Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 Edition Review

image of four women modelling size-inclusive crochet garments with text underneath that says Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 Edition Review
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The Winter 2021 edition of Crochet Foundry Magazine is here and our friends at the magazine have given me a copy of the magazine to review. Today as part of my review, I’ll be sharing some of the new additions to the magazine that we see in this edition. I love seeing how this magazine is evolving and being refined over time. So without, further ado, let’s get into tmy Crochet Foundry Magazine Winter 2021 edition review.

Thanks to Furls Crochet and Crochet Foundry Magazine for supplying me a copy of this magazine free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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In case this is your first time hearing about Crochet Foundry magazine, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Crochet Foundry is a size-inclusive crochet garment design magazine. It contains patterns for multiple crochet garment patterns and all of them are graded to fit sizes x-small to 5xl. With multiple designers working for the magazine, there is usally a great variety of styles to fit any wardrobe.

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collage of images of size-inclusive garments and projects available in the winter 2021 crochet foundry edition

Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 brings us some new faces sharing their designs. The designers in this edition are: Jessica Herr, Mary Onorati, Michelle Moore, Torie Dell, Dianne Hunt, Alexis Hawley, Victoria Barrett, Samantha Casale, Chelsea Obermann, Brianna Kepner and Crystal Bucholz. There are 9 different garment designs and 2 crochet throw blanket patterns included in this edition.

My favourite designs in the Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 edition are the Falling Snow Throw by Chelsea Obermann and the Dulce de Coco Ruana by Dianne Hunt. The Falling Snow Throw is a beautiful, modern throw with clean lines that I personally would love to have in my own home and would be thrilled to give as a gift. Although admittedly, I’m not normally a fan of ruanas, the Dulce de Coco Ruana has a simple elegance and approachability about it that I think will make it a big hit.

Dulce de Coco Ruana by Dianne Hunt from the Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 edition
Dulce de Coco Ruana by Dianne Hunt
Yuletide Throw (left) and Falling Snow Throw (right) being modelled by two smiling women
Yuletide Throw (left) and Falling Snow Throw (right)

There are some articles in this edition, as we saw in the Fall 2021 edition of the magazine. The articles include one on hand health, one on crochet slang and a page highlighting people’s crochet along makes from the Summer 2021 edition. The latter isn’t really an article, just a fun collage of photos shows some finished makes.

A fun inclusion that we continue to see in the Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 edition are the recipes from the designers. There are recipes for drinks, puff pastry, christmas cookies, snacks and more. Last time I did a review I thought it would be awesome if they included the recipes in the index of the magazine and I reiterate that statement today. It’s a small thing that make a difference to people that want to be able to find things quickly.

Did you know that I have a size-inclusive free cocoon cardigan pattern available on my blog? Check out my Comfy Spring Cardi Pattern which is a great transitional piece.

An inclusion that I’ve always absolutely loved about Crochet Foundry magazine is the yarn options that are given for each design. These yarn options are broken down by Save, Spend and Splurge to help makers find a yarn that fits within their budget. The yarns used in the magazine are supplied by WeCrochet, many of which I have personally tried and designed with and loved. I have done many yarn reviews here on the blog for their yarns that you can check out before buying or you can check out WeCrochet yarns at Wecrochet’s website.

Overall, I enjoyed the Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 edition. I love this magazine for it’s variety (and size-inclusivity, of course) and, as I touched on earlier, how this magazine evolves over time.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of the Crochet Foundry Winter 2021 edition or getting a subscription, you can do that here at the Crochet Foundry Website.

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