Knitcrate Unboxing and Review

Open Knitcrate Subscription box showing purple yarn, pattern book and stitch markerThis post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

This month, I received my first-ever subscription box – the October 2019 Knitcrate. I’ve been interested in the possibility of getting a subscription box but wasn’t sure what kind to get. Honestly, a lot of them come with stuff that although it may be kind of cool, I would never use. When I found out about yarn subscription boxes, I knew I had to get one. Yarn delivered to my door every month? Yeah, I’m obviously signing up for that. After some research, I found Knitcrate. I was intrigued after checking them out online and decided to contact them to try it out. Once I received it, I obviously wanted to share with you my Knitcrate unboxing and review of the October 2019 Knitcrate.

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Knitcrate Unboxing: What Comes in a Knitcrate anyway?

Every month Knitcrate sends you one or more skeins of premium yarn and a pattern book with both a knit and crochet pattern using the yarn you received in your box. I’m not sure if every crate includes a little surprise, but my crate also came with a cute little locking stitch marker. Additional to the items that come in the Knitcrate, members receive 25% purchases made in the online store at

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Knitcrate unboxing and review
*Please note the hook did not come with the crate*

Why Knitcrate?

One of the reasons I was intrigued by Knitcrate was the number of options available for your Knitcrate. offers the regular Knitcrate box, a Sock Crate for sock knitters and two different crates that they offer inconjunction with Malabrigo and something called Mrs. Crosby Travels Quarterly crate. I looked into the regular Knitcrate and from there, you have more options.

Each Knitcrate is curated to fit a “vibe”. The “vibes” to choose from are “Energize Me”, “All Natural”, “Chill Out” and “Anything Goes”.Each vibe speaks to a set of colours that the yarn you receive will be selected from. Energize Me is for those that love bright, bold colours. All Natural is for those that have an affinity for earth tones and neutrals. Chill Out is a collection of relaxing tones like blues, greens and purples. And Anything Goes is for the adventurous spirit that wants to be surprised with what they receive every month. Knitcrate provides a colour pallete image for each selection so you have an idea of what you can expect for each selection.

Knitcrate provides a colour pallete image for each selection so you have an idea of what you can expect for each selection.

Close up of the stitch marker included in the October 2019 Knitcrate

What is the yarn like?

The yarn that came in my October Knitcrate is GORGEOUS. My Knitcrate came with two skeins of yarn. When I first opened the box, I was surprised by the size of the skeins and just how gorgeous the colour was. The rich purple colour is heather with pink hues and it is just beautiful. I got the Chill Out box this month and the yarn is called Vidalana Ascendance in the colourway Tassel. It’s 100% fine peruvian highland wool. It is a sport weight chainette style yarn and each skein comes with 328 yards. My first impressions upon taking it out of the box was that the yarn was very soft and it has some serious squish factor.

Knitcrate review 2019

I’m really impressed with the amount of yarn I received in the box. I think it’s great that there is not just enough yarn to make the patterns in the book but should I choose not to use the pattern in the book, I’ve got enough to make something else.

October 2019 Knitcrate Review - Vidalana Ascendance Yarn in the Colourway Tassel.

What kind of patterns came with the Knitcrate?

The October Knitcrate I received came with a pattern book and at the front of the book, it shows which yarn was included in the different Knitcrate boxes for this month and it gives you the story behind the yarn I received. The book for this month includes a knitting pattern for a pretty shawl by Aimee Hanson and a crochet pattern for a Bundling Blanket and Bonnet Set. The book includes the patterns for the sock crates too so although the patterns aren’t meant for the yarn you received, you still get the patterns which is cool.

Picture of the pattern book that comes in the October 2019 Knitcrate

Overall Thoughts on my first Knitcrate Unboxing and Review

I am seriously impressed with my first Knitcrate. The yarn is gorgeous, the patterns look clear and easy to make and I also got this cute little stitch marker. If you’re considering getting a yarn subscription box, I definitely recommend checking Knitcrate out.

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