The Hooktionary by Brenda K.B Anderson Crochet Book Review

The Hooktionary: A Crochet Dictionary of 150 Modern Tapestry Crochet Motifs is the latest book by Brenda K.B Anderson promising makers the ability to “create bold, modern and fun tapestry crochet designs” using the graphic designs in the book.  Today I’ll be sharing my in-depth review of The Hooktionary as an experienced tapestry crochet designer and crochet instructor.  

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The Hooktionary by Brenda K.B. Anderson on a white background next to yarn and a Furls Crochet Hook

Brenda K.B Anderson is an incredibly talented crochet designer and The Hooktionary is the latest crochet title she has authored.  Brenda has two other books published (Beastly Crochet and Crochet Ever After) but you may recognize her name from her many designs found in various crochet magazines, yarn company websites and more.

Crochet Patterns In The Hooktionary   

For The Hooktionary, she has created a unique crochet stitch dictionary full of fun tapestry crochet designs for the modern maker. Besides the 150 colorwork patterns in the book, there are also 5 tapestry crochet project patterns in the back of the book.  The patterns included in this book are:

  • Thread Scarf (one size)
  • Snowy Picture Hat (size average teen / adult)
  • Claddaugh Mittens (size average woman)
  • Badlands Cardigan (sizes Small – 2XL)
  • Icicles Pullover (sizes XSmall – 3XL)

The patterns written in this book are written using the US terminology with a conversion chart being found on page 5 next to the Abbreviations chart.

The patterns are beautiful, showing that wearable fabrics can be created with tapestry crochet and with sweater weather approaching soon, I may cave and make myself a Badlands Cardigan.

The Badlands Cardigan image in The Hooktionary
Badlands Cardigan

image of a tapestry crochet book on a white background with text that says The Hooktionary by Brenda K.B. Anderson Review and Giveaway plus video review

The Hooktionary Video Review

So Many Resources for Makers

When picking up this book, the first thing you should do is read pages 4 – 19.  This is where you’ll find the essential reference material and comprehensive advice you’ll need to work thorugh the book.

​Through those beginning pages are some of the most important tools needed in a tapestry crocheter’s toolbox.  The information in this section is incredibly comprehensive and helpful.

On Pages 8 – 9 you’ll find a section called Comparing and Choosing Stitch Patterns where you’ll be able to compare the look of the charted image done in different crochet stitch patterns.

These different stitch patterns (like extended single crochet, front post double crochet, single crochet in the back loop , etc.) all affect how the image looks and seeing them done side-by-side using the same yarn and color patterns, really drives the point home and helps you make a selection that fits your own tastes.

image showing different tapestry crochet stitches

Brenda further breaks down how crochet stitch anatomy affects the look and feel of the fabric on page 11 in an insanely useful reference chart that will help you determine the type of stitch you need to create the tapestry crochet project of your dreams.

​Pages 12 – 13 of the book includes clear instructions and images for each of the different kinds of crochet stitches used in the book while pages 14 and 15 cover working from a color chart, how to work over the yarn and leaving floats ont he wrong side of your work.

​Pages 12 – 13 of the book includes clear instructions and images for each of the different kinds of crochet stitches used in the book while pages 14 and 15 cover working from a color chart, how to work over the yarn and leaving floats ont he wrong side of your work.

When I do my own tapestry crochet patterns, one of the most commonly asked questions I get is “what does the back look like” and Brenda shows images of what both the front of the work and the back side of the work look like on pages 14 and 15.

image of the thread scarf a crochet pattern in The Hooktionary by Brenda K.B. Anderson
Threads Scarf

Even More Resources That Make This Book Invaluable

In the back of the book, starting on page 132, you’ll find even more resources that are super helpful.  Pages 132 – 134 cover various ways to go about fixing mistakes in colorwork, including images to help clarify the text.

While that section is great, pages 136 – 141 are what knock this book out of the park.  This section covers how to mix and match motifs into the crochet patterns in the book (and other crochet patterns that use colorwork charts).

There is even a section with hints and guidelines for each of the crochet patterns included in the book and a section on modifying charts.  

Final Thoughts

I absolutely adored this book and it’s probably my favourite book that I have reviewed this year.  The Hooktionary is full of gems to help you take your tapestry crochet projects to the next level.

I’d recommend this book for any crocheter with an intermediate to advanced skill set that is looking for a great colorwork book to add to their collection.

This book is the crochet counterpart to a knitting book that is also full or colorwork motifs!  If you’re a knitter, looking for a similar book,  Angela Rangel’s Alterknit Stitch Dictionary.

If you are interested in buying a copy of The Hooktionary you can find it here on Amazon.

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