Kawaii Crochet by Melissa Bradley – A Crochet Book Review

Kawaii Crochet by Melissa Bradley cover image with a furls crochet hook underneath.
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I was recently given the opportunity to review the brand new Kawaii Crochet: 40 Super Cute Crochet Patterns for Adorable Amigurumi by Melissa Bradley. In this fun new book, Melissa brings us a variety of cute amigurumi patterns, organized by colour. Keep reading for a sneak peak inside this exciting new book and a chance to win a copy of Kawaii Crochet!

My first impression of this book was “adorable!”. The cover art is colourful, inviting and fun. I would’ve definitely picked this up to take a further look when browsing the book store. The bright and fun colours are continued throughout the book and it’s hard not to smile when flipping through it’s pages. The patterns in this book are organized by colour so flipping through this book is like flipping through a rainbow.

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Fun illustrations compliment the colourful pages in Kawaii Crochet. One of my favourite features of the book are the little suggestion boxes sprinkled throughout the book. Many of these boxes have puns (which you know I love) and were a fun addition. Besides the puns, the boxes contain tips for additions and alterations to the pattern on that page.

Kawaii Crochet by Melissa Bradley open to pattern page featuring image of an apple.

The beginning of the book includes a bit of an intro to colour theory which was interesting. It doesn’t get too technical or in-depth, which keeps it easy and accessible to everyone. It outlines the different colour terms which I found helpful and made me consider how colour theory applies to my own colour choices in my designs.

The book includes 10 pages of tips and instructions for techniques which were clear and helpful. If you’re someone new to crochet that wants to take a stab at making the little cuties in Kawaii Crochet, then you have all the tools needed to get started here in the book.

The projects in Kawaii Crochet are indeed “super cute” as the title suggests. With everything from pencils and brussel sprouts to condiment bottles and bowls of cereal, there is a great selection of fun and unique patterns in this book. The patterns themselves are clear and easy to follow. I made the beet in the picture below and found the pattern to be quick and simple. My daughter scooped it up immedately and claimed it as her own. My son wants me to make him the pencil (among other things) from the book so the patterns are definitely a hit with little ones.

Kawaii Crochet opened to a book featuring images of crochet patterns in the book.

Overall, the book is a visual pleasure and contains plenty of patterns to keep your interest. Everything in the book is well-thought out to maximize the cuteness factor. The difficulty gauge is illustrated with little clouds! It is really adorable. This book is just cute, cute, cute! I’d gladly gift this book to any crocheter in my life.

If you’re interested in grabbing your very own copy of Kawaii Crochet by Melissa Bradley, you can grab a copy of it HERE.

Follow Melissa Bradley, the author/designer of this adorable book on Instagram: @yarnblossomboutique.

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Kawaii Crochet Giveaway

Thanks to David and Charles publishing, I have a copy of this beautiful book to giveaway to one lucky winner.

The Kawaii Crochet by Melissa Bradley Giveaway on The Loopy Lamb is open to Canadian and U.S. participants and ends January 17th, 2020 at 11:45pm Eastern Standard time.

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  1. would love to win book

  2. Like your stuff! Have enjoyed Laura Bradley for some time. Thanks for the opportunity.Need to do something different. Been stuck on baby stuff for a while. It appears to be what I am most known for.

  3. Thanks for the review! I happened to pick up this book at the library and love the designs (I’m a Hello Kitty kind of person). I’ll try the beet but the brussel sprout is really tempting.


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