Lil’ Hipsters Review – Modern Crochet Patterns for Toddlers

Collage of images of the crochet patterns for toddlers found in Lil' Hipsters.
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Today we’re taking a look at the new book Lil’ Hipsters: 15 Fashion Favorites to Keep Your Baby Looking Stylish crochet pattern book from designer Kristi Simpson and Leisure Arts. Lil’ Hipsters is a pattern book with modern crochet patterns for toddlers. Thanks to Leisure Arts, I have a PDF copy of the book to giveaway to one lucky reader! Keep reading to learn more about Lil’ Hipsters and how you can enter to win a copy of your own.

Thank you to Leisure Arts who provided me this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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I recently reviewed another pattern book by this same designer recently called Besties: Every Girl Needs a Friend which was a fun amigurumi pattern book so I was interested to see what kind of clothing patterns Kristi Simpson had come up with for toddlers. Having a toddler myself who is particularly picky about her clothing (it starts early friends!), I was particularly drawn to this book to see if there was anything that may appease both daughter and Mommy.

Toddler wearing a yellow top made using the crochet patterns for toddlers in Lil' Hipsters

Modern Crochet Patterns for Toddlers Found in the Book

As stated in the title, this book has 15 modern crochet patterns for toddlers for a variety of different wearables. The patterns included are:

  • Cowl
  • Top Down Sweater
  • Tunic Top
  • Pullover
  • Sweater Cocoon
  • Side Poncho
  • Pants
  • Vest with Pocket
  • Speckled Sweater
  • Cowl Jacket
  • Slouchy Hat
  • Hooded Vest
  • Hooded Sweater
  • Shoulder Tie Dress
  • Seamless Vest
  • Yellow Top
Crochet cowl being worn by a toddler

When I first opened the book and saw the pattern for the cowl I was thinking “just stop! That is waayy too cute! I’m totally making one for me!” Seriously. We are getting Mommy and Me matching sets whether she likes it or not. It’s too cute. Some of my other favourites in the book were the Tunic Top, the Pullover (which is a poncho), the Hooded Vest and the Yellow Top. All were really adorable and I’d put my kid in any of them and be thrilled about it.


The sizing in the book are specically for toddlers in the 1T – 5T size range. The body measurements for each size are included so there’s no worry if you’re not sure what size to choose as long as you’ve got a tape measure handy. It’s also worth nothing that the patterns are for girls and boys alike with many of the patterns being able to used for anyone.

Child wearing a crochet poncho, sunglasses and sunhat

Yarns Used in Lil Hipsters

As I’m finding with Leisure Arts books, a lot of the important information you’d be looking for is at the back of the book. Stuff like, yarn brands and colours and the reference section. Not a bad thing, just something to keep in mind so you know where to look. I love that they include the yarn brand and colour information in their books because sometimes, you just want to use what the designer used. Most of the yarns used in the book are accesible at your local big box stores and you may already have some of them in your stash. The yarns used in this book are:

  • Sugar Bush Bliss
  • Patons Canadiana
  • Red Heart Soft
  • Patons Alpaca Blend
  • Lion Brand Jeans
  • Patons Classic Wool Worsted
  • Sugar Bush Bold
  • Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend
  • Lion Brand Wool-Ease
  • Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Worsted
Hipster toddler wearing a crochet tunic made from the crochet patterns for toddlers in this book

I found the patterns to be clear and easy to follow. The garments are made with simple construction and stitches. All the patterns are rated as easy and I agree with that. I wouldn’t give these to an absolute beginner but if you have the basics of crochet down, you shouldn’t have any issues with the patterns.

This book would be great to have if you find yourself making a lot of baby shower gifts and you want a bunch of crochet patterns for toddlers at hand. I know a lot of people like to make the itty bitty stuff for newborns to give and I get it because I do it too. But since having my own kids, I try to give gifts that are for stages beyond the newborn stage. I don’t give baby blankets, I make lapghans to gift so the kids can keep using that blanket for a long time. And I can personally attest to how thankful a parent can be to find a piece of clothing in the next size up in your closet when you realize your kid has had another growth spurt and nothing fits them anymore. So making some of these patterns as gifts can really make someone’s day and all the more grateful for your lovingly handmade gift.

Child wearing a black crochet sweater, holding a coffee

If you’re interested in checking out Lil’ Hipsters: 15 Fashion Favorites to Keep Your Baby Looking Stylish it can be purchased HERE.

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Thanks to Leisure Arts, I have a PDF copy of Lil’ Hipsters by Kristi Simpson to giveaway to one lucky winner!

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