lord, you can check it out HERE.

Amigurumi bunny toy from this Kerry Lord Amigurumi pattern book in a flat lay with crochet hook and scissors

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