Free Poncho Crochet Patterns You’ll Love to Make

I’ve rounded up some of the best free crochet poncho patterns that the internet has to offer in one place to not just inspire you but to save you time so you can find your next project in a single place.

All of these patterns are available free on ad-supported websites but if you prefer to crochet ad-free, you can support these talented makers by buying an ad-free PDF version of the pattern from either their etsy shop or ravelry shop.  They are usually linked on the pattern page for your convenience.

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What is a Crochet Poncho?

A crochet poncho is a type of clothing item, that is loose and flowy, usually worn by slipping it over your head. 

Crochet ponchos can vary widely in terms of complexity and design. They can be simple and elegant with basic stitches for beginners, or intricate and detailed with complex patterns and motifs for more experienced crocheters. 

They can be designed for warmth, making them thicker and suitable for colder weather, or made with lighter, breathable yarns for use in warmer climates or seasons.

Crochet ponchos can be worn for various occasions, from casual outings to more special occasions, depending on the design and yarn used. They offer a comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional sweaters or jackets.

In this list you’ll find a wide variety of styles and designs suitable for a wide variety of skill levels.

What Makes Crochet Ponchos Such a Project for Beginners?

Ponchos are a great transitional piece as we transition between seasons and a great introduction to the wonderful world of crochet garments!  I love the look of ponchos with a pair of jeans.

Ponchos are generally created using basic shapes like rectangles and triangles making them the perfect project to get started with making your own crochet garments.  They tend to be light and flowy, needing minimal shaping.  If you’ve made a blanket, you can make a poncho

For all of these crochet projects, you’ll need a crochet hook, yarn, tapestry needle,  and sometimes, a stitch marker (s).

What Yarn is Best for Crochet Ponchos?

All of these patterns indicate which yarn to use with the pattern however, understandably that may not be accessible for everyone.  

The best yarn for crochet ponchos depends on the time of year you want to wear your poncho in.  

My recommendations are:

  • a light to medium weight yarn (3 and 5 weights) for ponchos to be worn in spring and fall (cooler months that can still sometimes be warm),

  • fingering and lace weight (1 and 0 weights) for summer and,

  • bulky and super bulky (5 and 6 weights) for late fall, winter and very early spring.

The climate where you live will also play a factor in making a decision on yarn choices.

For instance, I live in Canada and it’s cold here 8 months of the year.  I’d opt for yarns in worsted through super bulky for most of the year whereas someone who lives in Arizona will likely want to stick to the lighter end of the yarn weights for a lot of their season.  Just something to keep in mind.

What Crochet Terms Are Used In These Patterns?

Unless noted otherwise, all the patterns included in this round up are written using us terms.

What Skills Do I Need To Make A Crochet Poncho?

You should be able to match gauge since you want your poncho to fit properly.

You should know basic crochet stitches like: slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (SC), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), and sometimes treble crochet (tr).

Knowing how to seam two pieces together is also needed for many poncho patterns.  Many use seams like whip stitch or mattress stitch to seam their pieces together.

Other Techniques And Skills That Are Helpful When Making Ponchos:

  • How to make tassels, pom poms and fringe

  • How to make buttonholes and sew on buttons

  • Identifying the right side of your fabric from the wrong side

  • Identifying parts of a stitch (front loop and back loop)

  • How to block crochet

  • How to weave in ends

Things To Know About This Round Up

I’ve chosen to include a variety of crochet poncho pattern styles to give as much variety as possible.   Some of these patterns are available in a variety of sizes or include instructions on how to adjust the pattern to fit your own measurements.  

A lot of these poncho patterns are also very easy to customize in order to make them your own. 

The yarn needs for each pattern below will vary depending on the size you make but I’ve tried to list what brand/type of yarn/yarn weight is used for each pattern as well as the hook size and skill level. 

If you have a suggestion for a free crochet poncho pattern that you love that I haven’t included here, let me know in the comments below!

Free Poncho Crochet Patterns:

Collage of Crochet Ponchos made with free crochet poncho patterns with a text overlay
Woman wearing a crochet poncho in a blue ombre colour

This C2C Block Rocking Poncho by Michelle White of Dora Does looks way more complicated than it really is.  just LOVE the gradient yarn that was used in this design but it would also work well with a self-striping yarn.  

