Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Bobbin Yarn Review

close up image of Premier Anit-Pilling Everyday Bobbin Yarn and a furls crochet hook.
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I was recently able to make a quick trip to the Michaels for some supplies. I know that around this time every year they start to put out the new fall lines of product so I figured my trip for supplies could do double duty and I could get a sneak peek of what’s going to be available for fall yarns. Although things weren’t fully put out yet, I immediately noticed and was drawn to an end cap display for a brand new yarn I haven’t seen before, from a yarn brand that I haven’t had the opportunity to try before. It was Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Bobbin.

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The first thing I noticed was it’s unique packaging. The yarn it packaged on a large spool, similar to a bobbin of sewing thread. On each bobbin, are 3 different, coordinating colours. All the bobbins that I saw had two solids and a variegated colour. The packaging has a hole at each end of it which can be used to place the spool on something that spins. I don’t know if that is the original intent of the design but that’s what I would use it for. Did you ever see that picture that went viral on Facebook a while ago of a woman using a toilet paper roll dispenser to hold her yarn while she crocheted? I’m envisioning adding this the Premier Anit-Pilling Every Day Bobbin to a papertowel dispenser and and working away, tangle free. The wide base of the bobbin would likely help prevent it from going too far if you just laid it on the table however, putting it on a papertowel dispenser just seems more fun.

Top shot of the bobbin used in the premier anti-pilling everyday bobbin packaging

The other fun thing I noticed about the design of the packaging is that, taking further inspiration from sewing thread bobbins, the ends of the yarn are all nicely tucked up under the label at the top of the package, held in by the label and some notches cut into the top of the bobbin. No more yarn barf! I found my ends relatively quickly and was ready to get started.

The yarn itself is soft and plush. It’s a worsted weight, when using one strand of the yarn. It is 100% acrylic and it has a plied construction. If you have ever used Caron X Pantone yarn, it has a very similar strand construction and feel. It has a loose ply and it is a bit prone to splitting because of that but overall, I still enjoyed working with it. One spool comes with a total of 543 yards (498m) of yarn which is 181 yards (166m) of each colour.

Close up of the side and yarn on the Premier Anti-Pilling Everday Bobbin

The recommended hook size for this yarn is 5.5mm (5mm needle for all you knitters out there). You can definitely get away with a bigger hook with this yarn. The crochet gauge information on the label (using the recommended hook sizes) is as follows:

  • Crochet Gauge: 12 SCs x 15 Rows = 4″

Check out the video review of this Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Bobbin yarn and see me try the yarn for the first time:

YouTube video

The yarn is anti-pilling and after checking the Premier website and some of it’s other anti-pilling yarn lines, I found that this yarn has a cool feature. If the yarn ever does pill, throw it in the wash and the plies will come off in the wash. Now that sounds cool up front because it means my project can look new, longer.

I’m not sure what that will mean for my poor washing machine if I used a lot of this yarn and did this often though. I’m working with this yarn right now and am looking forward to giving this a try and to see how often it’s necessary.

Here in Canada the Premier Anti-Pilling Everday Bobbin was selling at Michaels for $14.99 CAD at the time I purchased it. I had a 30% off coupon that I was able to use for my purchase. My initial thought at the cost of the yarn was “wow, that’s a bit expensive” when I saw that it was a 100% acrylic yarn. But, considering it’s anti-pilling and it has 550 yards, it isn’t too bad, especially when you’re able to possibly grab it on sale and/or utilize a coupon.

I’m thinking I may possibly work up a quick design the Everyday Bobbin. I picked up a bobbin in the colour Peacock and I love it so I’m just itching to do something fun with it. What do you think? Have you seen this yarn? Have you tried this yarn? What would you make with it? I’d love to hear from you and know what your thoughts are so leave me a comment in the comment section below.

New Bobbin Yarn in Peacock from Premier

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