Weekend Makes: Crocheted Toys Review

Front cover of Weekend Makes: Crocheted Toys by Emma Osmond with a text overlay indicating the book has been reviewed.
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I was recently given the opportunity to review Weekend Makes: Crocheted Toys – 25 Quick and Easy Projects to Make by Emma Osmond. In this book, Emma Osmond provides the designs for 25 amigurumi projects that should be able to be completed in a weekend. Keep reading to learn more about this book and how you can enter to win a copy of this book.

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This book starts off with the standard section you find in all crochet pattern books: a resource section. Step-by-step instructions are provided for the stitches and techniques utilized in the book. The illustrations are clear and easy to follow. The instructions accompanying the illustrastions could be a little bit clearer but the illustrations get the point across well enough. The book is written in UK crochet terminology however, charts to convert the UK terminology and hook sizes to U.S. terminology and hook sizes are included.

The projects included in the book are a variety of items for young childen. Some of the projects include:

  • Rattles
  • Mobiles
  • Stuffed Animals (Teddy Bear, Rabbit, Octopus, Girafe, Elephant, Unicorn)
  • A Toy Basket
  • A variety of different games;
  • And more.
Inside page preview of car pattern inside Weekend Makes Crocheted Toys by Emma Osmond

I really enjoy the variety of projects in Weekend Makes: Crocheted Toys by Emma Osmond. There are a few projects in this book that I think would be wonderful baby shower gifts and I would definitely add them to my baby shower project short list. Specifically the Stacking Rings toy, Cloud Cot Toy and Star Mobile.

The skill levels in the book are described as “Easy” and “Some Experience”. “Some Experience” is not defined anywhere but “Some” implied to me that not a lot of experience would be needed to complete the project, just “some”.

Check out the video version of this review below:

I found the “Easy” levelled patterns to be mostly straight forward to follow. There were some points with the “Some Experience” levelled patterns where I felt like further clarification being included could have been helpful. Again, because I felt that “some experience” implied not a lot of experience, I looked at the patterns as if I was someone that had maybe a few crochet projects under my belt or even a year of experience casually crocheting. When making the Star Mobile pattern, I didn’t feel like a beginner would necessarily understand how to create the center of the star appropriately. I have done a star shape previously and was therefore, able to fill in the blanks that would have existed for someone without that experience. Because of that, I can’t recommend the book for beginner crocheters but if you have a decent amount of experience doing a variety of amigurumi projects then I think you could really enjoy this book.

Overall, the patterns should be relatively quick makes. There are a couple of patterns, specifically the Skittles bowling game and the Colour Game that I doubt I’d be capable of completing in a weekend. For those two patterns specifically, I’d probably have to do nothing else that weekend to get them completed but hey, if you’re quicker and have got some extra time, you may be able to get them done. The Skittles bowling game is really fun so although I may not have been able to complete it in a weekend, I would definitely still want to make it.

Crochet Stacking Ring toy picture inside Weekend Makes Crocheted Toys.

The projects in Weekend Makes: Crocheted Toys are whimsical and full of colour. My youngest found several projects to request after only a moment or two with the book. Even my son who is almost 6 made a request or two. Because of the variety, I think you could find something to please young kids at a variety of stages. The variety of project types means that you shouldn’t be bored quickly either. The stuffed animals in this book are a good size and could be customized pretty easily as well, by experienced crocheters.

Overall, if you’re looking for a boredom buster or a project book that could act as a quick resource for a last minute baby shower/kid’s birthday gift, then Weekend Makes: Crocheted Toys by Emma Osmond could be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want to check out Weekend Makes: Crocheted Toys by Emma Osmond you can grab a copy of the book HERE.

Crochet bowling set image with a furls crochet hook and yarn.

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