This pattern is labelled as easy and uses the corner-to-corner crochet technique and uses a sport weight yarn.
Hook Size: 4.5 mm hook.  
Skill Level: Easy.

woman outdoors wearing a grey poncho made with a free poncho crochet pattern by Mama in a Stitch

The Light Alpaca Poncho by Mama in a Stitch is a beginner-friendly pattern made with a worsted weight yarn call Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca.  

You’ll need a 6mm crochet hook for this pattern and it is available in the following size: Approximately 31” wide X 22” long – One Size however, there are notes for tips to adjust this pattern to customize it to fit whatever size you need it for.

Woman wearing lacy, striped poncho made with a free crochet poncho pattern.

The Midnight Madness Poncho by Nana’s Crafty Home is available in several sizes and uses a simple two-row repeat so it’s a great pattern to work on when watching your favourite show.  

This uses  Lion Brand Yarn Shawl in a Ball, a worsted weight yarn and a J / 6 mm crochet hook.
Skill level: Easy.

woman outdoors facing the camera wearing a striped poncho

The Wasilla Poncho by A Crocheted Simplicity is designed to use Lion Brand Mandala yarn, a DK self-striping yarn that is available at a wide variety of retail stores.  

You’ll need a 6mm crochet hook for this easy level crochet pattern that is available in two different sizes: adult and child.

grey and white striped poncho on a mannequin made with a free crochet poncho pattern

The Play-Off Poncho by Moogly is a free crochet poncho pattern that is available in sizes XS – 5X.  It’s easily customizable and it’s made using simple stitches, alternating between rows of double crochet stitches and half double crochet so it’s accessible for beginners wanting to take a stab at their first poncho.  

This pattern uses a size k / 6.5 mm hook, a worsted weight yarn and has some video tutorials to help you work through the project.
Skill level: Beginner.

woman looking down at herself wearing a bright yellow poncho made from a single rectangle

The Whitney Poncho is a free pattern by Amber Millard of Divine Debris. This is a great asymmetrical poncho that is made from a single rectangle so there is minimal seaming involved.

Yarn: DK yarn.
Hook Size: 5.5mm (I) hook.
Skill Level: Easy

Striped granny stitch poncho worn by a mannequin

The Secret Paths Poncho by Pattern Princess is available in one size and the pattern states it should fit a size medium/large best.  

This poncho is made by sewing two triangles together and it has an easy, rhythmic stitch repeat.  If you’ve made a granny square, you can make this shawl.

Yarn: Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn (worsted weight).
Hook Size: 5.25 mm hook.
Skill level: Confident Beginner.

smiling child wearing a textured poncho in 4 different colors

The Easy Poncho for Everyone by Oombawka Design Crochet is an easy level crochet pattern that is available in sizes Baby through 5XL so you can make ponchos for the entire family with a single pattern.  

This pattern uses an Aran weight/Worsted Weight yarn (4) and a 6.0mm crochet hook.

Woman wearing a fringed poncho with her arms out wide.

It’s called the Misty Grey Poncho by Raffamussa Designs is a tunisian crochet pattern made from two simple rectangles that’s available in the following sizes:  XS/S, M/L, XL/2X.

This pattern uses two different sized hooks and a size 4 yarn weight – worsted / aran. You’ll need approximately 204 – 2156 yards of yarn (depending on your size). 
Skill Level: Intermediate.

Skill level: Intermediate.

child walking wearing the lucky penny poncho by sincerely pam

This is The Lucky Penny Poncho by Sincerely Pam and it is available in child’s size.  This pattern uses Lion Brand Mandala Tweed Yarn in the colourway Lucky Penny (check out my review of this yarn here).  

This version of the pattern comes in children’s small, medium and large sizes.  
Hook Size: 5.5mm.
Skill level: Easy.

Smiling woman wearing the lucky penny crochet poncho.

The child-sized version of the Lucky Penny Poncho was so popular that Pam wrote up the pattern for adult sizes too! That cowl neck is beautiful and bound to keep you warm and cozy in the cooler weather.

Yarn: Lion Brand Mandala Tweed.
Hook Size: 5.5 mm.
Skill Level: Easy.

teal granny square poncho on a mannequin

The Wandering Poncho Crochet Pattern by Rich Textures Crochet is made of four different crochet squares that are crocheted together to make the body of the poncho.

