Debrosse Modern Crochet Book Review

Modern Crochet Book by Debrosse with a furls crochet hook on top and a cup of coffee next to it.
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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love crochet books. I’ve always been a big reader so it seemed natural to combine my love of reading with my passion for crochet. I was recently given the opportunity to review the book Modern Crochet: Patterns & Designs for the Minimalist Maker by Teresa Carter of Debrosse. When this book came out there was a lot of buzz about it in the Instagram crochet community and I’m excited to share my review of it with you today.

Thanks to Paige, Tate & Co., they have provided me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review of this book. All opinions are my own.

When Modern Crochet first arrived and in taking it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book has a hard cover with a matte finish. I love when crochet books are hard cover and my first thought when I picked up this book was that it reminded me of a coffee table book. Even my husband, (who doesn’t crochet) said “that looks like a nice book” as he walked by. Opening the front cover I was greeted by two black pages and just on the inside of the cover is a ruler and there is a braided book mark attached to the book. I had a “YASS QUEEN!” moment when I saw that ruler and bookmark because it gave me hopes that this book was one of those fabulous finds that is a thoroughly though-out treasure.

Faux fur cowl picture in the debrosse modern crochet book

I sat down with Modern Crochet immediately and made the decision that house work would just have to wait. I poured over the pages, reading the foreword, written by Alexandra Tavel (@twoofwands) and the intro. The introduction was wonderful. It gives you a glimpse into the start of Debrosse, where the name came from and Teresa’s hopes for the book.

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Bobble Pillow pages of the Debrosse Crochet Book

I had this impression that the book was going to be a standard pattern book. To my surprise, it was much more like a fundamentals of crochet book. Pages 15 to 35 cover basics like yarn fundamentals, crochet hook fundamentals, how to read a pattern and more. Reading through this section, I thoroughly enjoyed the way it was written. It feels more conversational rather than formally instructional which just invites you to read more. The back of the book has a resource section that walks you through the stitches in the book. The instructions are clear and accessible to absolute beginners.

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Table of contents of the book being reviewed by Debrosse

Modern Crochet is beautifully illustrated with clean, crisp imagery – keeping with it’s modern/minimalistic theme. The text may be a little small for those that have issues with their vision but overall, the whole package is beautiful and well-thought out.

The exact yarns and yarn brands that are used in the book are given and they’re all brands accessible to everyone willing to take a quick trip to their local big-box store that sells yarn. None of these yarns are particularly expensive either. In my opinion, this makes this book even more accessible. Readers don’t have to go out and search for materials. Many of the yarns used in this book are likely already in your stash.

The Leogane Infinity scarf pages of Modern Crochet

The 16 patterns in this book are simple and easy to understand. A total beginner should be able to completed these patterns after reading and testing out the techniques shown in the book. There is an online component to the book as well that was unexpected. So if you’re stuck and need further help, there is a video support link accessible to those that have bought the book. I think this is a great addition that can help ensure success to Modern Crochet’s readers.

Pictures of the Debrosse scrunchie pattern inside Modern Crochet

Overall this is a beautiful book that begs to be left out, just like a coffee table book. It’s goal of shattering the grannies-only perception of crochet has been met, with a resource that proves crochet has evolved beyond that granny square and has it’s place in a modern and minimalist world. If you’re a beginner, this book is a wonderful resource that is worth investing in.

If you want to check out Modern Crochet from Debrosse you can grab a copy of the book HERE.

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Back cover of the book by Debrosse

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