Yarn: Furls Wander.
Hook Size: I / 5.5 mm hook.
Skill Level: Intermediate.

smiling woman wearing a poncho with a granny square motif neckline, made from a free poncho crochet pattern by HanJan Crochet

If you’re looking for a really customizable piece then take a look at this Granny Square Poncho by HanJan Crochet. The pattern is available in sizes XS – M (L – 2XL, 3XL – 5XL) to fit chest sizes 30″ – 38″ (42″ – 50″, 54″ – 62″) and has the option to add sleeves to it so you can make it as just a standard poncho or add sleeves. The choice is yours.  

This project uses Upcycle Alpaca Blend yarn from WeCrochet and a 4.5mm crochet hook. Skill Level: Easy.

smiling woman wearing a lacy poncho

The Perfect Fall Poncho from Moogly is so pretty and would look awesome paired with jeans.  I’d personally wear it any season. It has a beautiful texture and is easily adjusted to fit your size.  

Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool (4).
Hook: J / 6.0 mm.
Skill level: Easy.

smiling woman wearing a poncho with sleeves

The Portobello Crochet Poncho Pattern by Fosbas Designs is a poncho with sleeves. The sleeves give a bit of added sleekness and sophistication to the poncho and it looks so comfy to wear.  

Yarn: Hobbii Portobello.
Hook Size: 6mm.
Skill Level: Intermediate

Woman wearing a striped poncho while walking down stairs

The Vincent Cloak by Knot Bad promises to be a cozy addition to your wardrobe.  It’s made with Lion Brand Thick and Quick Yarn, wish simple stitches, this simple crochet poncho should work up quickly.  

Hook Size: 10mm.
Skill level: Easy.

woman wearing a maroon and white poncho

The Moroccan Weekend Wrap by Moogly is a poncho style wrap pattern from Moogly.  This poncho is really unique.  It has two differently coloured panels and can be worn in a variety of ways.

Yarn: Patons Alpaca Blend, Bulky (5).  
Hook Size: L / 8mm.  
Skill level: Intermediate.

lacy spring poncho made with variegated yarn being modelled by a woman with her hand on a tree

The Pensacola Poncho by Banana Moon Studio is a lace poncho that uses a recycled linen yarn. This pattern is available in 3 different sizes but each size fits a range of sizes because it has some stretch.  

Hook Size: 4mm.  
Skill Level: Not Listed

Child kneeling on the ground wearing the ragged falls crochet poncho

The Ragged Falls Poncho is another adorable make by Sincerely Pam.  This free crochet poncho pattern is available in children’s sizes, all the way up to 5X adult sizes.  Yay for size inclusivity!  This would be a great mommy and me poncho set.

Hook Size: J / 6mm.  
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice (worsted).
Skill level: Easy.

tall woman in a white room wearing a beginner friendly crochet poncho

The Soho Poncho is available as an ad-free pdf download on the Lion Brand Website. 

It uses Lion Brand Heartland yarn (a worsted weight yarn), 6 mm (J) crochet hook and has an intermediate skill level.

woman standing in front of a brick wall wearing an oversized poncho

The Turkey Trot Poncho by Marly Bird uses the popular Caron Latte Cake Yarn. Although the make-along has ended, the pattern remains free on the Marly Bird blog for makers to use again and again.

Yarn: Caron Latte Cakes (5) Bulky weight.
Hook Size: 6.5mm.
Skill Level: Easy

woman in a cowboy hat wearing a fuzzy pink poncho in front of a wooden garage door

The Sparsh Poncho by Knitter Knotter is another free poncho crochet pattern that uses Caron Latte Cake yarn but this one uses Tunisian crochet.  It looks super soft and cozy.  

Hook Size: 9mm.
Skill Level: Beginner 

woman's torso modelling a crochet poncho

The Textured Fall Poncho by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts is a beautiful, beginner friendly design that was don as part of a collaboration with LoveCrafts.  This project is available in sizes XS – 4XL and uses a worsted weight yarn and 5 mm crochet hook.

I hope you have enjoyed this free crochet poncho pattern round up! Check out some of my other free crochet pattern round ups:

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